McLaren Finally Releases An Affordable Set Of Wheels... For Children

McLaren Finally Releases An Affordable Set Of Wheels… For Children

McLaren has finally released an affordable set of wheels. Too bad it’s only for ages 3 to 6.

In 2016, McLaren released the P1TM “Ride-On” electric car. Perhaps the company’s first-ever electric vehicle, it was not road legal and had enough passenger space for just a single occupant. It was also intended for children.

Now, three years later, the P1TM is joined by the McLaren 720S “Ride-On”, a similarly-sized children's toy that’s intended to give kids their first--and probably only--taste of driving a McLaren.

Just like the real thing, the 720S Ride-On comes with exposed carbon elements and dihedral doors that open in such a way as to make parking impossible were the young occupant to drive all the way to the mall and park in a plebian parking spot. More likely they’d get valet parking, although the valet might find it difficult to fit inside.

McLaren Finally Releases An Affordable Set Of Wheels… For Children
via McLaren

Inside is an honest-to-God working infotainment system that can play music or videos a USB or SD slot. It also comes pre-loaded with several children’s songs, although we have no idea what McLaren might consider to be a children’s song.

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Under the rear engine cover is an electric motor with an unspecified number of horses, but judging by the provided video we’re going to assume it’s roughly one or two horses. Added engine sounds give the feeling of authenticity, as does the “key” that turns the car on, although that can be overridden by parental remote control.

That same remote can also control the car’s steering and braking, providing a sort of semi-autonomous drive mode.

McLaren Finally Releases An Affordable Set Of Wheels… For Children
via McLaren

Working brake lights alert prepubescent drivers that your toddler is braking, while a dashboard display shows the remaining charge on this EV’s battery. Range was not provided, but we hope it can go for at least a mile before recharging.

Prices for the 720S Ride-On start at $400, which means you could buy roughly 700 of these tiny cars before you could afford a single real 720S. But hey, it’s still got the McLaren badge on it.

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