McLaren 720S Engages In Half-Mile Drag race With 900 HP Challenger Hellcat

720S vs Dodge

Can a McLaren 720S keep up with a pair of 900-plus horsepower Dodge muscle cars?

We’ve seen the McLaren 720S take on all kinds of supercars, from the Honda NSX to the Lamborghini Aventador. We’ve even seen a McLaren take down a Dodge Demon (presumably due to the Demon not being fed the appropriate fuel mixture).

But what if we left the stock class of vehicles and instead started pitting the 720S against modified Dodges? Like, say, a modified Charger Hellcat?

What began life as a 707 horsepower Charger has since become a 900 horsepower behemoth. Well, we assume it’s 900 horsepower--the dyno revealed a rear-wheel power of 800 hp, and since transmissions tend to suck 10% of the power away from the crank, it’s a pretty safe bet that this Hellcat’s supercharged power plant is producing at least 900 horsepower, if not more than that.

However, getting to that much power apparently made this Hellcat gain a ton of weight. At 4,757 lbs, it’s going to need every horse at its disposal to take down the lithe and light McLaren.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got a second challenger in the ring. This Challenger 392 Scat Pack has also been heavily modified to produce over 900 horses. It’s 6.4-L HEMI V8 has been supercharged and its exhaust lightened so that this is perhaps the most powerful 392-engined Challenger we’ve ever seen.

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At 4,232 lbs, it’s got a 500 lb advantage over the Hellcat, but a 1,050 lb disadvantage over the McLaren.

One last thing in the McLaren’s favor is the track itself. These muscle cars are built for a prepared drag strip, while the McLaren is designed to go fast anywhere. While the Dodges have to go easy on the gas off the line to avoid spinning their wheels, the McLaren will find traction much more easily.

Also, this is a ½-mile drag race and not the standard quarter-mile. This means aerodynamics will come into play as each car will have more room to reach for its top end, and there’s nothing more aerodynamic than a McLaren.

Except maybe a bullet.

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