McLaren-Tuned Dodge Viper Is Up For Sale

McLaren-Tuned Dodge Viper Hots Auction

A third-generation Dodge Viper is up for sale that’s been tuned by British supercar maker, McLaren.

Dodge’s famous Viper muscle car took its final bow earlier this year. Fiat Chrysler auctioned off the last V10-powered coupe along with the last Dodge Demon which was sold to a Dodge collector. They were rumored to be bringing the Viper back for a fifth generation, but those rumors were dashed when FCA announced their 5-year plan last May.

But even as we mourn the death of this legendary vehicle we’re reminded that the Viper isn’t entirely lost. There are still bespoke examples rumbling along the streets of America, such as this one right here.

This 2006 Dodge Viper SRT/10 has a bit of a storied history. British auto racing firm-turned supercar maker McLaren got their hands on it way back in the day, and they loved it so much they just had to tune it to be even better than it was before. So they got rid of much of the crude American engineering and replaced it with efficient British parts.


The original Viper SRT/10 produced 510 hp from it’s 8.3-L naturally aspirated V10 engine. By replacing many of the engine’s components, including trumpeted air intakes with individual port throttles, the V10 now makes 615 hp. We don’t have specific performance statistics for this Viper, but the original could go from zero to sixty in 3.8 seconds. This car should be able to do it significantly faster.

via American Supercars

Of course, engine tuning wasn’t the only thing that McLaren added. Every part of the car’s exterior that isn’t covered in Pearl White is actually carbon fiber, meaning there’s now carbon stuff replacing the hood, roof, front spoiler, rear fascia, side sills, side vents, interior accents, and trunk.

There’s also a set of custom forged alloy 19-inch wheels, new stainless steel quad exhaust, and it’s been lowered by 1.25 inches.

And it’s up for sale for $295,000 over at American Supercars. That’s a pretty steep price, but this is a one-of-a-kind example of American and British engineering. Frankly, we’re surprised it’s not priced for more.


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