Watch A McLaren Driver Get Arrested For Driving In The Emergency Lane

Watch A McLaren Driver Get Arrested For Driving In The Emergency Lane

Witness karma in action as a McLaren 720S gets taken down by an undercover cop for using the emergency lane.

What is it about supercars that make their owners think they’re better than everyone else? Is it the fact they’re typically priced around half a million dollars and thus can only be purchased by the elite 1%? Actually, come to think of it, that’s probably exactly it.

You can also make a reasonable argument that wealth also buys special consideration from law enforcement, but at least one McLaren driver got their just deserts when they thought that they could just use the emergency lane to bypass a bit of traffic.

Coming to you from Victoria, Australia is a video taken by a driver who was just patiently waiting for their turn to merge. The footage is from a dashcam that was pointed directly at the red McLaren 720S in question.

At one point, the red McLaren decides that it’s done waiting and then scoots past the blue Mazda3 in front of it. The McLaren driver uses the emergency lane to make their escape, which is normally reserved for service vehicles like ambulances, fire trucks, and of course, police cars.

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Of which there was an undercover officer sitting just a few cars behind the dashcam.

Credit to the cops, nobody would have ever suspected a Volkswagen Passat station wagon to be an undercover police car. Moments after the McLaren is heard blaring it's 4.0-L twin-turbo V8 as loud as it can, the cop responds by turning on its flashers and using the siren to convince people to get out of their way so they can do their job and catch the bad McLaren.

We don't get to see the takedown, sadly, but we can hear the cameraman shout "yeah, yeah!" We also know, courtesy of Carscoops, that the fine for using the emergency lane unlawfully is pretty "hefty."

Carscoops also reports that the same red McLaren was spotted later driving at the speed limit and in the appropriate lanes just like everyone else. Sometimes the law is applied equally, and it's a glorious thing.

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