McLaren Had A Great Year In 2018, Particularly In China And The US

McLaren continues to see success with increasing sales across the board thanks to new Super Series supercars.

McLaren Had A Great Year In 2018, Particularly In China And The US

McLaren had a banner year in 2018 thanks to massive sales increases in the US and China.

What’s left to say about McLaren cars? They’re consistently the best supercars that money can buy, and McLaren’s financial success only reflects that. According to McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt, the British supercar maker had a “momentous” year in 2018, particularly thanks to rising sales in the United States and China.

Overall sales at McLaren are up 44% with a total of 4,806 units sold in 2018. Flewitt credits the introduction of many new entry-level Sports Series models as helping the company have record demand, including the new 600LT and 720S Spider.

The United States remains the largest market for McLaren with over a third of the company’s sales coming from America, but China is growing by leaps and bounds. Sales increased 122% in China, which gives the county 7% of McLaren’s overall sales.

McLaren continues to grow as a company as it has ever since they started selling cars in 2010. Their Track25 business plan calls for 6,000 total sales by the year 2025, along with 18 new cars which began with the 600LT, which debuted in December, and the 720S Spider, which debuted in January.

Next for McLaren will be the hotly anticipated Speedtail hypercar. The true successor to the P1, the Speedtail will have a central driver’s position and a hybrid powertrain just like its legendary predecessor. Power from the combined gas engine and electric motors will be 1,035 hp--not as many as some supercar makers, but McLaren is sure to use all of their engineering prowess to make it as light and maneuverable as the rest of their cars.


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In addition, McLaren will also begin creating electrified versions of their entire lineup over the next 5 years. They’re even considering a fully electric car, although historically they’ve been slow to adopt the technology as batteries are still too heavy to meet McLaren’s stringent performance requirements.

One thing we won't see is an SUV. Unlike Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche, and a host of other supercar makers, McLaren refuses to fund their development on the back of a popular SUV model. Good business doesn't have to involve following the pack, according to McLaren.


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