McLaren Reveals Senna GTR With Serious Horsepower

McLaren Reveals Senna GTR With Serious Horsepower

McLaren has revealed more details about their track-only Senna GTR.

We first got to see the upcoming Senna GTR at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, where McLaren presented a Senna that was even more extreme than it already is. Imagine a more extreme Senna with larger aerodynamics for even greater downforce and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what you’re looking at.

Now McLaren has released even more details about the Senna GTR, including a ludicrous 2,204 lbs of downforce thanks to a host of aerodynamic upgrades. A new, larger carbon fiber front splitter combine with bigger, wider wheel fenders, while a larger rear diffuser and a slight repositioning of the active rear wing to improve downforce at lower speeds.

The GTR also saves weight thanks to becoming a track-focused monster. Many of the Senna’s few luxuries have been removed, including the airbags, the infotainment, and the driver’s display. All that’s left is the air conditioning (a necessary component in today’s warming climate) and a radar-assisted rear collision avoidance system.

McLaren doesn’t provide us with how much weight is saved over the original’s 2,641 lbs, but with 2,204 lbs of downforce, we’re getting close to the point where the Senna can drive on an upside-down race track and still stick to the road.

Under the hood, the Senna’s 4.0-L twin-turbo V8 gets a slight power boost from 789 hp to 813 hp, while torque remains the same at 590 lb-ft. The 7-speed dual-clutch transmission gets tweaked for even faster shifts, and the suspension comes straight off the Senna GT3 racer.

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Pirelli slick racing tires are the final upgrade on this race-only Senna.

Only 75 Senna GTRs will be produced, starting after the regular Senna has finished its production run in September 2019. Each GTR will sell for $1.25 million each, and there must be a few slots left since McLaren hasn’t mentioned the fact that they’re all sold out. Usually they sell out fast, so better ring up your local McLaren dealer now.

And remember: the Senna GTR is NOT road-legal. It’s an expensive track-day toy. Not that it’ll stop people from buying it or anything.


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