McLaren Reveals Speedtail Will Produce Insane Power

McLaren is close to revealing the next car in their Ultimate Series, the Speedtail: a spiritual successor to the legendary F1 hypercar.

McLaren Reveals Speedtail Will Produce Insane Power

McLaren has released another teaser image of their upcoming hypercar: the Speedtail.

Most of McLaren’s hype this year has been for the Senna, the recently unveiled track-focused hypercar that was designed to beat all other road-going cars in an actual race environment. But McLaren recognizes that there is more to cars than just racing, and so has been hard at work creating their first “hyper-GT” hypercar for those who believe that going fast should not be limited to the race track.

The next McLaren car in their Ultimate Series after the P1 and Senna, the McLaren “Speedtail” will be the spiritual successor to iconic F1. It will have a passenger layout just like the F1, with the driver situated in the middle and the possibility of two passengers on either side behind the driver. It will also share technology pioneered on the P1 hybrid hypercar, with an evolution of its hybrid powertrain that produces 1,000 PS (or 986 horsepower).

Top speed is expected to be over 243 mph, making the Speedtail the fastest McLaren ever built.

McLaren’s Speedtail was initially announced back in November 2016. Since then we’ve rarely heard from the British supercar maker as it continues to produce new versions of its Super Series vehicles and other exciting ventures, such as the Senna.


A released teaser image shows a car that certainly seems to take from McLaren’s “longtail” heritage, showing an engine panel that seems to flow into a rear-fascia that seems extended beyond the normal bounds of a McLaren.

via McLaren

This would be the third vehicle after the McLaren F1 GTR Longtail to receive a similar design, with the 600LT and 675LT Super Series cars being the other two.

McLaren says that the Speedtail will be the first of 18 new cars produced over the next 25 years as part of their Track25 business plan. And we won’t have to wait long to see the Speedtail in the flesh: McLaren will reveal the car online on October 26th.

If you’re interested in owning a Speedtail, you’re already out of luck. All 106 have already been reserved at the price of $2.3 million each. Prospective owners will also get a sneak preview of the Speedtail at a private event in London later next week.


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