McLaren Reveals 6 Special Edition Cars Paying Tribute To Racing History

McLaren is known for some beautiful supercars, but they also have quite the history in racing, now a set of cars pays tribute to just that.

McLaren pays a tribute to its racing history in what has traditionally been the most appropriate way possible – by making more racecars; six of them, to be exact.

According to Motor Trend, two different 570S platforms – the coupe and Spider variants – are each wrapped in a tri-themed racing tribute that equates to one mean collection of McLarens – and approximately 3,372 combined-horsepower.

via McLaren


The collection is called “Racing Through the Ages,” and each of the three liveries pays tribute to a different McLaren milestone along its long list of noteworthy achievements. With the company’s reputation preceding them, it’s not hard for McLaren to initiate a “limited-run” series that sells like hot cakes – and with the immaculate attention to detail that undoubtedly saturated the design process, this new series looks as sharp as anything we’ve seen from McLaren yet.

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Each car features a black interior package; microsuede intermingles with the finest composites and leathers while carbon fiber accents jump from steering wheel trim in sparing amounts – just enough to pop.

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Leather accent stripes cascade down the seat backs that terminate into a well of formed padding and soft fabric. The elegantly-lined steering wheel completes a premier sensory experience that’s arguably on-par with your standard, Tempur-Pedic California King.

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On the outside, the 570S is bilaterally-divided into two platforms (coupe and Spider) where each receives one of the three legacy paint schemes. The Papaya Spark theme is a tribute to the orange hues worn during the ’60 and ‘70s (and on contemporary Formula cars); the blue and white livery is a gesture to Bruce McLaren’s early, New Zealand racing years; and the Sarthe Gray variation is the series’ rendition of McClaren’s 1995 Le Mans Victory, in a 570S-format.

via McLaren

McLaren is dead-set on proving that it doesn’t take much to produce worth-while tributes and limited-production runs; the “Racing Through the Ages” Series seemed to be an instant hit as soon as the press release was made public. See more of the McLaren series here.


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