Check Out McLaren's One Of A Kind 720S Special Edition

At the Geneva Motor Show, McLaren showed off a special one of a kind version of a special car, the 720S.

Check Out McLaren's One Of A Kind 720S Special Edition

The McLaren 720S is already a very special car, but the one unveiled at Geneva on Tuesday is just a little more special than the rest.

McLaren doesn’t like this to get out, but inside the depths of the British sports car maker’s dungeons lies a dark secret. Behind closed doors and hushed lips is a name that most McLaren engineers fear to even whisper: McLaren Special Operations.

The name may sound like it was taken from the pages of some World War II history textbook, but rest assured, the Special Operations division is very serious business for McLaren.

The secretive subunit within McLaren spends their days awaiting that call to action. And when they finally receive it they begin their work of making bespoke, single edition versions of McLaren’s already legendary cars.


McLaren at Geneva Motor Show 2018
via McLaren

So is the case with the Atlantic Blue 720S--a commissioned piece from McLaren Special Operations specifically for the Geneva Motor Show.

The car itself is exactly like a regular 720S in all its mechanical parts. It has the same 4.0-L twin turbo V8 pumping out 710 bhp and 568 lb-ft of torque. It still goes from zero to sixty in around 2.7 seconds and eventually hits a top speed of 212 mph. It still comes with Variable Drift Mode so you can shred those thousand-dollar tires in a parking lot if you truly feel like burning both cash and rubber.

But in every way that matters, this car is one of a kind.

The exhaust has titanium tops and the wheels have "bespoke Graphite Grey finish" along with black painted brake calipers. Inside is a unique blend of Saddle Tan leather with Slate Grey stitching, all accented by Carbon Black leather and Grey Alcantara accents.

"Even the floor mats are bespoke," says McLaren.

A regular 720S will run you $288,000. The Atlantic Blue commission cost whoever paid for it nearly $390,000, which means the person valued standing out from the crowd at the price of another well-made luxury car.

The price of bespoke, and another satisfied customer for McLaren Special Operations.


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