Driver Slams Mercedes-AMG C63 Into A Free In Failed Drift Attempt

If you own a Mercedes-AMG C63, don't think that it makes you a qualified drift racer. You might wrap your 6-figure car around a tree.

C 63 Crash

A fool and his AMG C63 are soon parted after he tries to drift his way around a corner and slams into a tree.

From CarSpotterQVS comes this latest account of dumb people driving powerful cars. In this case, the car in question is a Mercedes-AMG C63 S, a 500-hp sedan that can generally outperform any other four-door short of a Charger Hellcat or a BMW M4. It’s an RWD car with a 7-speed automatic with paddle shifters, making it a decent choice for amateur drift enthusiasts.

Amateurs should definitely learn the basics on a controlled test track and not on the open roads, however. This particular driver learned that lesson the hard way after losing control of his car and slamming into a tree.

So what happened? First, the car has a LOT of power going to the rear wheels, so it’s fairly easy to kick out its tail. Second, we know the driver was already a bit of a hotdog from the way it was leaving the 100% Auto Live event in Rotterdam, Netherlands. There are a lot of those types of drivers there as the show tends to attract all kinds of motorheads, even ones with more money than sense. Perhaps especially so.

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Finally, we get to that fateful turn. From a standstill, the driver seems to think they can accelerate and drift their way around a corner--a maneuver that’s possible for a dedicated drifter with years of experience, but perhaps not something a novice should attempt. After kicking out its rear just a bit, the driver overcorrects on the return swing and winds up fishtailing instead. After a second, he hops the curb and slams into a tree with his rear quarter-panel.

There’s no telling what happened to his axles, but the car itself is mostly intact. Except for the rear passenger door, which is completely caved in.

A yellow flatbed takes the Merc away to its final fate. Here’s hoping it can be repaired and the driver learned a valuable lesson.

(via Motor1)

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