Mercedes-AMG To reveal Electric Silver Arrow Soon

Skulptur Aesthetics Progressive Luxury

Mercedes-AMG will reveal their upcoming performance EV next month.

Last week, Mercedes teased us with images of an upcoming electric concept car. It was all digital art, and on top of that, it was covered in an artistically designed shawl. From the outlines presented it looked like Mercedes was about to reveal the Batmobile circa 1992, but according to a new report, the design is actually a little more historic than that.

According to Wards Auto, the new concept car is to be called the "Aesthetics Progressive Luxury," which is quite possibly the most ludicrous name for a concept not produced by Rolls-Royce. Mercedes seems to acknowledge the hilarity of the name and calls the car “Electric Silver Arrow” internally.

Frankly, we’re not sure why they don’t call it that externally, but we’re not in charge of a multi-billion-dollar German carmaker.


Although the car might look inspired from the 1992 classic Batman Returns, it’s actually more inspired by 1930s speed record cars. In particular the W125, which was driven by Rudolf Caracciola down the A5 Autobahn at a then record-breaking 268.7 mph. That car was called the Silver Arrow and remained the most powerful race car ever made for nearly three decades.

Silver Arrow
via Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz design boss Gorden Wagener says that the new Electric Silver Arrow will have comparable performance to the 1930s racer from an all-electric drivetrain. We’re not sure if it’s a great idea to compare performance between a current concept and a car that’s almost a century old, but again, we’re not in charge of Mercedes.

The Electric Silver Arrow is said to be more powerful than the SLS E-Cell, which had four motors that combined produced 740 hp. The internal battery will also exceed the SLS E-Cell which had a 60kWh pack.

We’re told that the concept will be the formative concept for Mercedes’ new EQ sub-brand of electric cars, with AMG using the Silver Arrow as a chance to show the world what they can do with electric performance. We’ll get to see first hand at the 2018 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in late August.


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