Mercedes-AMG GT R Will Sport A Lexus-Like Exhaust

Mercedes is updating the GT R with a new performance package that adds a quad-tipped exhaust that looks suspiciously like a Lexus.

Mercedes-AMG GT R Will Sport A Lexus-Like Exhaust

Mercedes is hard at work refreshing the GT R supercar with a new performance package with even more power.

Normally we associate Mercedes with luxury sedans filled with either menacing foreign dignitaries or even more menacing European diplomats. No matter what movie or TV show, the villain drives a Mercedes. It’s just a fact.

Which is a bit of a shame, because Mercedes makes a pretty amazing sports car. The Mercedes-AMG GT R manages to pack 577 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque into a car that’s smaller than a Volkswagen Golf.

Mercedes is planning on a bit of a refresh for their flagship sports car, with the GT R getting a new convertible option that was previously only available on the lower-end GT C. Spy photos from earlier in August revealed a foldable roof that seems to be taken directly from the C-trim but retaining all the bells and whistles that we’ve come to know and love from the R.

Now we have reports from Motor1 that the GT R is going to get a new Clubsport Package that will improve the already spectacular R to even greater feats of performance. How will they do it? A bit of weight savings and a bit more power from the car’s 4.0-L twin-turbo V8 so that it finally breaks the 600 hp barrier.


It’s also getting a new exhaust, evidently. The new diagonal dual-tipped pipes seem to be reminiscent of the Lexus F-series of performance vehicles, which is all well and good, but Mercedes seems to have retained the old center-mounted exhaust as well--probably as a red herring on its prototype model. We don’t expect that middle exhaust to stick around on the final product.

Mercedes-AMG GT R Will Sport A Lexus-Like Exhaust
via Autoblog

We also expect the rear diffuser to be redesigned to accommodate the new exhaust since it looks like a bit of a hack-job at the moment. Click the link to see for yourself--it’s a bit brutal.

The rest of the car looks almost identical to the 2018 GT R. The LED headlights might have gotten a slight update, but that could also just be an artifact of the photo lighting.

Mercedes must be getting close to the final product since there’s very little camo keeping things secret. Expect a big reveal sometime in the near future.


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