Mercedes-AMG Planning To Have A Hybrid Option For Every Future Model

Mercedes-AMG wants to give buyers plug-in options for all future models.

Mercedes-AMG is planning to offer customers hybrid and plug-in versions of every upcoming model as part of a shift in the company's strategy.

That is according to Mercedes' head of external affairs Frank Overmeyer, who spoke to Autocar this week. Overmeyer added that mild hybrids aren't in the plans due to the emission savings being too slim, plus plug-in hybrids make more sense for high-performance cars and SUVs.

AMG will call it's plug-in tech EQ Power+, copying the branding used on the Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 cars.

Overmeyer also said that the upcoming AMG models won't have as good an electric range as the non-AMG plug-in hybrids because of the emphasis on power. He has revealed that the AMG plug-in will offer 37-43 miles instead of the 62 miles the Mercedes currently offers.

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via reezocar.com

“The battery itself and the application, including the electric motor, will be the same, and you can have a significant boost [in performance] that will reduce the range, but the experience will be better,” he explained. “Same battery, same drivetrain, different application. In an SUV, it might offer 100km [62 miles]. It might only be 60km or 70km [37-43 miles] in an AMG.”

Mercedes' latest plug-in hybrid delivers up to 121 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque on its own, leaving plenty room for AMG engineers to tap into power and performance when strapping the system to a powertrain.

Despite the new focus on electric vehicles due to the pressure to eliminate as much emission as possible, high-performance AMG models will remain an important part of the Mercedes range.

“They are the technical icons of our brand,” Overmeyer added. “We should also never forget that the new world, these electric vehicles, need to be funded, and it’s being funded by our existing high-profit vehicles.”

We shouldn't be surprised to see some major gains as it relates to performance in AMGs due to the incorporation of batteries and electric motors. The company's concept car from two years ago paired a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 with an electric Motor to come up with an output of 805 horsepower so such a system could possibly replace the Afalterbach tuner's V12.

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