This Mercedes-AMG Limo Comes With Armor & A Big Price Tag

This Mercedes-AMG Limo Comes With Armor & A Big Price Tag

This armored Mercedes-AMG G63 limousine comes with all the comforts of home and the ability to stop a high-powered bullet.

When it comes to safety, some people will spare no expense. Tanks are, unfortunately, illegal to drive on most public roads due to the excessive wear they put on the asphalt. However, there are plenty of options for armoring your favorite road-legal vehicle, and even upgrading its interior while you’re at it.

INKAS has just come out with a brand new upgrade to the already luxurious AMG G63 Wagon. Instead of being a mere 4-door SUV, the car becomes a 4-door armored personnel carrier with an interior that mimics a well-to-do entertainment room.

This Mercedes-AMG Limo Comes With Armor & A Big Price Tag

We’ll start inside, since that is easily the most exceptional part of this plain-looking but imposing limousine. The floor is made of wood, the entertainment console and bar is likewise made of wood, and the seats have been replaced by something that far more closely resembles a recliner. That’s because it practically is one: it can recline fully and there’s a built-in massage function to work out those knots you received at the tennis club.


That center console you see can control the interior lighting, 4K TV with Apple TV, Siri, and Apple HomeKit. The bar is completely motorized with a built-in icebox, and the roof lights are designed to mimic natural sunlight as closely as possible. Don’t worry about anyone looking in--the windows are tinted to be practically opaque from the outside.

Under the hood is the same 5.5-L twin-turbo V8 that the G63 came with as stock. Power is measured at 563 horses, which sounds like just enough when you consider the additional chassis length and armoring that’s been added.

This Mercedes-AMG Limo Comes With Armor & A Big Price Tag

Speaking of armor, the G63 has been given BR 7-rated armor which will stop a bullet from a 7.62 mm rifle (which is up there in terms of small arms strength) or the explosive force of a regular hand grenade.

It also comes with perimeter sensors, reinforced suspension, run flat wheels, and EMP-protected ECU and battery.

All this can be yours for the low price of $1.2 million. But who can put a price on safety?


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