Mercedes To Offer Subscription Service For Vehicles

The Netflix model could make it's way to the world of automobiles as Mercedes is planning a subscription service for their vehicles.

Mercedes To Offer Subscription Service For Vehicles

Mercedes is about to offer a subscription service for their cars.

In a bizarre industry trend, luxury car makers are now offering subscription services for their cars in addition to the traditional buying, financing, and leasing options. The latest company to offer such a subscription is Mercedes, who will begin a pilot program that offers a selection of cars that drivers can trade in and out whenever they want.

Called Mercedes Me Flexperience, the service offers four car classes—the A, C, E, and S-Class cars—and allows the user to select which car to rent at a fixed monthly rate, according to Automotive Leave. At any time you can decide to trade in your car for a different one, although this will change your monthly rental figure if you decide to switch up from an A to an S-Class.

You can request up to one car change per month and availability will dictate whether or not you get what you ask for. It’s a first come first served operation, so if somebody else snags that E-Class before you, you’re out of luck.


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Everything is done via the Flexperience app, from selecting your car to deciding on options and color choices. Then when you want to trade in for a different car, you go to the app, select the new car, and drive your current vehicle to the dealership to pick up your new wheels.

“With Mercedes Me Flexperience we have a new, fully digitalized mobility offering. Our customers can flexibly use up to twelve vehicles per year according to their requirements--a ‘car on demand’ offer, so to speak. A Cabriolet on the weekend, an SUV for family holidays and a saloon for business trips, the vehicle changeover can be organized at any time of day using the app”, says Britta Seeger, Mercedes’ global head of sales.

Currently, the program is in Germany only, but Seeger says they plan to offer it in the US “within this year.”

Mercedes isn’t the only ones to offer cars as a subscription. Cadillac has a program called Book Service, while Porsche has their Passport service. Mercedes hasn’t come forward with pricing, but Cadillac charges $1,500 per month with a $500 activation fee, while Porsche is a straight $2,000 per month.


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