Mexico Is Auctioning A Seized Lamborghini From Drug Cartel To Help The Poor

Mexican officials will auction off seized drug cartel luxury cars, including one Lamborghini, and use the proceeds to fund poor municipalities.

Mexico Is Auctioning Seized Lamborghinis From Drug Cartels To Help The Poor

Mexican officials will be selling off a seized Lamborghini and using the proceeds to assist poor municipalities in Southern Mexico.

As the war on drugs rages on (although with some helpful signs that it may be wrapping up in certain states), Mexico continues to battle drug cartels and the rampant corruption they spawn. Recent busts of various cartel members and at least one former politician has resulted in Mexican officials seizing a number of assets, including 77 high-end luxury vehicles.

One of those vehicles just happens to be a 2007 Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 Roadster.

Other vehicles run the gamut of sports and luxury brands, including Porsches, Corvettes, Mercedes-Benzes, and at least one Mustang convertible according to Reuters.

Typically, when vehicles are seized from the cartels they’re auctioned off to the highest bidder. Which is exactly what will happen, only this time with a slight twist. As part of a new "Return Stolen Goods to the People" implemented by Mexico’s recently elected president, Lopez Obrador, proceeds of the sale will be given to some of Mexico’s poorest municipalities.

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Two towns in the southern state of Oaxaca will receive whatever funds are collected as part of the auction. With the total minimum bid starting at $1.5 million for all 77 vehicles, that’s a lot of money going to help the poor, and potentially much more.

The first auction is set to begin this Sunday.

via Reuters

In addition to the cars, Mexican police also seized three homes that will also be auctioned at a later date. One of the homes is in a ritzy part of Mexico City and includes an indoor pool. The total price for all three starts at $7 million, with the proceeds earmarked to help a youth drug rehabilitation program.

After being elected last December, Obrador has been on a crusade to eliminate government corruption while assisting Mexico’s poorest citizens. To prove he’s all about the common people, Obrador drives around in a simple white Volkswagen Jetta rather than the state limousine. He has also been specifically targeting Mexico’s drug cartels, seeing them as the root of all Mexico’s problems.

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