Michigan Man Forced To Ditch 75 Cars

A Michigan man's car collection has been deemed too much by the state, leading to a verdict that's caused him to ditch 75 cars.

Michigan Man Forced To Ditch 75 Cars

A man in Michigan has been forced to scrap 75 collectible cars due to a city ordinance.

Ron Dauzet is 74. He is, and always has been, a car enthusiast. Over the last 15 years, he’s collected hundreds of cars, some common, some rare, all of them with some degree of quirkiness to them. He stores them all in the open air on his massive property in Northfield Township, Michigan.

However, the town has caught wind of Dauzet’s collection. Rather than seeing it as an open-air automotive museum, they see it as a blight and have ordered him to get rid of his collection at the rate of 20 cars per day.

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Dauzet couldn’t fight the ordinance, which banned the storage of unregistered vehicles in the open air. He complained to town officials saying that his collection was hardly a blemish on the town as not even his neighbors could see a single rusty fender. All of Dauzet's nearly 200 cars were kept behind fences and dense foliage, but the city didn’t care. The cars were in violation of the law, and that was that.


Speaking to Jalopnik, Dauzet admitted that his car collecting may have gotten out of his control over the years as his property began to look more like a junkyard than pristine fields. “I’m gonna have to get rid of them sooner or later...it was getting out of hand,” Dauzet said.

But when the town ordered him to start selling cars at the rate of 20 per month, it was “virtually impossible for one man to do.”

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Dauzet was able to meet the town’s demand for one month, but then the rain turned his property to a muddy minefield, making it impossible for Dauzet to either sell or work on cars to the point where they could be moved on their own power.

Now, Dauzet has been forced to send at least 75 cars to the crusher at his own expense. And some of them were true gems.

Saabs, Mercedes, BMWs, and even Porsches that would have made any collector proud to own with a bit of love have gone to meet their fate at the hands of a compactor. But there’s still time left for you to own a piece of automotive history.

Just search for “Ron” on Craigslist. You’ll be sure to find his cars.


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