Mid-Engine Corvette Spotted With Its Back End In The Air While On Nürburging

Still at the Nürburging, the new C8 Corvette catches some sweet air while engineers continue to gather data.

Mid-Engine Corvette Spotted With Its Back End In The Air While On Nürburging

The new mid-engine Corvette is grabbing some sweet air while it undergoes testing at Germany’s Nürburging.

Chevy’s next-gen Corvette has been at The Ring for weeks now gathering data for GM engineers on just how to make the best mid-engine sports car possible. The extended stay means that we get more videos and spy photos than we can ever hope for, and while we don’t really have much more new technical info to provide, we can say with confidence that the new Corvette is perfectly capable of pulling a Dukes of Hazzard.

That is, it can fly. Sort of.

No Corvette can actually fly, but the C8 is at least capable of getting off the ground thanks to one of the Nürburging’s many hills. These new spy photos, courtesy of Autoblog, show that GM doesn’t mind replacing a strut or two in their quest to get more performance data on the C8.

via Autoblog

Here’s hoping the landing wasn’t too rough.

There’s not much else to report on the external qualities of this new sports car from Chevy. It’s been wearing the same black and white vinyl wrap since arriving at The Ring, and it doesn’t look like GM is showing any signs of taking it off for the camera.


We also don’t have anything else new to report on the sound signature. Last week we heard that Corvette rumble its way around the track without so much as a whistle from a rumored turbocharger, so we’re thinking this is a base-model trim that’s naturally aspirated. Most likely a 6.2-L V8 from the current Corvette, but we haven’t got anything official from GM so it might be something different.

Mid-Engine Corvette Spotted With Its Back End In The Air While On Nürburging
via Autoblog

There are rumors of a new 4.2-L engine in the works that will sport twin turbos like a real European sports car. It’s been all the rage with performance BMWs and Audis, and McLaren has enjoyed twin turbos on their cars for years. A dual-clutch transmission would explain the fast shift times we’ve been hearing, and a hybrid version might give the Corvette the electric boost it needs to flirt with 1,000 hp.

We’re not going to get much from GM until closer to the C8’s reveal sometime in 2019. In the meantime, enjoy the thought of soaring through the air in a mid-engine American sports car for the first time in what feels like ages.


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