More Mid-Engine Corvette Patents Suggest An Advanced Suite Of Active Aerodynamics


We’ve got more mid-engine Corvette patents that suggest there will be a super advanced suite of active aerodynamics that will keep this car on the road in even the toughest of circumstances.

We are barreling towards the new C8 Corvette’s reveal on July 18th practically shivering with anticipation. Earlier in the month, we learned new details surrounding the C8’s 8-speed dual-clutch transmission thanks to an unearthed patent, and now we’ve got another patent that shows off the C8’s active aerodynamics.

The patent comes courtesy of the Mid-engine Corvette Forum, where a team of patent sleuths comb through GM’s filings at the US Patent and Trademarks Office for anything Corvette-related. They managed to find a new filing from June 11th that sheds light on how the mid-engine Corvette will keep itself level even as it screams along at 150 mph (we assume--we don’t actually know how fast it’ll go yet).

What’s interesting about this patent is not the various flaps and spoilers that will change direction and position with respect to whatever the car is doing at the time. What is interesting is that now the car’s entire suspension is involved, raising up or hunkering down depending on what’s going on.

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And not just the entire suspension, either. The front can tilt up or down independently of what the back is doing, and vice-versa. This adjustable and variable ride height combines with flaps beneath the car to give the Corvette as tight a grip on the road as possible.

via MidEngine Corvette Forums

Oh, and those diagrams might show a C7-gen Corvette, but that’s definitely just to throw us off the trail. The C7 is going out of production later this month.

We’re getting bits and pieces of the C8 before the big reveal in July. According to recent reports, the mid-engine ‘Vette will come with an unhackable ECU that will make it a nightmare for enthusiasts to tune. GM believes that this sacrifice is necessary in an age where anyone with a cell phone and some programming knowledge can hack into a car and steal it (or at least make it play awful music).

It’ll likely be called the Stingray, and we expect it to arrive with the same 6.2-L V8 that the C7-gen did at base. Better versions will get a twin-turbo V8 and maybe even a hybrid powertrain.

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