Mid-Engine Corvette Spotted Driving In The Snow

The mid-engine Corvette was spotted in the hills around San Diego wearing full camouflage and a massive antenna.

Mid-Engine Corvette Spotted Driving In The Snow

There’s a new video of the mid-engine Corvette driving on a winding mountain road being sprinkled with snow.

We haven’t heard much from GM on the upcoming C8 Corvette in a while, which seems to indicate that the previous rumors of a development delay were true. Instead of debuting the C8 at the Detroit Auto Show as originally speculated, Chevrolet has delayed the introduction of their latest and greatest sports car due to an electrical fault with the car.Why this electrical fault suddenly means that the C8 Corvette needs to start wearing the full nylon body bag after months of only wearing a zebra paint job is a little beyond us. But no matter! There are more mid-engine Corvette sightings, and therefore, we shall report it!

The latest video comes from Driven Car Reviews who was originally just reviewing the new Kia Soul. Naturally, when the new ‘Vette showed up all cameras turned towards the mid-engine supercar and off the little Kia. Sorry Kia, you’re just not nearly as exciting as a roaring V8.

This footage comes from in and around San Diego, which apparently got cold enough to have snow last week. That’s almost as unusual as the random sightings of camouflaged Corvettes.


Other than the black bags and fake bulges (which we already know are SUPER fake given previously released imagery), we don’t have a whole lot to report. There’s a big freakin’ antenna on the roof that is almost certainly there to broadcast test data, but other than that, it’s the same old mid-engine Corvette.

Based on previous leaks, we suspect an evolved form of Chevy’s LT1 V8 under the hood with 520 hp. Power is routed to the rear wheels through a proper 7-speed dual-clutch for the first time in Corvette history. It will likely be called Manta Ray in keeping with the C7’s Stingray moniker for their base model.

Fancier versions will come out later, including ones equipped with twin-turbo engines that makes an ungodly amount of power.

We suspect the C8 will debut sometime later this year, with summer being the most probable earliest opportunity. We’ll know more when GM starts revving the hype machine.

(via Jalopnik)


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