New Report Says Mid-Engine Corvette To Start At $60,000

New Report Says Mid-Engine Corvette To Start At $60,000

A new report reveals the mid-engine Corvette’s starting price as well as just what is taking so long for the car to debut.

Last week, we received word that the C8-generation Corvette would retain the name Stingray, signaling a complete lack of imagination by Chevrolet marketers. We also had some encouraging news that a reveal might be imminent with a video of GM’s president getting toured around in the new Corvette as well a large Corvette dealership starting to take pre-orders.

And now we have another report, this time from Hagerty, that sheds new light on what to expect from the C8 and just how much it will cost.

The base-model C8 will start between $60,000 to $70,000 and be powered by a 6.2-L LT2 V8 engine with around 500 hp. The only transmission offered will be a 7-speed dual clutch with paddle shifters. More powerful versions with twin-turbos and hybrid powertrains will come later in the production cycle with an astounding 1,000 hp.

Speaking to multiple anonymous sources within GM, Hagerty also found out just what is holding the C8 ‘Vette back. They cite three reasons for production delays, the first of which confirms earlier rumors of an issue with the car’s electrical system.

The C8 is GM’s first car built entirely around an electric architecture, which means over 100 computer modules controlling every aspect of the car’s behavior. Apparently, engineers are still working out the bugs in this complicated system.

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Another issue is the distortion of the car’s aluminum frame. According to the report, on the more powerful 900-1,000 hp Corvettes, the engine twist was enough to shatter the rear hatch during high-speed trials.

The third issue was a little more ambiguous. Chevy engineers are still debating styling choices of the C8, but Hagerty wasn’t able to say much more beyond that. "Unfortunately our sources won’t reveal the specific details underlying this concern,” the publication wrote.

These delays make the earliest likely reveal to be later this summer, with a suggested date of late August at the National Corvette Museum’s 25th anniversary.


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