Chevrolet's Upcoming Mid-Engine Corvette Breaks Down At Gas Station In Michigan

The upcoming C8 Corvette seems to have broken down at a Detroit gas station, according to new spy photos.

Chevrolet's Upcoming Mid-Engine Corvette Breaks Down At Gas Station In Michigan

A test mule of the upcoming mid-engine Corvette has broken down at a Detroit gas station.

There might be some truth to reports stating that the mid-engine Corvette is having some issues. Last year, we started hearing rumors that the C8 Corvette’s production had been delayed by 6 months due to issues with the car’s electrical system--rumors which were later supported by a more recent report stating that the C8 won’t begin production until December of this year the very earliest.

At issue is the car’s all-new electrical architecture. Over 100 computer modules control every aspect of the car with extremely few mechanical parts, and apparently, there are still quite a few bugs in the software.

Case in point, we recently spotted a C8 test mule get towed away from a gas station just outside Detroit. Pictures circulating all over the internet show a camouflage-coated C8 just stuck at a gas station while the car’s drivers are on the phone calling for a tow.

According to Jalopnik, a pair of GM engineers showed up to hack away at the car for 20-30 minutes before finally giving up and covering it in a tarp. Then the tow truck arrived to bring the C8 back to GM’s Milford Proving Grounds.


While this isn’t too big a deal--it is a test mule, after all--it’s still not a great sign that things with the Corvette are proceeding as smoothly as GM would like.

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Not only is the C8 reported to have electrical issues, but it’s also got structural ones too. According to a report from earlier this week, the more powerful versions of the C8 (with around 1,000 hp, apparently) suffer so much engine twist that they distort the aluminum space frame and shatter the rear engine cover.

There’s still plenty of time for GM to work out the bugs and still have a summer debut, but we’re no longer hopeful of seeing the mid-engine Corvette on the road before the rumored December production start.


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