Mid-Engined Corvette Spotted On The Nürburgring

The C8 Corvette is getting data at Germany's Nürburgring while wearing the least amount of camouflage we've seen so far.

Mid-Engined Corvette Spotted On The Nürburgring

Yet more spy photos reveal the mid-engine Corvette running around Germany’s Nürburgring getting much-needed data for GM’s engineers.

Well, the good news is that we don’t have to deal with the C8 Corvette covered in garbage bags anymore. The bad news is that it’s wearing that zebra-skin paint job that makes picking out details tricky, plus a few strips of duct tape in strategic areas. Still, this is the cleanest we’ve seen the upcoming mid-engine Corvette, so let’s take advantage of it while we can (and give thanks to Jalopnik for the shots).

First off, those headlights. They're a big departure from the current C7 generation of Corvette, and give the car an early-2000s Acura sort of look. That bank of tiny LEDs in the front are likely far more illuminating than they look, and are likely to get covered in something other than vinyl by the time the car reaches production.

via Jalopnik

There's a sharp, angular hood that seems far more avian than the current 'Vette, and even larger front air intakes. The side intakes are new but expected when the engine is behind the front seats. To help this 'Vette run around the 'Ring, you can see some big racing tires on a lowered frame for a lower center of gravity.


What we don’t know yet is what is under the hood. We expect to see an evolved version of the LT1 6.2-L pushrod V8 from the current generation, but the specifics are all up in the air. Some people say it’ll get a twin-turbo setup like so many European supercars, while others say it’ll retain the big supercharger that comes from the ZR1. Still others say that the 6.2-L V8 is on the outs and it’ll be replaced by a smaller 4.2-L twin-turbo V8.

Mid-Engined Corvette Spotted On The Nürburgring
via Jalopnik

The only thing that everyone seems to agree on is a power level starting in the 500s and rising up to the mid 750s as with the ZR1.

There are even rumors of a hybrid version under development that will have close to 1,000 hp, with an electric front axle and some form of engine combining forces to make a super ‘Vette.

Who knows what we’ll get. All we know is, this C8 sure does look pretty.


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