Mini Reveals Special Royal Wedding Edition Cooper

Mini revealed a special Cooper for a special day to commemorate the Royal Wedding! The car looks loud, but that's why we love it.

Mini Reveals Special Royal Wedding Edition Cooper

Mini has made a very special car for a very special day.

It looks like everyone is gearing up for the royal wedding. Cable TV providers are setting aside airtime to run round-the-clock live coverage even in America where the wedding starts at 7 a.m. (time zones, man). News sites are going to be running live feeds. Cakes and clothiers are all making special edition products featuring the happy couple, and even carmakers are getting in on the action.

Even though Mini the brand is currently owned by a German automaker, those savvy German marketers still understand that Mini is seen as a British brand, and thus, they had to come up with something to mark the occasion.

So they made a two-door Mini Cooper with some custom vinyl, paint, and embroidery.


Mini Reveals Special Royal Wedding Edition Cooper
via BMW

Unfortunately, what they made looks like it could be the car Austin Powers drives in some forthcoming sequel. The rear tail lamps are Union Jacks. The roof is a bizarre impressionist’s nightmare of the US flag and Union Jack spliced together. The interior follows the same red, white, and blue color (or colour) scheme on the door panels, vents, and even the leather stitching.

But there’s more than just naked patriotism being shown here. There’s also some cute touches to be had, such as the words “Love is” embroidered into the sun visor, or how there’s a projector in the door that shines “Just married” onto the ground whenever the door is opened. There is even “side scuttles around the side turn signal indicators have been 3D-printed and embellish the initials M and H with a heart and rings."

“As an iconic British brand with almost 60 years of history in the UK, we are pleased to mark the royal wedding with this special charitable gift,” explains Oliver Heilmer, Head of Mini Design. “The Mini Design team has created a one-off Mini Hatch for the occasion. Its specially designed roof graphic combines with 3D-printed personalized interior and exterior details as well as special embroidery to make this a Mini like no other.”

The car will be handed over to the Children's HIV Association (CHIVA) for public auction with the proceeds going to the charity of the couple’s choice. Which is a good thing, since we don’t think either Harry or Meghan would be caught dead driving the thing.


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