Mini Shows Off New JCW Model

Mini's JCW models are something drivers love, and a new one is on the way.

One thing that you could have said about the John Cooper car company's vibrant Mini JCW was that it was as cute as a bug. Which probably ticked off some of the sportier fans of the tiny four-wheeler, which disappeared from the market earlier in 2019 to upgrade its two-liter engine to meet Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure standards.

Well, turns out the Mini JCW is back, this time packing some attitude, with a grille that looks like the thing's loaded for bear. It's as if the JCW felt inconvenienced by the engine alteration and decided to boost its performance in other areas. Once a new fuel particulate filter and more eco-friendly options received approval from regulators, the JCW delivers almost 44 miles per gallon.

According to TopGear, the new version of this Mini packs more of a wallop than ever before, with the hatchback model able to zoom 0-60 mph in 6.3 seconds and the convertible managing the same feat in 6.6, both with the help of a six-speed transmission and an engine packing 228 horsepower. And for those who want a sportier experience, they can shave off a few more milliseconds in a JCW with an eight-speed gearbox.



What makes it a conversation piece among Mini fans, though is the look, especially with the telltale grille that provides more of a don-t-mess-with-me vibe. The Union Jack taillights will certainly turn a few heads. But behind the wheel, aside from getting a rush from what the JCW is more capable of doing, is a more comfortable interior that includes a sleek black trim (accentuated by LED backlighting), leather seats, and the addition of more digital entertainment options ranking high on the list of amenities.

There's also high-gloss headlights, windshield wipers capable of automatically detecting rain, a puddle lamp with the Mini logo on it, a more durable suspension system, 17-inch wheel alloys and brakes that can help stop the JCW on a dime to make that ride even more fly.

So far, there's no word on the price of the revamped JCW. But the Cooper folks will be available to take orders at the beginning of January with the car slated to hit the market by March.


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