25 Mistakes In Gran Turismo Games No One Ever Noticed

It's been 22 years since the world saw the release of perhaps one of the most influential racing games to ever be produced. Gran Turismo was released in December of 1997 to great critical acclaim and adoring fans who still enjoy the game long after its release. Since then, Gran Turismo has become a staple in the Racing Simulation Industry and has become something more than just a video game. Gran Turismo Academy, with some help from Nissan, creates race car drivers from ordinary gamers who were especially good. On top of that, the new Gran Turismo Sport is regulated by the NHRA and puts players on a world competition scale.

Gran Turismo was a marvel of its time and is still enjoyable today. With over 140 cars and 11 race tracks, there was no shortage of incredible cars to drive. Gran Turismo really broke new ground by featuring some of the most amazing cars from around the world, not only serving as a simulation game but a sort of virtual showroom for some of the world's exotic cars.

Gran Turismo 2 is often considered one of the best in the series, with over 600 cars and 27 tracks. It's also the only game in the series that is separated across two discs: the Arcade mode and the Simulation mode. A strange fact about the Gran Turismo 2 disc is that it is one of the few games to have a scratch and sniff disc (it doesn't work on my copy, but I have the Greatest Hits version so I assume this was only on original release only—that, or mine wore out.)

I'm not going to go through every sequel to Gran Turismo, as this intro would most likely be longer than the entirety of the article. If you care about the sheer variety of cars, then Gran Turismo 6 is the way to go as it is the one that currently has the most cars (at 1,247). This game also has a custom track-maker that adds to the kind of creativity and challenge you can have in your game.

Gran Turismo, as a series, still thrives today, offering a unique competitive internet experience and has multiple sequels spanning across every PlayStation platform. They all come with their own brilliance and with some flaws, just like every other game. I'm going to be talking about some of these flaws that we, as the fanbase, might not have initially notice.

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25 The Cars They Accidentally Left In


Found in the first four installments of Gran Turismo are some cars that you cannot get ahold of by legitimate means in-game. The mistake lies in the fact you can get them through hacking, even though the cars are fully modeled and come with their own title cards, stats, and can be used in any track without crashing the game. These cars, which were supposed to be removed from the game due to cuts or licensing issues, such as the Lamborghini Diablo GT1, remain hidden in the game files.

24 The Esso Supra (Gran Turismo 4)

Gran Turismo Wiki

The regional differences between the releases have lead to differences in labeling and what kind of cars are available in that region. Sometimes, these differences don't always get changed over, as Esso is featured as a sponsor for the Toyota GT-One and the Peugeot 206 Rally car in both Japan and Europe, but this is changed for the US release to the parent company, ExxonMobil. The only time US players see the Esso sponsorship is on the blue JGTC Toyota Supra racecar. It seems like an oversight considering the amount of Supra racecars in-game.

23 Lister Storm V12 Road Car (Gran Turismo 2)

Gran Turismo Wiki

The Lister Storm V12 race car has been featured in every Gran Turismo since Gran Turismo 2, where it started as a racing modification for the base Lister Storm V12. Gran Turismo 2 is the only game with the base model Lister, whereas the race-ready Lister continued on. Every other race car in the games has a stock variation, but the Lister Storm racecar continues on without one. This is a small oversight that was, no doubt, a part of the cut from Gran Turismo 2 (where there were over 600 cars) to Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec (where there were only 187 cars).

22 Chrysler Viper GTS-R In The US Version (Gran Turismo 2)

Gran Turismo Wiki

Another good example of a regional difference that took place is the Dodge Viper GTS-R Team Oreca race car, which was badged as a Dodge in the States and a Chrysler in the rest of the world. The biggest difference, besides the minor alteration to the labeling on the corners of the hood, was the PlayStation badge that was featured on the center of the hood on the Europe and Japan releases. And then in the menus, the Euro Viper is seen in the background of the Home Garage menu on the Arcade menu—even in the US release.

21 Misplaced Opponents (Gran Turismo 2)

Gran Turismo Wiki

During the Endurance challenge races, there is a chance that a car that wouldn't normally be in that race show up as a competitor. Examples are a TVR Griffith in the US Muscle Car-only Seattle 100 Mile race and a Citroen Xantia 3.0i participating in the Special Stage Route 5 that features only GT World Cup cars. This little mistake is an oversight, when somehow the GT500HR was moved to the bottom of the opponent list, causing the game to pick the last car from the list above. This glitch is only seen in the first release of the game and was fixed in every version afterward.

20 That's Not An Evo IV (Gran Turismo 2)


When racing in the Pikes Peak Downhill Rally 3, it says that one of your opponents is a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV. When you actually race this Evo, though, it's really a Lancer Evo VI. This could simply be that the person typing was going too fast and accidentally put the Roman numerals in backward. This is just a little mistake but it's not one you really see today as the games get bigger and with updates constantly correcting everything, it's unlikely we're going to see a mistake like this ever again.

19 Unused Subaru Rex Supercharger VX (Gran Turismo 2)


The Subaru Rex Supercharger VX was supposed to be included in the game but never showed up. When using hacks to spawn the title card, a Toyota Altezza is used as a stand-in for the missing car. The mistake actually comes when viewing the licensing credit screen, where among the many other cars featured in the game, you'll find that the Rex is mentioned, as well. I'm not sure why this Subaru isn't included in the game when they had the license for it, but it is what it is and that's the only reminder of another car that could've been.

18 It's Not Just A GT-R (Gran Turismo 2)

Jason Glennie on Youtube

In the US release, the Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec (R33) isn't labeled as such when winning a race, it's simply labeled as a plain GT-R (R33). This is just another small mistake in the game that really doesn't affect anything and it is totally understandable when considering the mass amount of different variations of the Nissan Skylines in the game, including the GTS-T and GT-Rs. It's easy to get confused them all but the V-Spec is one of the more sought-after in the game for its race-inspired tuning.

17 Motorcycle models can be found (Gran Turismo 4)


Polyphony doesn't only just produce the Gran Turismo series but also does the Tourist Trophy TT games. Some of these models can actually be found in Gran Turismo 4, though they are not accessible by legitimate means. There are only two motorcycles that, when spawned, look normal enough but instead have the wheels of a car that the bike floats between. I was unable to find a picture for this, but it's really weird looking and reminds everyone that Polyphony makes another great driving simulator game for those who aren't necessarily all about cars.

16 The Vemac Dealership


Vemac was meant to be in the game but ended up getting cut early on, leaving only a dealership with plain white text spelling out Vemac. The dealership remains in-game hidden in the files and can only be accessed through hacking, but the fact it's still there at all is pretty remarkable and reveals that it, most likely, was added late into production, which could explain it getting cut while the dealership still remains in the files.

15 Mark Martin's Valvoline Taurus (Gran Turismo 2)


In Gran Turismo 2, you can race-modify the Ford Taurus SHO into the only NASCAR racecar in the game. In most versions, it'll show up as a generic racecar. Mark Martin's Ford can be had in-game but only if you've got Version 1.0 or if you own the race-modified car and then pick it to race on the Arcade disc. The reason for having to work around to get the special livery is due to a licensing issue with Valvoline, leaving the fans to jump through hoops to get a bonafide NASCAR racer.

14 Can't Get Exactly 100% (Gran Turismo 2)

SRT Viper TA On Youtube

This one is quite infuriating for those perfectionists who want to beat Gran Turismo 100%. A Drag race feature was cut very late in the game so the track may not exist but there are three cars that can be modified into drag-racing cars. It's because of this late removal that you can only get 98.2% completion in the US releases. On the other hand, however, you can get up to 100.91% in Europe if you change the language from English to anything else and do both the Vauxhall and Opel events.

13 5,000 Cr. For A Car Wash! (Gran Turismo 2)

Tiago Costa on Youtube

In the original release in all the countries, the economy was different so as to simulate the kind of money that certain countries use. Since Japan's Yen is very different from the U.S. Dollar, they made a point to reflect that difference by dividing the prices by 100. The problem lies in that they changed almost everything, forgetting only the in-game car wash which instead of costing 50 Cr costs 5,000 Cr—which was half of the money you started with in-game!

12 Misinformation About The Brooklyn Bridge (Gran Turismo 4)


In Photo Shoot mode in Gran Turismo 4, the description for the Brooklyn Bridge states that it crosses the Hudson River when, in fact, the bridge crosses the East River, instead. This mistake could be just receiving misinformation. How they got that information in the first place really confuses me, though, as the internet had since been invented and, no doubt, the New York City bridge had been written about at least a little bit.

11 Driving Missions Glitch Only Gets You To 99.8% (Gran Turismo 4)

Voodoo Gaming

Unlike the percentage problem in Gran Turismo 2, this one isn't due to a piece of the game missing but rather from simply doing the Driving Missions out of order. I don't understand how doing them in order matters, but if you want the 100% you have to do them in order or else you suffer from losing out on that final .2%, which would be a real bummer for those who don't know and scour the game to find anything else they missed.

10 Red Is Really Black (Gran Turismo 6)


Some of the best companies in the world took part in the Vision GT, where they got to build their own dreams of what the perfect car would look like. Peugeot was no different, with their brilliant, futuristic sports car. When buying any of these cars, you can get the same colors on any other car, but Peugeot's is different. Though you still get the color choice when buying the red Peugeot, the color only shows up as a matte, pitch-black color on any car you apply the color to. I assume it does this when the game can't find the code for that color and reverts to the first color, which is matte black.

9 Reminiscence Of Poly Entertainment (Gran Turismo)

RacingGameArchive on Youtube

In the initial release of the game in Japan, the Poly Entertainment logo will appear after the Sony Entertainment logo. This is because, during development, Poly Entertainment became Polyphony Digital after becoming a more independent company within Sony Entertainment due to the success of Gran Turismo. In the later releases of the game, the logo was changed to represent this change. Until this time, Poly Entertainment had only made two other games, Motor Toon Grand Prix and its sequel.

8 A Model Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) (Gran Turismo 6)

Gran Turismo Wiki

Most of the car models used in the Gran Turismo franchise are based on a scale model. You don't normally see the bottom of these cars because, well, the car can't go anywhere without the tires touching the ground. Usually, if you do see the bottom it's low-res and nothing interesting. On the 2000 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34), however, it is a little more than interesting as someone has added the bottom of one of their models complete to scale and a logo of the company used to make the models. This could be intentional, possibly as a nod to the makers of the models they've used for years.

7 The Box Art For GT2


For the US release of Gran Turismo 2, the box art featured a set of gauges with a blurry dark background. The gauges looking like any other until you look closer and see the “F1” badging used on the gauges of the McLaren F1. It makes sense to have the fastest car in the world at the time used for your cover, but the legendary car isn't anywhere in GT2, and wouldn't be in a Gran Turismo game until Gran Turismo 5.

6 Uncompleted GT Vision Concept List (Gran Turismo 6)


A tragedy in the Gran Turismo community came with the realization that the GT Vision cars will be incomplete. With names like Nike not given the chance to create a car to follow up the strange Nike 2022 featured in Gran Turismo 4, the cars themselves are still planned to be designed and featured, just in Gran Turismo Sport since Gran Turismo 6 is now a game with no future updates planned. A part of us wants to see the new cars when they get designed, but another part wants to see our list filled out in Gran Turismo 6.

5 Mislabeled Race-Modified Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 (Gran Turismo 2)


The rocket that is the Mitsubishi GTO Turbo was sold here in the states as the Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 and is found in the game as such. Though when you race-modify the 1995 3000GT VR-4, it is then labeled as a GTO Twin-Turbo as it would be on the JDM version. This might be due to that maybe the modified 3000GT doesn't have a title card so it reverts to the original, but this mistake was corrected in subsequent releases of the game. And yet, it remains in the 1.0 version that was rushed to store shelves in time for Christmas 1999.

4 A Vector In A 295-HP Limited Race (Gran Turismo 2)


Earlier, I wrote of the instance where opponents turned up out of place in the Endurance Events. Most of the time, it wasn't a problem, but in this instance, it's a huge problem. The Trial Mountain 30 Lap race restricts you to use cars that only have 295 horsepower. But because of the mistake with the endurance races, a Vector M12 LM Edition can spawn on the track, leaving you in the dust because this car has 680 horses. The only way to beat it is to either be a hacker or be extremely good at the game, getting ahead and fighting off the Vector for 30 stressful laps.

3 Spelling Mistakes (Gran Turismo 2)


Due to the rush to get the game out by Christmas time, there were mistakes made all over the place. More subtle were various spelling mistakes made throughout the different versions released. In the US release, one of the races in the Event Generator is misspelled as a “Nomal Race” rather than a “Normal Race”. In Japan, the “Luxury Sedan Cup” was misspelled “Luxualy Sedan Cup”. Lastly, in Europe, “Grand Valley West Course” is actually the “Grand Valley East Course”

2 Instant Race Car

TitanCC on Youtube

Whether this was a mistake in other countries or purposely done just in time for Japan's release is anyone's guess. If a car is race-modified in either the Euro or US releases, it can be without restrictions or prerequisites. In Japan, however, this is different, as it requires you to upgrade the 3 stages of weight reduction before buying the race modification. This, of course, was only in the initial release and has since been corrected in subsequent releases.

1 Chrysler Team Oreca Viper #53 (Gran Turismo 2)

Gran Turismo Wiki

What seems to be an error of some sort is that in the Home Garage menu in Arcade, there is the Euro Viper in the background. The error isn't the car but rather, the car's number, as you can clearly see it wears number 53. But the in-game Oreca Vipers were numbers 51 and 91. This is not to say the number 53 didn't exist, as it was driven by Anthony Beltoise and Ni Amorim and finished in 29th in 24 Hours of LeMans during the 2000 race, it just never appeared in the game.

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