Mitsubishi Looking to Launch New SUV

With SUVs selling like hotcakes, Mitsubishi is looking to add to their line up with a new model of their own.

Rumor: Mitsubishi Planning New SUV

Mitsubishi might have another SUV in store for us.

In case you’ve been living under a four-door sedan for the past half a decade, SUVs are back in a big way. They’ve completely eclipsed car sales in terms of total volume, and for most automakers over half their sales come from SUVs and crossovers. So it should come as no surprise that Mitsubishi is looking for a little more of the SUV/cross pie.

In case you were wondering, the SUV/cross pie is somewhat higher than a regular pie, and usually has better suspension and bigger tires.

Anyway, Mitsubishi recently released their Eclipse Cross crossover, reinventing their Eclipse brand as a subcompact SUV rather than an introductory sports car. They’ve also got the Outlander SUV, which recently got a plug-in hybrid version to much fanfare from Mitsubishi.

And now they might be bringing yet another SUV into the fold.


via Mitsubishi

“Yes, that is one thing we are looking at. A new SUV,” he said. “The SUV is still growing, also in China and Europe, so it [an SUV] would be a good decision for Mitsubishi.”

“Mitsubishi is robust and ingenious,” Kunimoto continued. “Look at the Pajero at Dakar, for example. Thanks to the new alliance, we have so many choices. Mitsubishi will continue to grow.”

The Pajero used to be called the Montero in America before it was discontinued. However, now it seems that Mitsubishi could be bringing the Montero back to the USA for some of that sweet SUV action.

There’s also the distinct possibility there may be a redesign coming in the near future. Mitsubishi announced last week that Fred Diaz will be taking over as CEO. Diaz is perhaps best known for being the former head of Ram trucks at Dodge, and then going to Nissan to oversee the creation of their successful Titan brand of full-size pickups. If he brings that same magic to Mitsubishi, we could see a much-revitalized brand.


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