Mitsubishi Teases L200 Pickup Truck With New Photo

Mitsubishi is gearing up for the new 2019 L200 truck, but it won't be coming to America until it's next redesign.

Mitsubishi Teases L200 Pickup Truck With New Photo

Mitsubishi is teasing their refreshed L200 Triton pickup truck before it’s imminent reveal.

Mitsubishi is a car brand we don’t hear much of Stateside. They used to have a big presence with the Eclipse sports car and Lancer rally sedan, but lately things have been slowing down with the Japanese carmaker. The Eclipse managed to hold on until 2012 when Mitsubishi finally pulled the plug, and the Lancer is losing ground to Subaru in the sporty sedan market.

Just about the only thing Mitsubishi has going for them is the Outlander. But that might change with their refreshed pickup--at least, outside of America.

The L200, or better known as the Triton, Rodeo, Colt, Storm, Magnum, or L200 Strakar, is sold in many different markets (hence the many names). However, it’s not sold in the markets you’d expect, those being the United States or Japan. Instead, Mitsubishi has found a lot of clients in Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.


In fact, in the Middle East the L200 is rebadged as a Ram 1200 lick pickup. Weird, right?

The current 5th generation began in 2015, so we’re not expecting the latest teaser image to show a complete redesign. It’s awfully dark, but here we have a brighter image thanks to the magic of photo editing software to get a few details that were otherwise blacked out.

Mitsubishi Teases L200 Pickup Truck With New Photo
via Motor1

It looks like the front fascia will be completely redesigned, with the headlights and daytime running lights taking a cue from the successful Outlander SUV. The overall shape remains the same, and we expect a few tweaks to appear on the back end too.

Under the hood, we expect to see the same 2.5-L turbodiesel and 2.4-L turbo inline four-banger as last year. The turbodiesel gets 178 hp and sells is practically the only model sold in Europe, while the inline 4-cylinder gas engine gets anywhere between 110 and 175 hp depending on the model. That’s sold more often in Asia and the Middle East.

There are rumors that Mitsubishi will try and re-enter the American pickup market for the next generation thanks to a dearth of light pickups. Nothing is confirmed yet, but if true it would be the first new Mitsubishi pickup in America since 2009.


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