Check Out The Mitsuoka Rock Star: A Miata Turned Into A Corvette Sting Ray

Japanese boutique carmaker Mitsuoko is turning current-gen Miatas into classic roadsters, including the C2 Corvette Sting Ray.

Check Out The Mitsuoka Rostar: A Miata That Crossed A Corvette Sting Ray

This Mazda Miata has been turned into a Chevrolet C2 Corvette Sting Ray thanks to a Japanese tuning company.

Mitsuoka has a reputation for doing things a little differently--especially for a Japanese boutique carmaker. Instead of taking typical Japanese sedans and turning them into rally cars or ludicrous drift machines, they turn them into bespoke recreations of antique cars from the 1930’s onward.

Take a look at the Mitsuoka Himiko for a good example of their work. Believe it or not, under the beautiful exterior of a 1930’s European roadster is a plain old Mazda Miata.

Mitsuoka usually doesn’t get as far as the 1960s, but they’ve made a special exception for their latest creation, dubbed the Rock Star. If you’ve ever wanted to know Japan’s opinion of American muscle cars, then this webpage is pretty much it.

What started life as a domestic variant Mazda MX-5 Miata has been turned into a stunning recreation of a second generation Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray. Obviously the dimensions aren’t quite the same, given the Miata’s petite form, but the front and rear fascias are almost perfect likenesses for the 1960s classic. Even the vented hood looks right at home on the C2 ‘Vette.


Beneath the classic body is basically the same MX-5 Miata you can get anywhere in Japan. That means a 1.5-L inline 4-cylinder engine that puts out 129 hp and 111 lb-ft of torque. That’s nothing compared to the North American MX-5, which has a 2.0-L engine with 181 hp and 151 lb-ft. And that’s still nothing compared to even the least powerful C2 Corvette, which got 250 horses from a small-block V8.

But the Miata has legendary charm and handling characteristics, so we’re thinking you’ll be able to overlook the fact you have only half the horsepower of a real Sting Ray.

The Rock Star comes in either 6-speed manual or automatic, and starts at $41,846. To even consider buying one, you’ll have to act fast: only 50 Rock Stars will be produced. And you’ll also have to sign a contract in Japan.


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