15 Ugly Modded Cars That Should Have Never Passed Inspection

Many people have modified their cars to looks so strange that they would be better left off the road.

There is no way to overstate the importance of making sure you are a safe driver. This means that when you decide to go for a drive, you need to be doing everything you can to try and guarantee the safety of yourself, your passengers and anyone else that you may encounter on the road. It also means if there are elements of your car that are creating an unsafe driving situation, you are really better off going to the shop and making the necessary modifications that will surely increase your overall sense of safety.

For the 20 drivers on the list that you are about to read about though, safety sadly, may not have always been the top thing on their mind when they were modifying their car. The result is 20 vehicles that would surely leave you stunned if you ever had the opportunity to see them on the word. Though instead of using the word opportunity, perhaps misfortune is more accurate because an accident involving these cars is sure to cause some serious headaches for everyone involved.

That's not to say that the owners on our list weren't willing to put some money in their car, but it does mean that the money they put in could have been put to much better use. Because you may agree with me that you would never want to drive around in the cars below. Especially if the fact that they should not have passed inspection also means they may be illegal and could lead to a costly ticket (or more) if the wrong person sees them!

These are 15 modded cars that should have never passed inspection.

15 Punchbuggy Gets Fused With A Monster Truck

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There are some vehicles that might actually benefit from receiving a lift. Both in terms of how well the car performs and in terms of improving the overall aesthetic of the car. But what is your opinion on this lime green punchbuggy?

This, to put it lightly, definitely does not look anything like the punchbuggy that the owner may have seen and purchased.

I am sure the owner has managed to find plenty of moments where they have had fun driving around in this car, but that doesn't make it any safer and could cause some serious problems if the owner ever got into an accident.

14 Cardboard Doesn't Need To Be On A Car

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If you are a crafter, there might be several different things that you might be able to use to help create an amazing project that has the ability to leave everyone amazed. But even the most experienced crafter may have to admit that one place where cardboard does not have any place, is on a vehicle. At the very least, the cardboard looks to be cheaply applied to this vehicle, but that also makes it an even bigger hazard if the owner rips down the street in this car and has the cardboard go flying; impeding the vision of any other potential drivers.

13 Hang Up

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One of the most dangerous things that you can do on the road is to make the decision that whoever you are talking to on the phone is a higher priority than paying attention to the road.

It's possible to be talking via Bluetooth, but even in those situations, it may be safer to just wait until arriving at the destination.

Though in this driver's instance, perhaps you'd just expect someone who loves phones enough to transform their car into one to always be on the phone and just make sure to give them a wide berth on the road.

12 Definitely Sticks Out

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I'm not too sure what your favourite animal is, but if I was a betting man, I would have to say that this person thinks flamingos are the best animal in the entire world. But perhaps you find yourself having the same mindset of myself that there may have been other ways that they could have expressed their love of the animal then what they did. Because I'm not too sure if it was ever going to be possible to say that you want to have several flamingos all over your car and still come away with a car that looks good. The seemingly stuffed flamingos that they put on the roof of their car is also just asking for an issue.

11 Takes Clutter To A Whole New Level

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One of the best things you can do for your mental health is to make sure you are taking care of any potential clutter that you have in your daily life. Because taking a look at an area and seeing things everywhere or out of place is a quick way to ramp up your anxiety.

Which also makes me wonder how it's possible this person does not look at their own car and feel very confused.

Not to mention worried that they would be driving around and something like the basketball that they have, for whatever reason, decided need to be on their roof would go flying.

10 Take It To Go

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There are many amazing foods in the world that I am sure you would be more than happy to have put on your plate. One of which is probably a hamburger, as it is one of the most universally loved things in the entire world. And as far as this driver is concerned, they may be comfortable eating nothing but hamburgers the rest of their life! You just have to pray that their decision to turn their motorcycle into a hamburger isn't one that detracts from their overall level of safety on the road, not to mention the safety of those around them.

9 On Land And Sea

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One of the best things that you can do once the weather starts to get hotter is to get down to the water. And if you are really fortunate, you may even have the option of getting to spend some of those days hanging out on a boat. But if you can't own a boat, that's okay! Not everyone needs one. But one thing that you may think is not okay is when the owner of a car decides they want to turn their car into a boat. Something that is not only not aesthetically pleasing but must cause numerous headaches on the road such as when they need to try and park the boat... I mean... car!

8 Dragon Racing

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Game of Thrones will go down as one of the most popular shows to ever air. Due in part to the fact that people can't seem to get enough of Daenerys Targaryen and her amazing dragons. And while I can't guarantee for you that this person is a fan of the show, I can say with a pretty solid level of confidence that they are a huge fan of dragons.

After all, why else would they go out and take the extensive efforts into turning their BMW Z4 into a dragon.

But just because a lot of effort was put into this car, does not mean that it looks better than if the owner had just kept driving around in a BMW Z4.

7 The Man Who Drove A Shoe Car

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It is possible that as you were growing up your parents would tell you various nursery rhymes. One of which may have been the old woman who lived in a shoe. And while it's a lovely nursery rhyme that may have been part of your childhood, it's also something that should just stay a rhyme. Because I'm sure the owner of this car had at least an inkling of a thought as to how it would be to actually live in a giant shoe. Maybe you're just happy they decided to "downgrade" by turning their vehicle into a shoe instead. Even if it is perhaps just as impractical!

6 Mobile Home

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It's truly tragic that if this owner had decided not to put a house on the back of their truck, that they would just have a gorgeous truck that they could drive around and get a lot of use out of. But this decision makes several things about this truck unusable. Such as most importantly, the owner's ability to look behind them comfortably. Something that is sure to cause some serious issues if they ever find themselves in a tricky driving situation. At least they can feel more confident that anything they put in the back won't go flying out. But even if that was their reasoning behind making these changes, that definitely seems like a steep price to pay.

5 Long Pipes

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What do you think is the most offensive part of this car? Perhaps it is the fact that they decided to get two giant exhaust pipes to stick out of the back of the car and seemingly shoot several feet up into the air. Maybe it's the fact that they decided to put a decal on the back window. Or maybe it's the camber wheels. I'd also joke that the spoiler spoiled the car, but this was a goner long before they decided to have that modification added to "improve" the look of their car. You might not even agree to drive this car around if you were paid to!

4 Not Fun To Drive Beside

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One of the most dangerous things you can do on the road is changing lanes. Especially if you are doing it on the freeway where cars may be going upwards of 100+ miles per hour. But can you imagine if you had to make that transition and looked to your left and saw this was the car you had to try and pass? The spokes poking out of the wheel seem to serve no purpose other than to be incredibly dangerous as the car would definitely end up taking up an unnecessary amount of space. Not to mention the potential disaster if you do find yourself scraping up against them.

3 Maybe They Should Ride A Bike Instead

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If you do not have the ability to drive around in a vehicle, it's possible that one of your main modes of transportation is on a bicycle. And judging from the several bike wheels that this person seems to have on their car, it's a form of transportation that they are at the bare minimum used to. Which may also come in handy when a police officer notices this car driving down the street and elects to do the community a favor by determining it too unsafe to drive. Because unlike what this driver thinks, being able to see out of your windows, not to mention not having a mountain of clutter are both things you need to be aware of when you are driving.

2 At Least They Know They're A Poser

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There are some vehicles on our list that no matter how hard you may try and convince the driver, they would never come to the conclusion that the modifications to their car didn't improve the look of their car. But if you want to give this driver at least some form of credit, it may be the fact that they are well aware that their car looks awful; as they have embraced the word "Poser" all over the car including making the decision to go ahead and get a custom license plate with the word on it. It doesn't make the car look any better, but at least they have a sense of self-awareness that is lost on far too many people.

1 Spaceship

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One of the best things you can do in the summertime is go camping. And if you are going to do some serious camping with the whole family, perhaps you have taken the time to look into getting a camper van, like this one that was created by Volkswagen. But there is no way when the creators were putting the camper van together that they ever expected someone to make the modifications to their vehicle in quite the same way that this driver did. Maybe you think it's awesome that the car looks more like a spaceship than anything you'd see on the road, but maybe you also agree with me that these modifications are dangerous and should never have been implemented.

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