16 Modded Cars Too Ugly For The Road

People love to modify their cars, but some owners go too far and end up making cars that are difficult to look at.

If you are driving around and you see a gorgeous car, such as perhaps a Lamborghini, it is definitely not unheard of if you wanted to take a few seconds to really appreciate the car. And if it was really nice (and hopefully parked) you might even take a photo. But the same can also be said about cars that stand out for the opposite reason. And while I love looking at exotic cars as much as the next person, you don't have to be very insightful to infer from the title of this list that you aren't going to be staring at the nicest cars on the road.

In fact, you might think that some of these cars are so off-putting that you would much rather they belong in the garage of the owner (or if you're feeling more extreme, the scrapyard) than anywhere near you when you are just trying to make it home from your job. Especially if the modifications on the list are going to cause a danger to other people. There are definitely some cars on the list that the owner would have had to fork over a significant amount of money and time to get put together, and while that may make them all the more surprising for you to try and make sense of, perhaps you can also have a level of appreciation for the amount of work and thought into making the modifications they did.

Though if they have received some negative attention about their car and find themselves having second thoughts about their modifications, maybe they will use it as a cautionary tale for the next time!

16 Dora Should Not Explore This Car

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It is very possible that you have spent a significant number of hours watching Dora the Explorer. Especially if you are a parent which means that you are ultimately going to end up watching whatever it is your child wants to watch more than anything else! Because while you may love movies like The Shawshank Redemption, you try getting through that with a crying child.

Though it is hard to imagine any child would be demanding enough that their parent get this done to the car.

That means the show must also appeal to at least some adults as well!

15 Unicorns Should Remain Mythological

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There is definitely no shortage of imagination when it came to the next car that you are seeing on our list. Because I don't know if prior to seeing this if you ever thought that there was a car out there that has been transformed into a Unicorn. Though, to be reasonable, you were also perhaps okay also not knowing about this car! The owner better also be a talented driver if they would ever be able to expect to get anywhere with that giant horn on the hood of the car. But a police officer may also find themselves having an issue with the obvious obstruction.

14 They Sell Sea Shells By The Sea Shore

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It is, unfortunately, September which means that the prime time for spending long days at the beach are probably behind you. But hey, getting to spend hours in the library cramming over reading and assignments is fun too right? And if it is not, it is always possible that you will develop some strong friendships over the course of the next year. If you were the driver of this car, you would at the very least be able to have one heck of an icebreaker.

Imagine how many beachcombers have tried finding treasure under this strange exterior.

Though hopefully your potential newfound friend also has an appreciation for the car or things might just become super awkward.

13 Put This Pony Back In The Stable

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When the owner of this Mustang was growing up, there is a chance that they had always wanted to one day get to own a Lamborghini with scissor doors. But who needs to own a Lamborghini when you can just go out and customize your car in the ways that this driver decided to do. But if you want to look more into the car you may also see that the person goes by the nickname of Silver Knight, which means you may not want to tussle with them, so perhaps if you ever saw this car in person you would take a picture from a safe distance!f

12 Whatever You Say Buddy

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When it comes to customizing your car one of the things that you need to factor in is how much money you are able to put aside. Because the last thing you want is to make changes to your car that you cannot afford and therefore have to give up on halfway through your vision. If you want to give this driver any type of break, it may be the fact that going out and getting the words Alpha Male put on the back of his car as a decal is something that for all intents and purposes should not break the bank.

It definitely is unique, albeit a little tough to excuse.

But that does not by any means make it a good decision.

11 They Should Have Stopped A Long Time Ago

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When you see someone out there on the road that has this wide assortment of things on their car, you may find it very hard to remember what you are doing and where it is you are actually driving. But if that is the case, then let's just make sure that you are looking at this car when you are sitting at a red light and not as you are trying to do any tricky maneuvers on the road. Though you may also just be in agreement that this car does, in fact, deserve a spot on this list, and as a result shouldn't be on the road!

10 The Punisher Is Aggressive, Let's Hope The Driver Isn't

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When it comes to the world of superheroes, every hero out there has their own code of ethics that they like to implement when it comes to how they like to deal with the bad guys. Such as Spider-Man who is going to do everything in his power to make sure he is not doing any type of damage that causes serious harm.

Though when it comes to The Punisher, he definitely lives by a much different code.

Which to many people, including the person who owns this car with the giant Punisher decal on the hood, is something that they find even more entertaining.

9 They Probably Got Some Interesting Craigslist Offers

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If you are going to make the decision to sell your car on Craigslist then you are going to have to understand that people are going to share their opinion of your car with you, and it may not always be something that you want to hear. And while I am not the owner of this car and cannot guarantee what types of messages they received on Craigslist, I do hope they were able to find someone out there who was able to take a look at this car and come away with a very different first impression than the one I have! (Source: Reddit).

8 Dadpool

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There are many things out there that Deadpool is incredibly good at. Such as making sarcastic remarks while he is administering a serious level of ass-kicking. But just because Deadpool is a superhero does not mean that the Ryan Reynolds movies out there were appropriate to bring children to. Which also means that is this supposed Dad is a big fan of Deadpool as he seems to be, as indicated by the several decals that he has all over the car including on the door and hood, he would have made sure to not take his children to see the movie if they were not old enough.

7 Taste The Bad Decisions

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with having certain snacks that you love to indulge in. You just have to make sure that you are also balancing those snacks that may not be the healthiest - such as Skittles - with other things that are healthy for you like some strawberries. But you may have a hard time convincing this person that there is any food in the world that is worth having more than skittles.

They must love to taste the rainbow.

After all, that's a serious level of dedication that they have decided to put forth to support the brand.

6 Barely Able To Stand

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There are some vehicles that have earned their place on this list because the owner decided they wanted to take their car and lift it way up into the air. But in the case of this next entry, the owner decided instead to do the opposite as it looks at the very least like they decided to lower their car to the ground as well as getting camber wheels. I'd love to say the end result is something that makes the car look better, but if I was being honest I would definitely have to admit that the efforts to modify this car were not worth it.

5 Hot Wheels Should Stay A Toy

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When you were growing up as a child there may have been many different types of toys that you played with. But if you came away with a love of cars, it may have been due to fact that you got the opportunity to play with hot wheels. And as you can probably infer from the giant decal that this person put on the side of their car, this is a person who not only got to play with them as a child but probably still has an appreciation for them as an adult!

4 The Exotic Pickup

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If you are driving around on the road in a big vehicle, it is very possible that doing so makes you feel like a really big tough guy. Though hopefully it also makes you realize the importance of being a safe driver.

That may not always be the case, but at least a lifted truck offers a great view of the road.

Because being up high like the owner of this truck decided to do is something that can definitely come with risks and nobody should have to pay because you wanted to get a "cool" customization for your car. Perhaps the owner just really loved embracing getting high off the ground though when you factor in that they also got Lamborghini doors.

3 Maybe The Cast Of Supergirl Would Love It

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If the people involved with the Henry Cavill Superman franchise were honest they may admit that they had hopes that the DC Universe would be able to rival that of Marvel. But one thing that DC has found a lot of success in is television shows. Sure, Marvel has Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but The FlashArrow, and Supergirl could all be considered to be among the successes for DC. Though that does not mean you will not hate seeing this done to a Ferrari!

2 Trix Are For Kids And This Car's For The Scrapyard

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If you are trying to make improvements to your overall diet, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to make sure you are planning your meals. As a result, you are much less likely to skip something important, like breakfast, and also less likely to fill your week with unhealthy food. After all, you probably aren't going to set up a meal plan and put something like "Trix cereal" three times and feel good about that decision. But the key phrase there is probably because I am sure for this driver that sounds exactly like something they would do.

1 Spider-Man May Have To Web This Car Up

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There are many amazing games that you can play on the PlayStation 4, that are also available on other gaming consoles. Such as the Destiny franchise. But if you own another system, you may have spent some serious time as of late thinking about buying a PlayStation.

The popular console recently had a Spider-Man game that was released exclusively for them that was amazing.

Many people have bought the console just for the game and I would not be surprised that even if this person was not a fan of gaming if they would not put the effort into learning just to be able to play this amazing game.

Sources: Reddit.com, Flickr.com, Naver.com

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