25 Modded Crossovers That Make Even Our Mothers Looks Cool Behind The Wheel

Parenthood does not have to ruin your car game, and we do not have to resort to minivans.

There are a lot of drawbacks to being a parent, from the increased bills to the lack of free time, but one of the biggest things for gear-heads about becoming a parent is giving up those fast cars for a minivan or a crossover SUV. But all is not lost, and there are people out there who refused to drive around with no power and no style.

Luckily, these people have shared their creations with the world and showed us all that while they may be stuck in mom cars, they can still have style and even a decent amount of power.

We found 25 of the coolest and most interesting crossovers out there that prove that even moms can look cool behind the wheel. Some people found that a nice set of rims and a paint job can get the job done, especially with how cool the designs on the new crossovers are, and others have gone above and beyond to make sure that they are not driving around in the average mom car.

These are the coolest of the cool, with a few that are just super interesting although they may not be the first choice. Either way, we appreciate the effort and we love that these people have proven that parenthood does not have to ruin your car game and that we do not have to resort to minivans, which for most gear-heads is where we draw the line.

25 Lifted Grand Cherokee

via millngreen.com

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is still a Jeep, and with that in mind, we have to remember that Jeeps are meant to do one thing, climb. That should not be a problem for this Cherokee with those giant all-terrain tires on.

This is how simple it can be to modify a mom car, just add giant wheels and a ram bar and boom. Sure those tires may rub on the wheel well when it hits a bump but it looks cool and that is what we are looking at today.

24 Sporty Fiat 500X

via topspeed.com

Fiat is one of the most common names now around the world for compact mom cars, and even their "sporty" cars have a mom essence to them. However, the new 500X has set out to change that, and this one features a roof rack and an interesting design to it that is sure to draw attention.

It has some stylish and very modern rims that give it a sleek design and a sporty vibe, and this looks more like a weekend warrior Fiat than a mom car, which is not a bad upgrade at all. Surely, no kid would mind being dropped off in this sweet Fiat.

23 Forged Expedition

via autoblog.com

The Ford Expedition has seen some changes over the years but has always been a beloved family car, and a very popular mom car. This Explorer, however, is a little different than the rest of them on the road today.

It has a very modern paint job with the black roof but the main attraction is the wheels, which look slightly larger than the stock ones and for sure look a lot more stylish. This is one crossover that would make all other moms jealous from their minivans for sure.

22 Rogue One

via cnet.com

The Nissan Rogue is one of the most popular crossovers and Nissan is known for their style, which the Rogue definitely has. However, this is one of the coolest mom cars out there and without a doubt one of the most heavily modded ones as well.

This thing looks like it just came out of hyperspace and landed in the school drop offline, and would make any Star Wars nerd jealous. This is the most fuel efficient and safe spacecraft for any moms out there.

21 Rogue Rover

via slashgear.com

At some point, you would think that we have done all we can when it comes to modding cars, especially mom cars which are a bit harder to customize well. However, whoever thought of this thinks otherwise.

This roving Rogue is one of the coolest things we have seen and looks like it may not be that useful as a mom car anymore unless the kids are going on a field trip to the desert, but it sure does look interesting.

20 Tuned Cherokee SRT8

via pinterest.com

The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 is not your average crossover, and this one is just about one of the coolest ones out there. Not only is this ridiculously fast for a crossover, but it also looks stunning.

This Cherokee SRT8 is mean, low and fast, all of the best things in a vehicle. Any mom rolling around in this is putting even some sports cars to shame out there, with a perfect blend of style and power. This would be the coolest car at the PTA meeting hands down.

19 Snowy Santa Fe

via AutoBuzz.my

This Santa Fe is one that makes you take a second glance for sure and is obviously not just for taking the kids to soccer practice. Any mom would look amazing in this, and would certainly never be late to practice or work when they can just drive right off the road and be fine.

This Santa Fe is one of the coolest we have seen and looks like it can hold its own in any type of environment, although it is probably not the most comfortable ride with those giant all-terrain tires, it sure does look good.

18 Black Out CX-5

via effingcars.wordpress.com

The Mazda CX-5 is already one of the coolest crossovers on the market and any mom that drives this is already killing the mom car stereotype, but then they went ahead and blacked it out, which is one of the most popular trends in 2018.

Everything looks better in all black, and this Mazda is no exception. It even has a really modern wrap and some pretty nice looking rims, but the whole thing just works together so well, and we all probably wish this was the car we got dropped off in as kids instead of the old station wagon.

17 Slammed Q5

via superstreetonline.com

The Audi Q5 is just about the height of luxury and class when it comes to crossovers, and just about the coolest mom car out there. Now slam it, throw some black out rims and a cool storage rack on top and boom, the perfect blend of mom car and show car.

This Q5 does not even come across as a mom car anymore, but it instead just looks like a crossover that you would see at SEMA. This is hands down one of the coolest grocery run crossovers out there today.

16 C-HR Fitment

via speedhunters.com

The Toyota C-HR is one of the newest Toyota models and is a compact mom car with a sporty design for moms that do not want to sacrifice style with their SUVs. This C-HR is a little extra though, which we always love.

It is sitting on some forged multi-spoke rims that you would see on a sports car, and it even has better fitment than a lot of cars at your local car show. This C-HR is changing the pace for mom cars, and is sure to draw attention with those angles and that fitment.

15 Off-Road Santa Fe

via paultan.org

The Hyundai Santa Fe is already one of the nicest mom cars out there, and it seems like it would be hard to make it any cooler, but here we go. This Santa Fe looks like it could drop the kids off at school in the morning and then head out and drive through a forest, maybe win a climbing competition or two, and then head to work.

The best part about it is how good it looks the whole time it's doing all of that. This just goes to prove that motherhood does not have to mean boring cars.

14 Slick RDX

via carbuzz.com

Acura is well known for their mom cars, and the RDX is one of the most popular options due to how spacious and stylish they are. They made them look cooler over the years, but not cool enough.

This is one of the more practical modded mom cars today, and still has a normal ride height and everything, but it does look mint. It has some sleek rims and a very intriguing paint job that makes it anything except your average mom car.

13  Slammed Edge

via motor1.com

The Ford Edge is a newer midsize crossover and is a perfect mom car, with style and plenty of room in the back, but this is no ordinary Edge. Here we see what Ford should have rolled out with, because this is just about the coolest anyone could ever make a Ford crossover.

The wheels and fitment alone grab attention, but then the storage rack on top brings it all together and this is for sure a crossover that can make any mom look like the coolest and baddest mom out there.

12 Mansory G Class

via motortrend.com

The Mercedes G Class is already one of the coolest crossover style vehicles out there, and not just because of the brand. It has a unique style and just stands out and looks fantastic. But this is a Mansory custom built one, and it is even cooler than a stock one with a custom body kit and upgrades galore.

The black hood works perfectly with the black accents and the wheels just look great in contrast to the vehicle. This is the height of luxury when it comes to crossovers.

11 Stylish X6

via pinterest.com

The BMW X6 is already a pretty sporty crossover, but add some custom wheels, a good paint job, and a wing - it is one of the coolest crossovers ever made.

This is a car that can make all the other moms jealous, and it will probably make a lot of other people green with envy as well. This X6 is also pretty quick for a crossover, and of course, has all of the BMW luxuries we all have come to expect in 2018.

10 Heavy Duty 4Runner

via pinterest.com

The Toyota 4Runner is a pretty interesting crossover, as it can either be a mom car that is great for taking the kids to practice or school, or it can be a crazy cool looking off-road beast.

In this case, it is more of the latter. This 4Runner has a clean black and white color scheme and even looks like it has a slight lift, and to make it even better, it can still double as a functional mom utility vehicle.

9 White Out Infiniti

via infinitiscene.com

Infiniti is known far and wide for luxury and mom cars, and a healthy blend of the two. This is a perfect example of how simple it can be to make them look like a good combo of family-friendly and sporty.

This Infiniti has some clean rims thrown on and what looks like an exhaust system and that appears to be it for the customization, but when stock looks that good, why mess with it? This is the perfect mom car for anyone who does not want to sacrifice style.

8 Project Proton X70

via dsf.my

The Proton X70 is an all new level of mom car, and features a luxurious interior and a sleek body style. This is what the future of mom cars looks like, and we are excited.

The custom wheels and lowered stance is sure to turn heads all over town, and is a crossover that everyone would not be embarrassed to be seen in. Plus, it just has a really cool name, which always helps with the cool factor.

7 Not Your Father's Volvo

via autodetective.com

Volvo is known primarily for their affordable and dependable crossovers and family vehicles, and overall just for being a mom car company. But this is not your average Volvo here, and has a wide stance with some cool custom wheels and some obvious upgrades under the hood with that fat intercooler up front.

This is one mom car that is sure to get you where you are going on time and in style, which is what it is all about.

6 Whole New Caliber

via wheelwell.com

The Dodge Caliber is one of the smallest crossovers out there, and leans more towards the car side of the mashup than the SUV side. But this Caliber is one that sure looks like it can hold its own.

It has an aggressive stance with some clean looking rims on it, and it is anything but your typical mom car. This bad boy will get all sorts of attention on and off the road, and is perfect for a family car for those who still want style.

5 Custom Compass

via cardomain.com

The Jeep Compass is a mom car through and through and is not meant for much else than getting good gas mileage and being able to fit a lot of people in it. However, this one just goes to show that even the most mom cars of all can still have plenty of style and personality.

The customization leans towards the older style Jeeps, the real off-road Wranglers, and it sort of nods to its roots which is really unique. This is sure not your average Compass.

4 Off-Road Escape

via escape-city.com

The Ford Escape is another one of those cars that is really meant for families and going from point A to point B, eventually. But here we see that it can very clearly be a bad little machine, or at least look like one.

This is one of the coolest modded crossovers we have seen here, and they really went all out on it with rims, a ram bar and lights absolutely everywhere. This is one Escape that is sure to draw attention.

3 Rally Outback

via subaruoutback.org

The Subaru Outback is a very popular crossover and is pretty commonly known as a mom car, as most crossovers are. While it is a very nice car and does look quite modern and sleek, there is still something boring about stock. And when in doubt on what to do to a Subaru, throw some lights on the front as a little nod to the rally history of Subaru.

And to be honest, it looks pretty good, like just enough of a change with the blacked out rims to really stand out.

2 Smooth Tesla

via teslarati.com

Tesla is known for electric hybrid cars for the most part, and for having a car that can do 0-60 in under two seconds now, but no one has really thought to customize them. Until now.

This is one of the cleanest we have seen, and they did it on the crossover. As if this was not already the car every kid wanted their parents to have, now we see what it can look like slammed and it just makes it so much more intriguing.

1  Forester Style

via drezy.info

The Subaru Forester is a very popular crossover around the world, but this one may look a bit different than most out there. This Forester has been slammed to the ground and is now more of a wagon than anything, but it sure does look good.

This is the perfect car for moms who want to drop the kids off then go race a couple of Mustangs before heading home, assuming there is as much work under the hood as on the exterior. Either way, it is one of the cleanest crossovers out there, and even gives other Subaru models a run for their money.

Sources - Reddit & Jalopnik

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