12 Modded Jeeps That Make No Sense (And 10 We'd Spend Every Dollar On)

Modifying a Jeep has always been common practice in the Jeep community.

Modifying a Jeep has always been common practice in the Jeep community, as they're often built to be able to handle the terrain they'll be driven on. Upgraded suspensions, wheels, and winches are always a must for the trail. Jeeps out on the trail often have to carry extra fuel, camping gear, and enough food and water to get through the trip. The amount of aftermarket parts that are available for building a Jeep is endless, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to the things you can do to a Jeep.

Jeep owners are notoriously known for getting crafty and fabricating their own mods. In the world of social media where people are constantly trying to outdo each other, modifications are getting pushed to new limits. The lifts are getting higher, the wheels are getting bigger, and the modifications we're seeing are getting more and more bizarre.

Jeeps are often fitted with custom modifications, and in some cases, they may even be homemade. While some turn out great, the execution of others seems to be a bit off. Here are 15 examples of Jeeps mods that went terribly wrong and 10 that are pretty sick!

22 Traveling Yard Sale

Via Team-bhp.com

Something about this Jeep seems to be a bit off. This Jeep looks like it's a traveling yard sale. It looks like the owner mounted whatever he had laying around in the garage onto wherever it would fit on his Jeep. Multiple handles have been mounted on the Jeep, a feature that's commonly seen on rigs, but instead, the handles are mounted on the outside of this Jeep rather than inside. What's the most confusing about this Jeep is the fact that it has a spare rim mounted on the back—but the rim doesn't have a tire?

21 Widebody XJ

Via Cherokeeforum.com

Widebody kits are a popular modification when it comes to building cars. Dodge released their track-ready Demon with a widebody kit and even released a widebody Hellcat fitted with the same kit due to its popularity.

A widebody Jeep Cherokee, on the other hand, is a bit of a fail.

The owner even went through the trouble of making a custom hood with a scoop. The roof also appears to be made from either tin foil or duct tape—hard to tell. Either way, it's safe to say this Jeep Cherokee is an ultimate fail.

20 Chromed Out

Via WranglerTJForum.com

I don't even know where to begin with this train wreck. The most obvious is the terrible choice of wheels. They're clearly too big for the Jeep, but they also don't go with the rest of the Jeep despite the fact that the bumper, the mirrors, and the tire cover are also chrome. The hard top seems to be custom painted with intricate pinstriping and foiling. Clearly, this Jeep isn't going anywhere near a trail anytime soon. If it does, I hope it's to push this disaster off a cliff.

19 A Big Mess

Via Pinterest.com

As we all know, Jeep is a U.S-made vehicle. This owner has taken that statement to the extreme when it came to building this rig. It seems as if everything on this Jeep has been customized to fit the red, white, and blue theme. It’s safe to assume that despite the fact that this Jeep is fitted with a lift, big wheels, and a winch, this Jeep hasn't had a whole lot of experience on the trail or what some people may refer to as a "mall crawler." A mall crawler is Jeep slang for a Jeep that's been built but doesn't get used for off-road purposes but rather, just for vanity purposes.

18 Tubular XJ

Via Hooliganoffroad.com

Again, XJ owners just make it too easy sometimes. This Jeep was obviously built to take a beating on the trail. The owner has fabricated his own cage on the outside of his rig, which is connected to the stinger bumper in the front. Even that stinger bumper appears to be homemade. The whole quarter panel, along with the headlight assembly, has been removed.

17 Franken-Jeep

Via NC4x4.com

A little rust on a Jeep is usually charming, but this one's a bit scary. The doors and hardtop seem to be homemade and give the Jeep a bit of a Frankenstein feel.

The effort to add a back window was a nice touch, but it also gives the vehicle an added layer of creepy.

It doesn't help either that while the Jeep appears to be painted with spray paint, the hood manages to have no paint. It's safe to assume that this Jeep has been through a lot, and it also goes to show the type of beating these things can take.

16 Disposable Doors

Via WranglerForum.com

Jeep owners are often commended for making their own custom parts for their rigs. This Jeep owner decided to get crafty and make his own doors, but the execution seems to be a bit off. The door frames were constructed by connecting PVC piping, and the plastic was then stretched and mounted onto the homemade frame. I really hope this was just a case of "in need of a quick and temporary fix," as these doors look like they're disposable. While I do applaud the mastermind behind this mess for trying, I wouldn't be caught dead cruising around in this Jeep.

15 Homemade House

Via YouTube.com

Later on in this list, we'll see a custom Jeep roof that's actually a pop-up tent. The owner of this Jeep appears to have a homemade version of the tent. This version of the tent seems a bit sketchy. The design appears to be a bit too big for the top of the Jeep and doesn't appear to be very structurally sound. I can't imagine you'd feel too safe in a plywood box that's mounted on top of a Grand Cherokee, but to each his own.

14 Lash Disaster

Via Pinterest.com

I'm not quite sure who started this trend, but it needs to be stopped. Carlashes are a terrible mod that's often seen in Jeeps and Volkswagen Beetles.  The lashes are fitted onto the headlights to give the illusion that the vehicle has a face. While it's meant to be funny and make the vehicle look girly, it's instead super creepy. I can't help but think of Sally Carrera from the movie Cars every time I see a car with lashes on.

13 Handles Galore

Via pinterest.com

This Jeep seems confused. This, like the Jeep earlier on the list, seems like it's a bit of a traveling junk sale.

Mounting extra lights is a very common modification in the Jeep community, and this Jeep seems to have lights in all shapes and colors mounted all over the place.

This Jeep also seems to be all about safety, considering the random handles that are mounted on all over the rig. The ones on the hood and grille appear to be ones that you find in showers for the handicapped, and there are even some mounted to the hardtop.

12 Cotton-Candy Camo

Via pinterest.com

Jeep and hunting seem to go hand in hand, considering how awesome they do on the trail and in the woods. I'm not sure what the owner of this Jeep is trying to blend in with, though. Cotton candy? The whole Jeep has been painted in a tree camo print, except the base color is cotton-candy pink. There's been a lot of controversy about whether deer are color-blind and if it's even necessary to wear camouflage when hunting. According to Northern Woodlands, regardless of what color you're hunting in, a deer is most likely going to hear and smell you before it sees you anyways.

11 Custom Comanche

Via Reddit.com

Up next on the list is another Frankenstein build. This custom four-door Comanche appears to be made up of all Jeep parts, but there are so many, it's really hard to tell.

According to The Drive, the Comanche aka an "MJ" was a truck that Jeep made beginning in 1984 until it was discontinued in 1993.

The article tells a tale of a Comanche that was for sale on Long Island, NY for $22k and had only 18,500 original miles. The Comanche is reported to be in mint condition, to have a 4.0-liter, and to be a manual—the ultimate unicorn!

10 Tent To Go

via pathofexilecurrency.us

The Jeep has always been the ultimate off-road vehicle, and having this mod will make it just that much better. Rather than having to bring a tent to pitch after a long day on the trail, you can have one ready to go on top on your rig. The owner of this Jeep built his Jeep to take it on a two-year trip traveling around Africa by himself. The roof tent is made by a company by the name of "Ursa Minor Vehicle," and the tent comes equipped with lights and a custom mattress. Now that’s how to camp!

9 Hot Rod Jeep

Via WranglerForum.com

Okay, so maybe this isn't a Jeep, but I think we can all agree it's pretty awesome. The owner of this build has fabricated what appears to be an old Jeep grille on his hot rod to make it look like a Jeep. The massive engine coming out of the hood is all chromed out, which complements the grille and all the other chrome trim pieces on the car—definitely a cool spin to make this car a true one-off. I wouldn't be surprised if the owner of this car has a few Jeeps in his collection as well.

8 Two Is Better Than One

Via Pinterest.com

Well, this is different. You can bet there's something special under the hood due to that fact that something is peeking out of the side of the Jeep: a custom side exit with six tips. Under the hood of this Jeep is not one but two engines in addition to a RIPP Supercharger.

According to Off-road Extreme, Daystar built the Jeep they call the "Offroader" to be on display at SEMA.

The base of this beast is a JK that's fitted with two 3.8-liter engines by extending the front of the Jeep and shortening the back of it.

7 The Hurricane

Via Pinterest.com

What are you even looking at? This concept was introduced to the world back in 2005 at the Detroit Auto Show in an attempt to make the ultimate off-road vehicle. According to All Par, the beast has not one but two Hemis, each capable of making 335 hp and 370 lb-ft of torque. The Hurricane needed less than five seconds to get up to sixty. It has a zero-foot turning radius, which means the Hurricane can spin in a complete circle. It also has the ability to crab walk and has over 14" of clearance.

6 Don't Drink And Drive

Via Pinterest.com

Here's a really cool idea on how to incorporate a Jeep into your home. The owner has gone to the extreme of making this old Jeep into a custom bar that you can even pull a chair up to. The design even included mounting the rig on some rocks to give it the illusion that it's crawling up a trail. It's safe to assume these people love Jeeps and probably have a few of them parked in the driveway in addition to inside their house.

5 Wheels For Days

Via WranglerTJForums.com

Have you ever seen a six-wheeler rig that wasn't awesome? Hennessey Performance makes a six-wheel version of the Raptor, and Brabus makes a six-wheeler version of the G-Wagon. And they're both insane. It only made sense that someone would slap an extra set of wheels on a Wrangler, and it didn't disappoint. This custom Wrangler has been fitted with an extra axle to help support the extension that's been built on the back of the rig. The custom Jeep even has a hard top to accommodate its extra length!

4 Jeep-mobile

via pinterest

Here's one that Jeep owners can agree on is pretty awesome. The wheels have been removed and swapped out for wheels that have been made to work like snowmobile tracks. A company by the name of "PowerTracks" and that's based out of Canada makes these custom tracks for all sorts of trucks, Jeeps, and 4x4s, thus turning them into the ultimate snow vehicle. In addition to being used on snow, the tracks can be used in the mud and sand.

3 The Return Of The Comanche

Via HotRod.com

Once upon a time, Jeep used to make trucks. The Comanche is still a very sought-after vehicle despite the fact that it was made over three decades ago. There have been concepts and rumors floating around for years that Jeep would be making a truck again. Until that day comes, enthusiasts have been making their own versions of a Jeep truck. Here's a really cool example of one where the owner even managed to incorporate a working soft top into the design. Let’s hope Jeep starts making these!

2 Amphibious Jeep

Via RuggedRidge.com

Jeeps are known for being able to trek through deep waters without much effort. This Jeep, on the other hand, has taken driving into the water to a whole other level. This Jeep has been fitted with two massive pontoons to make this a true amphibious Jeep.

Rugged Ridge has built this Rig to complete a 25k-mile trip that took them from New York to Paris.

The Jeep even managed to cross the Bering Strait with the help of these pontoons and a boat engine that's mounted onto the back of the Jeep. Now that's awesome!

1 Jeep Kitchen

Via takeittothehighway.com

This is taking a meal to go to a whole different level. The owner of this Jeep has fabricated a kitchen to be right in the back of his rig. After a long day on the trail, what better way to enjoy a meal than by pulling over and simply cooking it. The Jeep kitchen seems to be equipped with a pullout grill that also provides extra counter space for preparing the meal. In addition, the Jeep has an ample amount of drawer storage for keeping cooking supplies in order. And of course, it also provides a place for your cooler!

Sources: Thedrive.com, Caranddriver.com, powertracks.com

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