20 Modded Pickup Lift Kits We Wouldn't Touch With A 10-Foot Pole

The modded truck is perhaps simultaneously the most loved and the most hated type of car mod out there today. It's also perhaps one of the biggest and most diverse mod cultures in existence. Tuners are limited by quite a number of factors, as are low-riders and other types of mod cultures, but truck mods span a vast number of variegated forms.

For example, there's the low-rider truck, otherwise known as the mini-truck, which sees different forms as tiny wheels and hydraulics, or massive stance rims on F-150s. Then there's the mall-crawler, the bro-dozer, the off-roader, and so many other sub-cultures. And, of course, there's the plain and simple lift-kit mod. With so many different kinds of truck modifications, it's really no wonder as to why so many people love to hate truck mods, and love to love them. There's something for everyone and something for everyone to hate on.

One thing that ties them all together, though, is build quality. Personal taste is personal taste, and everyone has a right to their own individual preference. In fact, it should be celebrated. But, there's no excuse for a poor job, a truck mod done poorly is always bad, often times with comical results. Whether it's a mini-truck, a stanced pickup, an off-road letdown, mall-crawler, bro-dozer or anything else, if it's not well done, it's fair game. With that in mind, let's take a look at some seriously poorly built lift kits. Here are 20 lift kits we wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole.

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20 A Poor Decision

via teambhp.com

While the build quality is of importance, of equal importance is the level of restraint versus non-restraint. Going all out on everything is a recipe for failure. The best builds, no matter the culture they are part of, show restraint, refinement, and nuance.

Which is exactly what none of these builds show. And I understand that what this culture is all about is going to the next level and keeping it over the top, but that can still be done with a certain amount of balance and taste. This one, not so much, especially with that strange gray decal.

19 Bring A Dumpster

via bulletproofsuspension.net

This Dodge Ram cranks things into the next level and beyond in almost every single way imaginable. With a complete side decal portraying some kind of harrowing death scene of a graveyard at night, back-set in neon purple, paired with the massive life kit and the huge bro-dozer wheels, it's all over the moon.

Pun intended, of course, as there's a moon on the back wheel well. The aftermarket bumper and grill only add to the ridiculousness of this build. Someone clearly spent all kinds of money on parts for this build, but it just goes to show it's not all about money.

18 But It Can't Haul Anything

via kelderman.com

While this build shows quite an admirable amount of restraint, it's still kind of a pointless scenario, with a dually set up and a whole bunch of incredible features that are completely useless now.

The idea for a truck like this is that it's able to go to all kinds of places and haul insane amounts of weight behind it. Yet, with a lift kit like this, it's all for nothing, as the tires are too thin to go anywhere serious, and the lift kit is too tall to pull anything actually substantial. A shame, really.

17 Can We Just Not

via rollingbigpower.com

This photo has a couple of very disparate ideas meshing (or not meshing) into one composition. There is at the center a very garish and loud, over the top pickup lift kit build, but it's surrounded by, on the right, an impeccably restored vintage car in an old garage, and behind it, a well kept vintage semi of some kind.

So, without the abomination in the photo, this person has a lot of taste when it comes to what kinds of cars to mod and restore, but with the big bro-dozer in the picture, things get a bit more complicated.

16 Don't Know If It's Red Or Not

via wallofgame.info

Red is a color, a really nice color. Many people have chosen it as their favorite because it's really pleasing to look at, it's warm, bold, and a power color. But, it is possible to overdo it with red, as strange as it may seem, because it's hard to do.

But this person has accomplished just that, using red as their color of choice for almost every single surface of this Dodge pickup. They've given it a lift kit, all in red of course, as well as new rims, red naturally, and an aftermarket bumper, all red. The rear views are also red, as well as the decals, and even the license plate.

15 Excess To The Max

via bulletproofsuspension.net

The choice to keep this truck completely silver is probably the only semi-permissible decision to make. The rest is in excess to the maximum level, beyond even a shadow of a doubt. Everything is custom, aftermarket, and overdone.

The lift kit is huge, with every component underneath painted vibrant electric blue, complete with bright undercarriage lights, as well as a blue bumper, blue lights, and black rims with tires to small to be practical. Talk about not knowing the meaning of restraint.

14 Four Plus Two Equals Impractical

via bulletproofsuspension.net

To buy a fifty thousand dollar pickup truck that has been nothing but designed to haul massive payloads, and then use it to build something that is almost entirely useless may make no sense to you, and for most people, it really does make no sense. Like at all.

Like in this instance, the dual tires and lift kit had to have cost a significant amount more money than not, yet they are being put to absolutely no use at all. While the colors are good, and the restraint is evident, the lift kit is just too massive.

13 Gotta Be Cool

via extremecustoms.com

For those who don't feel like buying a fifty thousand dollar pickup to then use as a fashion statement and nothing more, they can always just put a lift kit onto the truck they already have, or one that's a lot cheaper.

Which is what has been done here, with the cheapest nice rims possible, an unpainted lift kit, and some cheap chrome additions. Going too far leads to poor builds, but so does not going far enough. The lack of effort is all too clear here.

12 High Brow Trim, Not So Good Lift Kit

via team-bhp.com

The trim on this Ram has been taken to the next level, top notch, all out, and actually pretty refined looking, it's definitely top notch. But, the wheel setup and lift kit are just the opposite of the trim.

If the suspension of this truck was left stock, things might be different, it might look like one of the best custom trucks out there, and still practical (what a concept). Yet, for the sake of having a lift kit and looking cool, they've taken things down many notches with this build.

11 How To Ruin A Classic 101

via wallofgame.info

The classic pickup truck is one of the best things in the car world. There's just something about a well-restored truck that oozes class and simplicity, nostalgic and reminiscent of the past, a time when cars were simple, straightforward, and well made.

Instead of restoring an old truck, though, this person decided to take it, paint it with the cheapest paint possible, slap a ridiculous lift kit on it, some smokestacks, and call it good. The result is tacky, and a perfect example of how to ruin a classic.

10 It Might Be Blacked Out But It's Still Lame

via school298.spb.ru

For some reason, blacking out a car is often thought of as the equivalent of making a car instantly cool. For some reason, if you cover over the lights with black plastic and find the darkest tint possible, it's instantly transformed into the embodiment of all that is awesome.

While blacked out cars can be cool, they aren't always. So when a Chevy Silverado is blacked out, given a lift kit and some new tires, it doesn't make it cool. It makes it lame, especially because it's clear not much thought went into this build.

9 Just Plain Dangerous

via dodgeforum.com

Bigger is always better, that's how the saying goes anyway. And many people believe it to be true, that bigger is always better. But it really isn't, not in every case at least. As is made quite clear by this photo of two lifted pickup trucks.

With lift kits this big, there's plenty of room to hang out underneath the truck for a casual afternoon picnic. But, of course, many dangers come with having a lift kit this big, especially at highway speeds, as well as the fact that it's just about as lame as it gets.

8 Karats, But How Many?

via pinterest.com

The owner of this build must like high-class things (Shaq has an identical ride), gold and sparkly things, as is clear by the fact they've decided to cover their entire truck in a gold wrap. Gold is a pretty cool color, and it can look pretty sick on any number of car builds, but it's hard to pull off a full body wrap.

On any car, let alone a pickup. That's a lot of square footage to cover in obnoxious gold. With everything else black, it helps a little bit, but it's still a lot to handle, especially with such a massive lift kit and huge rims to top it all off.

7 Long Body, Never Been Used

via shop.advanceautoparts.com

This long body pickup truck is pretty big, with plenty of room to get plenty of things done, storage, hauling, no matter the task this truck is up for it. Or would have been, anyways, until someone modded it out like this.

With a lift kit and some seriously strange aftermarket rims, the best features of this truck are no longer relevant. Now its best quality is that the top half is black, and not some kind of strange decal design or garish color. Everything else, though, is genuinely worrisome.

6 Much Too Lifted

via trucktrend.com

Sometimes there's a definition for a word that just doesn't quite adequately describe the actual thing. This truck is just such an example of that, where the term "over the top" just doesn't quite fit the bill. It's not accurate enough.

This build has been taken beyond over the top, with a pure white body, white accessories, and a neon indigo undercarriage light system that just looks beyond silly. If it were dialed back about a hundredfold, perhaps it could pull off the look it is going for.

5 Neon Blue All Over The Show

via trucktrend.com

This color of blue by itself is actually pretty cool, a kind of metallic iridescent electric blue of some kind or another. But, like many of the builds in this lineup, things aren't taken to the right level, they're taken to it and far past it.

Restraint and refinement always make a build, even when the point of the build is to make it over the top. A build set apart is a build that shows clear thought and trajectory, not just the most of everything. Or in this case, the most blue that can possibly be crammed onto a truck.

4 On Top Of The World (On The Bottom Of Style)

via thedrive.com

I get the appeal of lifting a pickup truck, it makes sense in a lot of ways. The ability to drive down the road and feel like you're on top of the world is an attractive one and an addictive one. Yet, it's easy to forget that everyone else on the road has to look at the outside.

And in this case, while the driver may seem like they're on top of the world, they're really on the bottom of style, the very bottom. At least they're not going all out in every aspect, but that lift kit really is quite bad.

3 Perhaps Too Much Red

via aztiredeal.com

Choosing just one accent color for an entire build can be a tricky thing to do. In this case, the idea of having a blacked out truck complete with red accents sounds great, it sounds awesome, actually. But, once the rubber hits the road, the end result is quite bad.

The red is not a very good shade, the rim choice is tacky, and the red LEDs end up looking pinker than anything, leading to an overall build that just isn't good, sub-par and mediocre at best. That light bar really is a bad touch.

2 Quit Making Them Please

via liftedtrucksusekino.blogspot.com

Light blue and white are great colors, both separately and together. But when it comes to putting them on a bro dozer, a jacked up pickup, things start to fall apart a little bit. The palate becomes too much on the eyes, with glossy white everywhere, only broken up by light blue the same.

A white and blue lift kit only makes things harder to look at, all topped off with some really tacky white and blue rims, much too big to be practical at all, much too bad looking to be anything but a poor design decision. Add to it the fact it is on ramps, and it can't get much more obnoxious.

1 Really Too Much

via trucktrend.com

While the color palate on this build is actually pretty awesome, with dark purples complimenting blacks all over, off-set by a nice color of orange that isn't done in too much of an extent, it all adds up to be just a little too much. The copper grille is actually a nice touch, refined and well thought out.

In actuality, this is a pretty nice build. If the lift kit were a little less prominent, or perhaps the wheels were a bit more practical, then this would be one hardcore truck build that no one would want to mess with.

Sources: Truck Trend, Bulletproof Suspension & Team-BHP

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