25 Insane Modded Pickups We'd Sell Our Cars For

A pickup merely is a lightweight (might need some quotes there) utility vehicle that has an enclosed can and open bed. Different people and countries know it by different names. According to Motor1, in Africa, a pickup is called “Bakkie,” and in Australia, it’s the “Ute” which is the short word for utility.

But these names would not have popped if, in 1918, Chevrolet would have not unveiled the first pickup concept. Later in 1922, Japan produced the first pickup before Ford gradually stole the show with its Ford Model T Runabout in 1925. They were also the first company to trade a pickup truck in the market. Ever since then, the pickups gained grounds amongst many countries all over the world.

Today, different automakers across the globe produce pickups of various forms and functionality, even though the majority of pickup automakers are from the US. Naturally, pickups are used to haul lightweight to medium-weight loads and tour off-road terrains with a high percentage of people like farmers, engineers and service-based companies using it for their jobs.

But these days, driving a pickup truck has become a trendy and fun thing that young people do. We have seen celebrities, professionals, etc., who are not farmers or engineers using it stylishly. With the increased number of people buying these pickups, we now see some car enthusiasts remodeling their trucks to look unique and stylish, especially if the truck is a classic.

And that is what we will be looking at today. Here, we have listed 25 modded pickups that look so beautiful, you’d want to sell your car to buy them! Dive in!

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25 1969 Dodge D200

Via Pinterest

The Dodge D200 was one of those vehicles that experienced a long restoration process, but it was worth the wait. According to Top Speed, it was a team from Time Warp Customs in Georgia that worked on the vehicle. The team got a client that requested for an old ‘60s Dodge with modern features.

The result of this was remarkable. One look at this modded pickup and you may observe that the model has a unique feature that never existed in the ‘60s – an extended and modern Mega Cab.

24 1949 Ford F1

Via Carakoom

Sometimes, mods are extended to the engines – that’s the case of this old 1949 Ford F1. According to Motor 1, the Chuckles Garage from California was the brain behind the Ford model. The pickup has an engine that was borrowed from a 2005 Freightliner.

It uses a 5.9 liter Cummins inline-six diesel engine that delivers 1200 horsepower and a torque of 2000lb-ft. Asides the powerful engine, the model has other features like a 66mm Industrial Injection Silver Bullet, and two turbochargers. The model also has a suspension that’s made from a tubular a-arm custom front setup.

23 2011 Ford Raptor

Via cell code

According to Motor 1, modifying the 2011 Ford Raptor took about two years before it was finished. The paint job was perfect as it portrayed the attributes of a dangerous street beast. Addictive Desert Designs provided the off-road grade equipment.

The headlights of the model were replaced with blacked-out blinkers, HID projectors, and angle-eye lights. The Raptor also had an upgraded front bumper thanks to the team from AudioVisionz. The wheels were not left out as four hyper-black Fuel Hostage rims were mounted on the car and the truck was covered in an adhesive wrap that protects the paint.

22 1951 Ford F-1

Via upcar

According to Autocar, the owner of the Ford F-1 in the image above never planned to modify the car because he couldn’t stand the pickup. However, the owner changed his mind when he saw the result of his friend’s truck that was modified. When the project began, about 23/4 inches was cut off from the top of the vehicle. Rear and front roll pans were also built and the engine was replaced. It uses a GM Ramjet 502ci big-block engine that produces 510 horsepower.

The handling was also enhanced by replacing the front end with an independent suspension from Mustang II. Anti-sway bars and coil over shocks were mounted on the front and rear.

21 2002 Chevrolet Silverado

Via Citizenstagging

The owner of the 2002 Silverado, Mike Godat, worked on this pickup for eight years. According to Autocar, Mike fitted an airbag suspension he got from Ridetech and an Air Bar with a four-link.

Since he owned an automotive body and paint shop, he leveraged on his creativity by replacing the front of his car with the front of a 2012 Escalade Platinum. The moment he mounted the Cadillac taillights and shaved the body, the car was ready for the paint job. He chose to combine DuPont Molten Orange Candy and Starry Night.

20 1946 Chevy Pickup

Via Taringal

Nick Weber was the owner of the 1946 Chevrolet pickup. According to Top Speed, Nick made a custom frame for his car that resembled a four-link alongside a Mustang II front suspension and a Panhard bar.

After placing a 540ci Merlin II big-block engine in his car, he cut off two inches from the roofline to give the car a meaner profile. Nick also stretched the cab by 3 inches and added a piece of the hood with reverse opening style. When he was satisfied, he sprayed his car with black paint and a two-tone BASF GM Spice Red.

19 2008 Ford F-650

Via hotsta.net

According to reports from Autocar, the owner of this massive 2008 Ford pickup is Adam Genei. Adam kick-started the project by modifying the frame of his car with a 3-foot cut. Mob Steel was the guru that handled the mechanical work and custom body.

He also chose to replace the old factory components with newly fabricated parts. Adam did the replacements to bring the car closer to the ground. The car’s exterior is attractive with its custom front bumper and custom black-painted front grille.

18 2006 Chevrolet Silverado

Via Gratis

According to Autocar, Jay Penfield took an interest in modifying a pickup that would stand out, and he chose the 2006 Chevrolet Silverado. He started by converting the standard bed to a 5ft 8inches bed. After the conversion, he shaved the mirrors, cut 2 percent inches from the roof, and added a windshield to fit the new roof.

The handles and tailgate were next in line for shaving before painting the pickup. Adam wanted an old-school finish so he painted the truck with a high-gloss black and added gold pin-striping alongside some gold leaves.

17 1982 Chevrolet C10

Via Truckin

According to Motor 1, Jose Pena is the owner of this classic pickup and he never planned for the result you see in the image above.

Since the truck was based on a Pro Street style and had Firestone bags as softer suspension, Jose equipped his ride properly. Some of the things he provided his pickup with was a set of 24 x 15 inch and 22 x 10 inch Pirelli tires with Intro Gallup rims. The pickup is powered by a 6.0-liter Vortec Max engine that delivers 600 horsepower.

16 1950 Chevrolet Pickup Truck

Via Pinterest

According to reports from Autocar, the owner of the 1950 Chevrolet pickup had it in mind to modify his vehicle to a fully equipped mud truck with so much power.

To achieve his aim, he mounted a standard suspension for mud trucks because it gives the vehicle a remarkable look and a lot of support. Since he was keen on power he went for a 540 blower engine that produces about 1300 horsepower. Also, the owner inserted short pipes through the fenders for a stable mount when the truck goes into the deep mud.

15 1961 Ford F100 Unibody

Via Impresionate Imageness

According to Top Speed, Jason Graham was the genius behind the modification of the 1961 Ford F100 Unibody. The pickup was so remarkable that it was displayed in 2016 at the Detroit Autorama.

Jason brought the car close to the ground with an AccuAir airflow suspension. The pickup uses a 5.0-liter 32V Cayote engine, and the paintwork was remarkable considering the combination of custom pearl paint alongside different effects and shades. The tailgate was modified as well, and it made it look different from the original piece.

14 1958 Chevy Pickup

Via Fesler

According to Motor 1, this 1958 Chevy pickup belongs to Brian Fuentes, and his vehicle turned out to be a good pick for a modified pickup project. A team from Fesler Built was in charge of the project, and the first thing they tackled was the suspension.

In a verge to achieve an adjustable ride, the team added a set of custom control arms to the boxed frame. They also added Slam Specialties airbags and spindles. Almost all the body of the pickup was shaved and painted with DuPont Satin Black paint that gave it an unusual look.

13 1954 Ford F-100

Via eijucraft

It’s quite easy for a lot of people to look down on this classic model, but the bright light was seen at the end of the tunnel for the model when it came to the final modification look by the owner, Tim Horn.

According to Autocar, the car got a perfect stance thanks to the TCI Mustang II front clip and four-bar rear from Ridetech. The owner had power in mind. So, a 520ci engine was placed in the vehicle to permit connection to a C6 transmission. Tim also wanted his pickup to resemble a hot rod a bit, so the body was shaved up, and suicide doors were mounted.

12 2011 Ford F-250

Via Dodge Sport

After six months of remodeling, this 2011 Ford F-250, Plain & Simple design (the company responsible for the modding) was able to fulfill the dreams of Jason Naron, a Texas indigene. According to Truck Trend, Jason remodeled the truck in honor of his grandfather who was a lover of his trucks.

The truck came out as a masterpiece as it had everything Jason had always wanted. It had an off-road 14” Third Coast Suspension Kit, which gives it a tough and rugged look. The 22 x 4 Force, Rebel SS rims of the truck, added to its already tough looks when the 40” Toyo tires were matched.

11 1956 Chevrolet Pickup

Via Webtruck

Anyone who knows the Blown Mafia Bradley can attest to the fact that he is a lover of lots of toys. Amongst his numerous vehicles is this 1956 Chevrolet Pickup. Over the years, he has made a lot of vehicles which have always been the talk of the town.

According to Motor1, he decided to bless this 1956 Chevrolet Pickup with a 462 cubic inch Chevrolet Big Block engine which comes with an F2 Pro charger, a 350 turbo, and an 871 supercharger. The tires of the vehicle are 33 x 18.5 larger than average tires.

10 1949 Chevrolet C3100

Via pinterest

There was only one thing in the mind of Jun Inokuchi, the owner of this truck when he purchased it from his friend: to turn it into a classic beauty. Fortunately, Jun was able to achieve his dream of making his 1949 Chevrolet C3100 a beautiful classic car to behold.

The vehicle came with an air-ride suspension and no notched rear frame when Jun purchased it from his friend. According to Jalopnik, he took the truck to Fit Kustoms to get it remodeled to bring his dreams to reality. Jun’s dreams came to pass when a new set of 15” wheels replaced the old ones, the body was resprayed, the exhaust pipes replaced, and an aftermarket rear bumper was fixed.

9 1974 Datsun 1200

Via Snap361

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you take a glance at this truck? Of course, you can’t miss the classic look of the 1974 Datsun 1200. The vehicle is no doubt, super legendary. This modded version looks nothing like the basic version which was called the Datsun Sunny Pickup or the 1200 UTE.

Motor 1 reported that the truck’s fenders and hood received additional heat vents and unique cutaways. Also, the front lip spoiler got modified in a way that the body of the truck is very close to the ground, giving it a race truck feel.

8 1956 Chevy Pickup

Via tumblr

By now, you may have noticed that most of the modded trucks in this post are Chevys. Perhaps, it’s because the motor company has an excellent way to preserve their classic car heritage. Like other Chevy truck owners in this list, Robert Kongelka is one car enthusiast that has a passion for classic trucks.

It’s clear that Robert loved his new vehicle look, after the mod than the first classic look. According to Top Speed, Robert’s plan for his vehicle was to turn the classic Chevy to a luxury sports vehicle.

7 1968 Chevrolet C10

Via truckindo

The owner of this truck is another automotive enthusiast that will not stop at anything to remodel his vehicles until they have a unique design and look. We aren’t so surprised because he has always been a car enthusiast from a small age when his father produced interior car parts for Toyota.

And if you are wondering who it is, Tom Argue is his name. According to Jalopnik, he is one automotive enthusiast who loves to produce crazy car mods. Thus, we can understand why he bought this 1968 Chevrolet C10 and turned it into a beast.

6 1953 Chevrolet 310

Via Pinterest

With all the modifications done to this 1953 Chevrolet 310, the owner didn’t expect anything less when it received a lot of accolades and admirations from a lot of automotive fans online. At first glance, you’ll notice elegance, stylish design and beauty.

According to Trend Truck, the paint job done on the vehicle gives this pearl accent shade effect which can be related to luxury. The large fenders of the truck also make a statement as it’s matched with its huge custom-made front grille.

5 2015 Chevrolet Silverado Prerunner

Via AutoCarSpec

According to the Trend Truck, the owner of this truck intended to turn the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado Prerunner into a rugged desert truck that would give a Ford Raptor a run for its money. And as you can see, he succeeded.

The owner, Mike, added a large widebody panel along with 37-inch off-road racing wheels to the truck. To make many off-road enthusiasts go crazy, a long travel suspension was matched to the vehicle.The truck comes with a 5.3 Liter V8 engine, which makes it suitable to take on off-road challenges without getting stuck.

4 2009 GMC Sierra 2500HD

Via upcar

According to Truck Trend, Tony Laughlin, a 21-year-old off-road aficionado, is the owner of this beautiful 2009 GMC Sierra 2500HD. From the look of things, you can guess that Tony is one crazy off-road fan with a unique taste.

That’s why he added a large 18-inch 3rd Coast Suspension kit to the truck matched with a 22 x 14 Fuel wheels to comfortably take on any rough off-road terrain. As if it wasn’t enough, Tony added a set of Nitro Mud Grappler tires, which exclusively places it in the league of tough off-road vehicles.

3 2002 Ford F-150

Via Pinterest

This 2002 Ford F-150 has all it takes to catch the attention of many people on the streets. If you don’t believe us, ask the owner, Brent Marks, who hails from Coral Springs. When it comes to power, this modified F-150 has got it up on its sleeves. Brent boosted the 5.4-liter engine to reach 430 horsepower.

Apart from the powertrain, Brent also worked to make the exterior of the vehicle have a ravishing look. So, he added a set of 22” Boyd wheels. For the paint job, Brent chose to use a Toyota Spruce Mica and a Lexus Desert Sage Metallic work for the car’s body.

2 1955 Chevrolet Street Truck

Via LegendaryFinds

What you see now in this picture is 100 times better than what it formerly was when the owner bought it from his friend. The truck was lying down wasting at the backyard of the owner’s friend until the guy caught a glimpse of the future – which is what we see now.

According to Autocar, B Rod or Custom from Tennessee are the ones responsible for the bodywork and paint job of the truck. The truck received a full rear fender bigger than the former ones matched with the huge tires.

1 1957 Chevy Pickup

Via Truckindo

This 1957 Chevy Pickup is the last Chevy pickup in this article to be beautifully modded. The owner is Durrell Corry who is a hotrod and sports car enthusiast that loves classic vehicles. According to Top Speed, he was an auto racer in 1957 before he retired due to some unresolved grievances between him and the car racing body.

For someone who was once a car racer, especially in the 1950s, one would expect that his taste would be classical and luxurious. Well, that’s the case because he turned this 1957 Chevy Pickup into an excellent vehicle when he added a custom-made engine that generates 375hp. That’s so typical of a former car racer.

Sources: Autocar, Motor1, Top Speed, Trend Truck

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