25 Modern Cars That Changed The World As We Know It

When it comes to the automotive industry there have been many cars in which changed the face of the automotive landscape. Cars that brought forth new technology and features which we continue to see today. There were many new features that have been introduced that we take for granted in today's cars such as the common AUX port to play music through your phone, this technology was only introduced in 2011 and continues to be commonplace on cars today. Then you have the advent of GPS systems, which used to be available only on the most expensive luxury cars and nowadays you can get them on just about any vehicle from a Honda Civic all the way up to a Bentley.

The automotive landscape is ever-changing, and the new technology will continue to progress over time which makes for an excellent buyers market, where you can find all types of interesting cars that will stand the test of time. Because the automotive industry is such a fast-paced market, the automakers have to keep up with the growing changes that come and go over time, and this is what makes the automotive marketplace such a unique industry. Keeping track of every revolutionary vehicle would be next to impossible, but we are going to take a look at 25 of the most revolutionary cars to touch the industry, and the changes that they helped to usher in that we still see in today's automotive landscape which continues to evolve day after day.

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25 Mercedes-Benz 300SL

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When it comes to revolutionary new vehicles there was one roadster during the late 1950s and the 1960s, and that was the Mercedes-Benz 300SL. With the legendary gullwing design, the Mercedes-Benz 300SL was way ahead of its time in terms of design and performance. With a powerful engine and lightweight driving characteristics, and this is what has made the 300SL one of the most highly sought after coupes to have a Mercedes badge on it. This roadster is a serious blend of performance, and early classic luxury all wrapped up into one package. (Motor Trend)

24 The Tucker 48

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Perhaps one of the most troubled and revolutionary cars of its time, the Tucker 48 was a completely new automobile with a lot of innovative features similar to how the modern day Tesla burst onto the scene. The Tucker 48 had a lot of one of a kind features such as an independent suspension and a roll bar integrated right into the roof, both features were innovative and one of a kind to say the least. The Tucker 48 was ultimately discontinued after the Tucker Corporation was involved in an SEC Investigation, which finished off a one of a kind product. (Motor Trend)

23 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4

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There is no doubt that the automotive industry has featured a lot of cool and innovative vehicles over the last thirty years, but many of these models have since become forgotten relics of the past. The Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 is a one of a kind sports car that is often forgotten but was way ahead of its time, with a lot of innovative features that make this car a great performer today. The Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 had notable features such as independent steering, and the turbocharged engine that remains a powerhouse to this day. (Motor Trend)

22 Lamborghini Miura

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Who doesn’t want a Lambo? Even the previous Lamborghini models were luxurious, take the Miura for instance. This one of a kind car was designed to mimic the international race cars at the time, and the Miura does that and more. The styling is very similar to a Ford GT-40, which is also one of the more historical sports cars on the market. The Lamborghini Miura was a very limited production vehicle and there are very few of them on the open market, which makes this a very rare and fast car indeed. (Motor Trend)

21 Stout Scarab

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While the Plymouth Voyager has the distinction of being the first modern minivan and setting the trend for the minivan market that we see today, there was another minivan that was released a long time before the Voyager and featured a much more unique design. The Stout Scarab was a limited production and very early minivan dating back to the 1930s, and with only five of them in existence, this rare minivan is a true testament to the genuine ingenuity that was going into the automotive industry at the time. (Motor Trend)

20 Porsche 959

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There is no doubt that the luxury sports car market has come a long way in the past thirty years, with many new and innovative cars taking the reins. But, the Porsche is still one of the originals. The Porsche 959 is a one of a kind choice for a modern sports car. Released back in 1986, this sports car was far ahead of itself in terms of design and functionality, which made for a very rare piece of engineering, to say the least. This one of a kind sports car had a nice swooping aerodynamic design, and that made it one of the rarest Porsche models of all. (Motor Trend)

19 Aston Martin Lagonda

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The eighties were a great time for luxury cars, and there were a lot of new advancements that were coming out every year. The Aston Martin brand was known for creating one of a kind driving experience, with a lot of interesting vehicles that really changed the face of the automotive industry. The Aston Martin Lagonda was ahead of its time in terms of design and performance and this made for a pretty unique car that still has a striking appearance to this day. (Motor Trend)

18 Honda Prelude

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Another interesting vehicle that was ahead of its time was the Honda Prelude, which is one of the most well known and interesting models to have been sold. The Honda Prelude was available in a variety of different styles and trim packages over the years, and the couple offered a more exciting car that was a step above the average economical Honda model. The Honda Prelude is a one of a kind vehicle that was sold until 2001, and the model holds a high resale value to this day. (Motor Trend)

17 Dodge Viper

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One of the more memorable cars for the Dodge brand was the Dodge Viper, which was known for being an awesome performer and one that might go down in history as one of the fastest Dodge production vehicles around. There is no doubt that the Viper was a legendary vehicle, to say the least, and this is why the car continues to be popular today. The Dodge Viper is also known for offering a good amount of style and a few different trim lines which made the car popular among collectors as well. (Motor Trend)

16 AMC Pacer

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Long before Subaru models became a popular choice among consumers, the AMC brand was the go-to automaker for innovative all-wheel-drive cars. Although the AMC brand was purchased by the Chrysler Corporation, there were quite a few notable models that were known for being both innovative and fun to drive. The AMC Pacer was one such unique model, with a roomy interior and a good amount of gas efficiency that made the car a breeze to operate and cheap to own which many consumers could connect with. (Motor Trend)

15 Honda FCX Clarity

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While electric cars have become commonplace in the automotive industry, the advances of fuel-cell vehicles have been coming ahead for the last few decades. The Honda FCX Clarity is a step ahead of many other fuel-cell vehicles that had been designed, offering a fully functioning full-size sedan that could go much further than many other vehicles on the road. The Honda FCX Clarity was beautiful to look at, and even more functional to drive which made for winning combination of style and comfort that Honda is known for. (Motor Trend)

14  Oldsmobile Jetfire

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When it comes to legendary automotive brands that innovated over the years, the Oldsmobile Jetfire is one of the most well-known vehicles to have been released. The Oldsmobile Jetfire was released on the same frame as the Chevrolet Impala, and the model introduced some unique features such as a turbocharged engine which made the car pretty unique. Similar to other vehicles that were released by the Oldsmobile brand, the Jetfire was another unique and one of a kind vehicle that was ahead of its time. (Motor Trend)

13 General Motors EV1

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When it comes to the electric car there have been quite a few models that have come to the mainstream, and now is a better time than ever to drive an electric car. But, during the nineties, the General Motors EV1 was a unique electric car that was fully drivable long before the Tesla or the Volt were even thought of. There were hundreds of EV1 models that were leased and hit the road, and even though GM chose to crush the electric cars on the end of their lease cycle, the EV1 is one very historic electric car. (Motor Trend)

12 Nissan Pathfinder (second generation)

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The second generation Nissan Pathfinder was a vehicle that was far ahead of its time, and with good reason as the SUV was quite unique, to say the least, both in terms of versatility and design. The Nissan Pathfinder offered many useful features, which made it one of the more highly sought after models on the road. To this day the Nissan Pathfinder remains a sales success for the company, and one of the most popular models to hit the roadways both in terms of sales and individuality. (Motor Trend)

11 Honda Insight

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Perhaps one of the most forward-thinking cars to come out at the end of the nineties, the Honda Insight was everything that most people want in a hybrid. Lightweight, decent looking, efficient, and affordable. The bite-sized Honda Insight was never meant to be a family car, but if you lived in an urban city and you needed an economical compact car, the Insight was right up your alley. The car is still a popular choice on the used car market today, and with Honda’s legendary reliability there is no reason not to check this historic hybrid out. (Motor Trend)

10 Citroen DS21


Far ahead of its time in terms of styling and functionality, the Citroen DS21 was a step above most executive luxury cars that were on the market at the time. Far more lightweight than a Cadillac or Buick, and more functional than many of the Germany-bred cars that were currently being imported. The Citroen DS21 is a well-known staple in the domestic luxury car market, and many of these historic models have been popping up on the auction block and fetching healthy sums of money. (Motor Trend)

9  Pontiac Aztek

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Originally released as a concept car, the Aztek receive such a positive response from the automotive press that the model was put into production. The Pontiac Aztek had a lot of innovative features that you don’t see in an SUV today, such as a built-in center console cooler that also was removable for the beach. The tailgate was actually a resting spot as well, for those weekend getaways, and the rear area of the SUV could be turned into a functional tent, which made the Aztek an outdoorsman's dream. (Motor Trend)

8 Toyota Prius (First Generation)

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After the original Honda Insight was released in 1999 Toyota had to follow suit, and thus the original Prius was born. Where the Prius was ahead of the Honda was the addition of a back seat and four full doors, and although the original Prius looked like the Toyota Echo the car was quite functional. The first family car that was a hybrid was not a pretty thing to look at, but it featured a good amount of functionality and fuel economy that made the Prius line a popular choice for motorists to this day. (Motor Trend)

7 Oldsmobile Aurora

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It can be said that Oldsmobile didn’t go down without a fight, and the Aurora was a hefty final fight for the legendary automotive brand. Released in 1995 after a popular concept model the Aurora was one of the most beautiful cars to look at, as well as one of the most powerful with a smooth and modern V8 engine that was also used in Cadillac models at the time. While the Aurora never managed to capture the hearts of consumers, the car was still a valiant effort by GM to turn their fortunes around. (Motor Trend)

6 Dodge Intrepid

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The eighties and nineties were a period of design and innovation for Chrysler with the birth of the minivan and the popular K-Cars that brought the company back to profitability. The Dodge Intrepid was also an innovation as one of the first cab-forward sedans on the market, bringing the automotive industry away from the boxy cars which had served their place for most of the eighties and introducing us to our current automotive design trend that we see nowadays and which continues to be popular today. (Motor Trend)

5  Dodge Durango

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The Dodge Durango was a powerful statement from Chrysler that you don’t always need to make the biggest SUVs on the planet to get customers. The original Dodge Durango was the first midsize SUV on the market to feature three rows of seating, and this was a welcome addition to many young families who needed space in their vehicle but didn’t want to get tied to a minivan or a large Tahoe or Yukon model. The Durango also sold as the 5.9 R/T trim which was both sporty and appealing to many consumers, and this has made the Durango popular to this day. (Motor Trend)

4 Lexus SC400

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The Lexus SC400 was cool before it was cool to drive a luxury sports coupe, and with one of a kind features like a built-in telephone, there is no reason not to check out the one of a kind piece of history. The Lexus SC400 wasn’t just a sports coupe, it also featured a powerful Japanese V8 engine which was a rarity at the time. To this day the SC400 remains one of the most reliable Lexus models on the market, and that is great because the cars are a breeze to own and they are also known as some of the most reliable models as well. (Motor Trend)

3 Dodge Dakota

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Similar to how the Dodge Durango revolutionized the SUV segment, the Dodge Dakota also revolutionized the pickup truck segment by creating the first Midsize truck that the world had seen. In addition to being the first midsize truck on the scene, the Dakota also was the only truck in its size to still feature V8 power. This made the truck a very welcome choice for many consumers who were interested in big truck power without the big truck size and has made the Dakota a popular choice. (Motor Trend)

2 Toyota Celica

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While the Toyota Supra might be the most popular Toyota sports car around with a huge resale value, the Toyota Celica was the friendly face that anyone could afford. Offering a compact Japanese sports car that was great for students or anyone who needed a little fun, the Celica was one of the longest running Toyota nameplates with good reason. There were also generations of the Celica which came as a convertible as well, which was functional and fun to drive. (Motor Trend)

1 Mazda Protege5

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Although this car is not often talked about, the Mazda Protege5 was ahead of its time in various aspects. For starters, the Mazda Protege5 could be ordered in a Mazdaspeed package, which made this wagon extremely fast and fun to drive. This was at a time when wagons were out of style and many consumers had not considered one of these models for their driving pleasure. The Mazda Protege5 is a stellar choice even by today's standards, with a peppy engine that packs a decent punch coupled with a stylish exterior that makes the little wagon one of the more memorable Mazda models that you will see. (Motor Trend)

Sources: Motor Trend)

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