10 Modified Cars That Look Like Real Life Hot Wheels

Keep your eyes peeled for these 10 real life Hot Wheels cars hitting the streets!

We've seen a lot of toys come and go over the years but some playthings have managed to withstand the test of time. Hot Wheels have been around for decades, tracing all the way back to the '60s. They've entertained kids and grown-ups alike through the years thanks to their eye-catching designs and collectible nature.

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In fact, some people love the miniature vehicles so much that they bring them into the real-world by creating lifesize replicas. Some of these drivable designs are absolutely incredible and match their toy counterparts to the letter.

Here are 10 Modified Cars That Look Like Real Life Hot Wheels

10 A Real Twin Mill

Via: 95Octane

Hot Wheels vehicles are a mixed bag. On one side you have an abundance of "real life" vehicle replicas that try to stay as true to their real-world counterparts as possible. Designers spend a lot of time studying each curve to give both kids and collectors a product that mimics some of the most beloved cars on the road today.

Then you have the opposite side, a realm filled to the brim with wacky designs that defy logic and sensible design. The Twin Mill is firmly planted in that category with its arrow-like body and massive split dual engines.

9 Formula 1 Type

Via: 95Octane

Speaking of massive engines, just look at the crazy block sticking out of this blue-colored dart. The large tires are stamped with Formula 1 so it's likely this vehicle draws influence from the long pointed bodies of most Formula 1 racers.

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The added flairs and wildly exaggerated body modifications make it look like a must-have Hot Wheels Collector's Edition. We can't imagine how much money and effort went into the creation of this truly exotic-looking ride.

8 Purple Muscle Car

Via: onlymusclewilldo.tumblr.com

Hot Wheels features a massive array of muscle cars, a lot of them spanning the '60s, '70s, and '80s. The company has been around for a long time (since 1968), so it's no surprise to see so many iconic cars throughout the years. The Hot Wheels brand does a great job replicating the different body types we've seen across each decade (including some wild made-up designs of their own) but where they really shine is in the elaborate colors and paint they use for their toy vehicles.

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This real-life modified muscle car used the same premise and the result is an incredible Hot Wheels-like purple that immediately catches our eye.

7 Chevy Camaro Hot Wheels Edition


Crazy real-life custom Hot Wheels designs aren't just limited to imaginative individuals. Some companies are even jumping on the bandwagon. Chevrolet decided to pay homage to the toy vehicle giant by crafting the beautifully-designed Camaro Hot Wheels Edition. This particular build coincided with Hot Wheels' 50th Anniversary and cost a whopping $56,000.

Only 1900 of these bright orange bad boys were made. Another little fun fact – the orange paint is meant to mimic the iconic color of Hot Wheel's buildable tracks.

6 The Mako Shark

Via: onlymusclewilldo.tumblr.com

You can't consider yourself a Hot Wheels collector unless you have at least one type of the iconic Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. This body style was popularized in the '60s and Hot Wheels was sure to capitalize with their own miniature variants on the design.

In the early '60s, Chevrolet rolled out the "Mako Shark," a concept car meant to be the future of the Corvette. There is something about the colors and imaginative body style that just screams Hot Wheels.

5 X-Wing Car

Via: Motor1

Hot Wheels isn't just limited to mimicking car companies and real-world vehicles. Sometimes they take their love for films and other media and use them as an influence to create some truly spectacular miniatures. Case in point, the X-Wing Car from the iconic film series, Star Wars.

This starfighter looks a little more "grounded" on four tires but managed to keep its recognizable shape and details. Someone loved it so much that they built a life-size working replica. This is easily one of the cooler concepts on this list.

4 Glasses Gasser

Via: onlymusclewilldo.tumblr.com

Hot Wheels loves to put detail and personality into their creations. There are some Collector's Editions that are filled to the brim with decals, specialized paints, and impressive additions to the interior. The designers aren't afraid to put a little bit extra into some of their products.

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This 1963 Corvette is a real-world example of a Hot Wheels practice. All of the decals, the slick paint job, and that over-the-top exposed engine block combine to create something truly eye-catching.

3 Yellow, Uh, Car

Via: 95Octane

Look, not everything Hot Wheels produced was an absolute winner. The company was interested in appealing to kids as much as possible (even if many adults collect their products). This led to some rather wild outside-of-the-box designs that don't necessarily translate well into a real-world setting.

This begs the question of why someone would choose this particular vehicle to bring to life. Regardless, they managed to "nail the design." It definitely looks like a lifesize Hot Wheels.

2 The Red Baron

Via: 95Octane

Hot Wheels was at it again in 1970 when they created the Red Baron. Meant to capture the look and feel of the famous fighter pilot, the designers instead opted for a strange looking car complete with a steel helmet on top. The design is iconic if anything, and makes for one of the strangest (yet oddly appealing) Hot Wheels ever made.

Of course, the next logical step was to turn this monstrously creative vehicle into a real-world driving machine. The end result is just as strange as you would expect but you have to applaud the creators for managing to emulate the design so well.

1 The Purple Milk Rod

Via: 95Octane

We figured we'd close this list with something that offers the best of both worlds. On one hand, this design is wildly imaginative and features some of the strangest body swoops and flares you would ever see on a Hot Wheels vehicle. On the other side, it's emulating a classic Hot Rod design, giving it a pleasing aesthetic and evening out the wackiness of it all.

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Regardless of how you feel about the overall design, it's hard to deny how much fun it would be to drive this thing.

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