20 Mods Done To Beaters That Make No Sense (And 5 That Actually Worked)

According to a new IHS Automotive survey carried out in the US recently, the average age of a car on the road is about 11.5 years. The number of automobiles on the road that are 25 years old or less is approximately 14 million, which has increased from eight million in 2002. A large thirty percent of these numbers are beaters. Are you surprised? Wait till you hear the rest.

With the above statistics, we aren’t surprised that a lot of people driving these beaters have settled for aftermarket mods. Of course, with such an increase in the number of beaters, the rate of car mods increases concurrently. The big question here, however, is how many of these mods come out well. One key thing about doing car mods is the fact that it’s very subjective to an individual’s perspective. Thus, it has so much to do with a person’s reflection on how he/she sees things.

For instance, Mr. A may believe that installing a turbocharger in a car is more important than remodeling the infotainment system and interior bodywork of a vehicle because that’s what matters most to a speed demon. For another, it may be something utterly different.

In the end, it still boils down to individual perception and to be frank; some people have a vast and crazy imagination. When such people decide to do mods to their cars, it will look like a team of clowns came together to remodel the vehicle.

If you want to have an exciting laugh, you’d not be disappointed after you see the mods these car owners did to their beaters. Dive in!

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25 Octopus Face

Via Pinterest

It’s like that moment when you see someone that loves keeping pets, and the person could go an extra mile to prove that point.

In this case, it’s certain the car owner love octopuses. Due to the love for octopuses, the car owner had to think of a way to bring his imagination to life and ended up looking like a classic octopus that didn’t undergo the right surgery. Isn’t the whole idea of modifying a beater, to improve its looks? Well, this is what happens when wild thoughts linger in a creative mind.

24 Spoilers Vs TV Stand

Via Pinterest

According to Jalopnik, a spoiler is placed at the back of a car to modify the air that passes it while it’s in motion. It helps improve the car’s handling or increase the car’s fuel efficiency. In this case, we aren’t so sure if the owner installed the spoiler at the back of the car for the above purpose or something different entirely.

As far as we are concerned, the spoiler at the back of the car looks off. We’re not sure if the owner planned to install an outdoor TV for ads on the stand, sorry to the spoiler.

23 Lord Vader

Via dorkly

If you are a great fan of Star Wars, then you might be able to relate with this mod done on this beater. According to Dorkly, The owner is a staunch fan of the Star Wars, and he is on the dark side with Lord Vader, who was once a good guy before he got tempted by the dark side and became bad.

But wait a minute! If you take a good look at the grille area of this car, you may begin to suggest that the anterior part of the car looks like the head of a “Transformer.” Whatever the case the mod doesn’t just cut it for us.

22 Mr. Ice Cream Cab

Via ub5Zero

What is the first thing that comes to your mind, when you see this beater? Oh yes! It looks like a failed version of an ice-cream truck. We don’t know what the owner of this car was trying to achieve, but we must say that he got it all wrong with the paint job.

According to Dorkly, the owner painted this car multi-color because he was trying to do a campaign for ice cream for school kids. Really? What does that even mean? As far as we are concerned the car looks a lost rainbow in winter.

21 Escaped from The Book Of Eli

Via Pinterest

Now, this one is the definition of garbage plus garbage equals double garbage. How on earth can someone even think of remodeling a beater like this? When a car mod is done to a beater, it’s supposed to help improve the looks (majorly) and the power, but in this case, the beater was beaten.

If you have watched “The Book of Eli,” where Denzel Washington, starred as one of the main casts, you may be able to catch a glimpse of what was going on in the car owner’s mind when he was remodeling the beater, because he claimed to be creative, according to Funnythought.

20 Classically New

Via Automozeal

When a company produces luxury car models, it’s usually for the select few that can afford it. The other class of people that can afford it would only convert it to a wish or dream. From the look of things, this appears to be this car owner’s dilemma.

He thought of a way to bring his dream to reality, by all means, possible since he couldn’t afford the classic car when it was the in-thing. According to Funnythought, the result of the well-planned reality is this swollen hood. The car looks like the evil classic twin (idea) that the world never got to see until this one.

19 Eco-Unfriendly

Via NewEnglandAutoShows

Before we dive into this ugly mod, it’s best to remember the function of an exhaust pipe and why it has a small size in most vehicles. Once you are done answering those questions, it’s easier to understand what this beater has experienced.

As if the beater hasn’t been through a lot judging from its looks, the owner decided to add more problems by given it two exaggerated exhaust pipes. It’s apparent that the mod falls short of creativity; it’s eco-unfriendly which isn’t health-friendly.

18 Turbocharged Supercar Fresh from the block

Via Pinterest

According to Jalopnik, one good way of improving your car’s engine power and speed is by using a turbocharger—which pushes more air into your car’s cylinders to provide more energy for your engine. In this case, the owner decided to create a makeshift turbocharger to make the car look (not work) like a powerful and fast car.

Of course, the result was a joke, because the owner went as far as cutting the bonnet open to display the car’s radiator for people to believe it’s a turbocharged car. See what he wrote on the radiator.

17 Mini Jet Ready To Take Off

Via Pinterest

From the look of things, the owner of this vehicle must be a wannabe pilot or a retired crew of a Spaceship Shuttle working under NASA, who never had the chance to visit the moon all through his career. So, he decided to remodel his car to look like a space jet ready to take off.

According to Jalopnik, the owner used a vinyl decal with flames for the bodywork and added some extensions at the rear of the car to give it that rocket launching look and feel.

16 Jaguar! Jaguar!!

Via Jaguar Forum

One of the ways to become irrelevant in the face of this earth quickly is by copying someone else’s identity verbatim, totally neglecting who you are and what you uniquely represent. If you check down the memory lane, fake people never last.

The same thing goes for cars, “fake copycat cars” never last. That’s one hard lesson the owner of this car failed to learn, as he did everything possible to make his beater look like a Jaguar—going as far as using a Jaguar vinyl decal, yet it’s really bad.

15 Rally Car

Via Pinterest

You can tell that this car owner is an ardent car rally fan. We’re not surprised that he decided to remodel his car to look like a real rally car involved in a race competition. As you can see from the picture, the owner installed a yellow looking spoiler that looks like banana peels inverted upwards.

The owner of the car also went ahead to customize the bodywork of the car. He also made an inscription of a racing number “33” at the side of the car with the words “Rally Sport” written boldly at the bumper of the car.

14 From New to Classic

Via Osmideas

The owner of this truck must either be an old school soul or a lover of classics. Nevertheless, he took it too far when he decided to remodel a 1991 JDM truck to have the looks of a Classic US Ford truck. No doubt, the color combination is creative and beautiful, but the concept behind the rebranding is not innovative enough.

It’s always better to leave what is old for the old and leave what is new for the new. If the car owner remodeled the JM truck to look more presentable, it wouldn’t be on this list in the first place.

13  Towing Machine

Via Fpvracer

Lilac and Silver are complementary colors that look good together. So, we can give the owner of this car a pass mark for the paint job. However, the concept behind the spoilers and the long metal hanging from the back of the car is what we don’t understand.

Why would a person want to disfigure the looks of a car by adding such annoying and ugly extensions at the back of the car? Perhaps the owner also planned to make the vehicle a towing machine?

12 From Car to Bazooka

Via Auto Evolution

Did you ever watch the 1985 movie “Commando” where the daughter of retired Special Ops officer, John Matrix, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, got taken by a Latin dictator, Arius played by Dan Hedaya?

If you did as a kid or a young adult, you might probably remember the scene when John Matrix and Cindy, played by Rae Dong Chong, tried to shoot the bad guys with a Bazooka from a car. The owner of this car planned to immortalize that scene by doing such a mod to his beater, and it turned out sour. The picture speaks for itself.

11 Road Tractor

Via Auto Evolution

“What exactly was the owner of this vehicle thinking when he did such weird-looking mod to his beater?” That must have been the question on everyone’s mind that saw this ugly-looking modified vehicle the day it was parked at this spot in the photo. As you can see in the image, a lot of necks were turning back to look and not appreciate the ugly looking car.

According to Jalopnik, when people were asked to air their thoughts about the car, a large percentage of people believed the vehicle looks like a tractor for repairing roads.

10  Fantastic bodywork

Via Pinterest

One look at this mod and you’d wonder what was going through the mind of the car owner when he chose to use cement on his car. Is it not enough that the car is ugly and old? Well, that is a question only one person can answer: the owner.

Maybe the owner opted for this kind of mod in a quest to make a statement, look cool, and save some costs. Regardless of the motive behind this mod, it’s a complete write-off, because the car isn’t only an ugly disappointment, but its mobility is impaired. It’s okay to think that your car is missing some exciting features and proceed to add them.

9  Open Wheels

Via Pinterest

What’s the need of doing a car mod if you don’t get the chance to drive it around for the world to see your personality expressed? It’s evident that the owner had plans to make the car fly for a change.

However, the car doesn’t look flight-ready in any way because it doesn’t have any plane wings or rotor to show that it’s ready for the sky. On second thought, what would become of a car that can’t move by road thanks to its open wheels and doesn’t stand a chance of flying because it hasn’t got what it takes?

8 Mad Max 3

Via Logpicx

If you’re quite familiar with the post-apocalyptic action film Mad Max, maybe this mod will make a bit of sense to you. At the point where Imperator Furiosa and Max Rockatansky decided to join forces to escape from Immortan Joe, the cult leader, there was a car they used.

Of course, the car in this image looks like a copycat gone wrong, but judging from how the car lacks any form of a window, it’s easy to tell that the car owner is trying to recreate a newer version of the Mad Max.

7 24 hour of Lemons, not Le Mans

Via Pinterest

The owner of this car must have a thing for races, and this is evident from the mod. With that said, before you choose a vehicle for any race, it’s best to ensure that it’s aligned and balanced.

Another important feature that must not be comprised when it comes to a race is speed. After all, if there’s no speed, there’s no race. The Rambler in this picture is a typical example of a car that can’t make it to the nearest supermarket nevermind a race track.

6 Mr. Patriotic

Via Twitter

It’s such a good thing to be patriotic because it depicts the fact that you’re loyal and you’d go to any length to defend the country you love. Even though it seems like this car owner is patriotic, the mod is quite confusing because too many things are going on at once.

Asides the exaggerated exhaust pipe that would turn out offensive to the public, the car also has speakers, badges, eagles, instructions, and so many stickers to show he is a fan of so many football clubs—what an ugly confusion.

5 Gold Plated (Actually Worked)

Via sxdr

Sometimes the best way to display a level of wealth is to think out of the box and come up with the idea that would make passersby agree with you without uttering a word. The car in the image above is a good illustration of a car owner that admires the Arabians that are fond of gold plating their fleet of cars.

When you take time out to do something good the result is what you’re seeing. It practically takes your attention from the fact that it could be a beater.

4 Gold Plated 2 (Actually Worked)

Via YouTube

If you remember the octopus gone-wrong mod we talked about earlier, it would be easy for you to appreciate this beautiful mod. We can merely tag this mod “the gold plated and studded leopard.” The fusion of beautiful colors and the leopard pattern agrees with the attitude of a supercar.

It also has something that looks likes wings close to the trunk to assure you that its flight is meant for the roads only. The studs are also placed in the right places, and it’s worth admiring.

3 Put the Lighters Up (Actually Worked)

Via Top Gear

If you love light mods, it would be cool to go all out; the car looks like one that is undefeated anytime.

Talking about a beautiful car mod, this one is off the hook. The light mod would appeal to car enthusiasts, the younger generation, and people that love drama. The highlight of the mod is the fact that it was done on a supercar. Imagine how the sound of the car combines with the light especially at night and how beautiful it looks when it’s stationary in the parking lot.

2 1967 Corvette Retro Mod (Actually Worked)

Via Cars Down

Now, this is how to go classic in style. The leather seats look comfortable, and the hood is remarkable. It’s evident that the owner of this car has a keen eye for classic details. Even the windshield is impressive.

The car has the right curves in the right places that would make you appreciate classic models if you’re not a real fan. The car also has a retro design that isn’t screaming but positioned in the right place to complement the color and theme of the car.

1 Cool as Ice (Actually Worked)

Via Pinterest

The mod in the picture above is a street car that oozes coolness. One way to identify a good mod is when it says so much with so little. In other words, the mod doesn’t have to be excessive or out of place before people will notice and appreciate the creative initiative. The combination of a loud color with black, tones it down perfectly.

Also, the sports car attitude that it comes with is commendable. If you look at the car carefully, you will notice the art on the body that ties up the mod.

Source: Dorkly, Funnythought, Jalopnik

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