23 Photos Of Mods That Can Completely Ruin A Car

Drivers have been trying to improve their cars for many years by fitting it with most of the components contained on the cars in the Fast and Furious franchise. The cars in the Fast and Furious made viewers believe that their cars will reach higher speeds or look more alluring if they fit the components featured in the movies.

Although the modifications made in the Fast and Furious were done to drag racing cars, some drivers attempted to emulate the modifications to their daily cars. In most instances, the drivers degraded their cars with the modifications.

Certain modifications apply to specific cars and do not work on daily cars. One of the quickest ways to ruin a great car is by fitting components on it that is unsuitable. I have noticed that most inexperienced modifiers use the same parts to fit onto a vehicle and do not fit it correctly.

To find out which modifications most people don't do right, we gleaned photos of numerous cars that lost its appeal after the fitting of a specific part. Since inexperienced modifiers use several parts to kit out a car, we compiled a list of all the modifications that don't work on a car. Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend.

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23 Enormous Spoiler

via Youtube

Some modifiers believe that spoilers work on all cars. According to Digital Trends, a spoiler increases downforce and reduces lift at higher speeds to ensure better handling. The component functions to 'spoil' unfavorable air movement across the body of a vehicle.

While spoilers can help the driver to reach higher speeds, fitting a massive one can slow a vehicle down, not to mention making the car look eccentric. Regarding a spoiler, bigger isn't always better - especially in the case of the ride above.

22 Extra Axle

via m.shaoadarenw

Pickup trucks have become the most popular vehicles in many markets across the globe. Many drivers have chosen pickups as a lifestyle choice, rather than using it for its purpose. Some pickup drivers believe that their truck can support a greater load or provide better handling with an extra axle.

If pickup automakers such as Ford can produce an F-650 without an additional axle, then modifiers shouldn't try to fit an extra axle on a regular pickup.

21 Hardtop Into A Convertible

via Square Wheels Cycling

Automakers offer some of its models as a sedan or a convertible. What they don't do is offer the driver an option to convert a sedan into a convertible. Most modifiers who had attempted to remove a hardtop to make the car a convertible had failed. The end product makes the car look like it's missing a roof and windows, not a convertible.

The best option is to buy a convertible if the driver wants the top down. What does the driver do when it rains with the hardtop removed?

20 Stretching A Car

via Klaasen

Big men such as Shaquille O'Neal had to stretch their supercars to fit. Although the modifiers who stretched Shaq's supercars did an astounding job, the difference between an original and a stretched vehicle is visible. Drivers shouldn't stretch their cars to make it into another type of vehicle such as the pictured Tesla, which became a hearse.

A Dutch funeral company thought that some people might want to transport a coffin in a Model S, so the firm extended the electric car.

19 Raised Suspension

via Youtube

One of the main reasons that drivers have opted for SUVs and pickups is for the better safety and road visibility that the raised suspension provides to drivers. Some pickup and SUV drivers were unsatisfied with the height of the raised suspension, so they decide to elevate the vehicle further.

Although the additional suspension raise might allow the driver better visibility and safety, it makes the vehicle look like a grocery cart. The only vehicles it works on are off-roaders that traverse over boulders and big potholes.

18 Underglow Light Kits

via Boogey Lights

Drivers who fit light kits can make drag cars and some vehicles look more appealing, but it doesn't work on pickups. Cars with a low suspension and a sporty design are most suitable for light kits. Vehicles such as pickups aren't designed for speed, so the light kits are pointless.

Fitting a light kit on a vehicle that has raised suspension doesn't accentuate the car's appeal. Although lighting kits might look good on the cars in Fast and Furious, it doesn't look good on a pickup.

17 Lowered Suspension

via Cars Techie

Lowering the suspension of a car works on a few vehicles but not on an SUV. By lowering the suspension, the driver increases the risk of scraping the car along the road, hitting speed bumps or debris. A lowered suspension suits racing cars but not those that drivers use as daily cars.

Moreover, an SUV has an elevated suspension to ensure that the driver gets good road visibility and drives over the debris on the road. A lowered suspension doesn't suit an SUV the same way an elevated suspension wouldn't suit a Lamborghini.

16 Massive Exhausts

via New England Auto Show

I'm not sure what drivers with massive exhausts are trying to prove, but they should stop making that modification. The only result that they accomplish by fitting massive exhausts is to take up more space at a parking bay and emit more smoke.

Besides the environmental impact, massive exhausts also make the car less appealing and decrease the car's performance due to the additional weight. I can't say that I've seen an attractive vehicle that had massive exhausts.

15 Multi-Colors

via Pinterest

Car wrappings allow the owner to improve the aesthetics of the car and rip off the vinyl if undesirable. While many drivers have opted for the matte black option, some had more creative ideas. Some drivers opted to combine several colors onto one vehicle.

Although I saw a Lamborghini look appealing with a purple wrap and green stripes, that design looks best on supercars. Some drivers thought that using multiple colors on regular cars would make it look better. Wrong.

14 Oversized Rims

via Reddit

Fitting the correct rims can beautify a car. What qualifies as correct rims? The three most important aspects are the size, color, and design of the rim. If a modifier can find a rim that incorporates all three aspects, then he or she stands a high chance of making the car more attractive.

Modifiers who fit a car with oversize rims that have an eccentric design and a flashy color are not doing themselves any favors when they have to sell the car. Oversize rims seldom work.

13 Scissor Doors

via Flickr

The only car I have seen that scissor doors suit the ride is a Lamborghini. Similar styles such as the wing doors on a Tesla or a Mercedes AMG GT also work, but scissor doors on a regular sedan aren't effective.

Some pickup drivers attempted to fit scissor doors on their vehicles. Supercars can pull off the scissor or wing door look, not cars such as the F-150 or the Focus. Fitting scissor doors on those vehicles make the driver seem like he or she is desperate to own a supercar.

12 Double-sided

via Youtube

Attaching the front end of a car to the front of another car might make the car look intriguing, but it doesn't increase the car's value or make most people yearn for it. The other drawback is that the driver has forfeited seating back-seat passengers.

While some modifiers argue that the modification doesn't require them to reverse if they place steering wheels on both sides, most people don't find a car with a bonnet on both sides appealing. This is a mod nobody should try.

11 Replicas

via The Car

A copy can never be as good as the original. Some drivers who couldn't afford vehicles such as a Lamborghini Huracan or a Bugatti Veyron attempted to replicate the vehicles. While I have seen a few modifiers do a decent job at replicating supercars, most have struggled to match the efforts that foreign manufacturers had invested in its vehicles.

If the driver can't afford the original, it's best to buy a cheaper vehicle than to create a bad looking replica.

10 Rolling Coal

via Truck Trend

Rolling coal entails the driver to modify a diesel engine by increasing the amount of fuel that enters the engine so that the driver can emit large amounts of fumes. While the exercise might amuse the driver, it requires more gas consumption than usual and pollutes the environment.

Environmental activists have appealed to the government to ban the practice of rolling coal due to the damage that it causes. Besides, rolling coal can have an adverse effect on the health of people who are in the vicinity.

9 Stance

via Red Bull

The suspension height and the fitment of the wheels in the fender arches determine the car's stance. While it may refer to a vehicle, a car's stance is mostly applicable to lowered sports cars. Although some drivers like the look, I think the wheels look like it could fall off any time.

Besides the safety hazard of the stance look, the driver could cause damage to the car by scraping it along the ground. I'm not sure how the stance look gained prominence; it doesn't look good.

8 Car Stickers

via Decalkits

Many drivers have tried to decorate their cars with stickers, and most have failed. Drivers who use stickers on their cars do so to convey a message about their beliefs on a particular topic. While some stickers are amusing and interesting to read, it degrades the car's aesthetics.

The driver of the pictured car is a fan of Liam Neeson. Considering the driver produced a homemade car, stickers make this car look better, but it doesn't work on factory produced vehicles.

7 Extra Lights

via Entmontage

Driver visibility is important for avoiding collisions. Headlights allow the driver to see and to be seen. The problem with headlights is that some drivers fit additional pairs to get better visibility. Besides making the car look odd, the extra headlights could distract on-coming drivers due to the strong beam.

Additional headlights suit vehicles such as pickups and SUVs that go off-road during bad conditions or at night. Any sedan driver who needs additional headlights for visibility needs glasses.

6 Wooden Parts

via Youtube

A popular car modification that emerged several years ago is the use of wood. While some modifiers have opted for using wood for car parts, some have designed the car's exterior from wood.

Drivers who have wooden car parts expose themselves to a tremendous amount hazard. Wood parts don't provide the same level of protection that plastic or carbon fiber does in an accident. Also, wood parts are prone to catching fire and aren't an appealing feature on a car.

5 Seat Covers

via Scuba Diving Addicts

Taking care of the interior is as important for drivers to do like the exterior. The only problem with the interior modifications that drivers make is that they add unusual objects that contain multiple colors.

While some drivers have good intentions of protecting their seats with covers, most use the wrong design or color. By choosing the incorrect design or color, drivers can degrade their interior. Fitting aqua seat covers in a sedan can make the car look like a fish pond.

4 Head Scoops

via Gold Eagle

Hood scoops and air intakes are intended for high-performance vehicles. Air intakes on a high-performance vehicle aid in the cooling process by increasing airflow and minimizing the risk of overheating. Faux intakes don't serve a purpose, and its design reduces the vehicle's aerodynamics.

Drivers who want problems with their vehicles should add faux air intakes and hood scoops. Those who do not should stay away from that unnecessary modification. It isn't worth the hassle on a regular looking vehicle.

3 Personalized Number Plates

via Flickr

This modification is similar to stickers that drivers put on their vehicle. Drivers with personalized plates want other drivers to know their name or have a message for the world. Either way, they should not use the car's plates to express themselves.

A car is meant for commuting and transporting cargo, not for use as a mobile billboard. A silly number plate can make an elegant car such as an Aston Martin or a Bentley seem like a joke.

2 Steering Wheel Cover

via Disklok

Another interior modification drivers make that doesn't work most of the time is the steering wheel cover. While the cover can protect the steering wheel from wear and tear, it makes the interior look odd.

Some drivers fit the wheel cover to protect their hands from the hot wheel after the car has been in the sun for several hours. While those actions are plausible, steering wheel covers don't make the car more appealing. That's one of the interior modifications that doesn't work.

1 Combining Cars

via Youtube

It seems that some modifiers received inspiration from crossover vehicles. Producing a unique version of a car might work out if the modifier uses a base model as a blueprint. What doesn't work is when a modifier combines parts of different cars.

Although it might seem a good idea to attach a pickup's spacious cabin to a sedan, the final product doesn't look appealing. Making that modification also requires the modifier to ensure that the parts are welded well for safety reasons.

Sources - Digital Trends & Twitter

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