Mid-Engine Corvette Once Again Spotted In Michigan Ahead Of July Debut


Here we have yet another mid-engine Corvette spotted running around Michigan just before its July debut.

General Motors is certainly not afraid to let their upcoming C8-gen Corvette get a little sunshine as summer approaches, with test mules still buzzing like bees around Michigan. Is this so they can stretch their legs or just so they can get even more exposure? You be the judge.

This latest sighting comes courtesy of YouTuber Peter Calcaterra who went to the Cars and Coffee event in Wixom last weekend. Wixom just so happens to be close to the Milford Proving Grounds, GM’s official test track, so a C8 sighting was certainly not out of the question.

And indeed, a C8 does pop up just as Mr. Calcaterra heads home for the day. This particular test mule seems to be covered in more camouflaging outerwear than other C8s have, which might make this model a special version--perhaps hiding a different engine than the standard LT1 V8 that we expect the base C8 to come with.

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We can hear the engine after Calcaterra rolls down the window, and it doesn’t quite sound the same as a C7’s engine. That might mean there’s an active exhaust changing the noise, or it might mean a different engine entirely.

We expect the initial release of the C8, which will once again be called the Stingray, to feature the same 6.2-L LT1 V8 engine as the current C7 generation. Other models are expected to have a DOHC engine with twin-turbos or even a hybrid powertrain. The base model will likely start at 500 hp, but the twin-turbo version is expected to produce 750, with the hybrid making 1,000 hp or more.

The C8 will debut on July 18th, but there have been enough patents unearthed that there will basically be no surprises when that day finally rolls around. We’ve got details on the new Corvette’s 8-speed dual-clutch transmission, active aerodynamics and suspension, and even an ECU that is encrypted to the point of being unhackable (which really means it’ll just take a little longer to hack).

More details to come next month. You can start your countdown now.

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