Introducing The Rick And Morty Mobile, Available To Rent Now From Adult Swim

Adult Swim customized a Mazda3 with an enormous screaming Morty on the roof. Because marketing requires insane cars these days.


Here we see Morty in his natural habitat atop a 2010 Mazda3 hatchback. Screaming. As you would

Rick And Morty Season 4 just released last week, and to celebrate the occasion, Adult Swim teamed up with Turo to create… this. It’s a Mazda3 hatchback painted Crystal White Pearl Mica and fitted with a fiberglass representation of Morty on the roof. And as you would expect, Morty’s expression is fixed in a scream of terror that you can practically feel just by looking at it.

Why did Adult Swim do this? Who knows. Marketing these days is all about mayhem and notoriety, and this definitely smashes both buttons. Why did Turo do this? Also a good question. Perhaps a better question would be why did Turo allow themselves to host this car on their platform.

via Turo

Turo is a carsharing company where people sign up to start renting out their cars to people who just need it to buy groceries. After all, if your car is just sitting on your driveway collecting pollen (or snow, depending on where you live) then you might as well rent it out to someone who’s got places to be.

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In addition to renting cars from regular people, you can also rent the Mortymobile. It’s a white 2010 Mazda3 five-door hatchback, which is before the era of the SkyActiv engines for Mazda. As such, it’s just a regular old 2.5-L 4-cylinder with 167 hp. A 4-speaker audio system is the bare minimum a car can have and still be described as possessing an audio system, while power windows provide easy access to the outdoors when the A/C breaks.

via Turo

We don’t know how many miles this Mazda has on it, but it’s bound to be a lot. And it’s only going to get more as it gets passed around on a national tour to promote Rick And Morty’s latest season.

After unveiling at the Adult Swim Festival in Los Angeles this weekend, the car will hit other cities across the country. We don’t know which ones because Adult Swim didn’t say.

Wherever this car ends up, it’ll definitely be hard to miss.

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