10 Most Annoying Things Aggressive Drivers Do, Ranked

Aggressive drivers may think that they are just confident, but any of these habits prove them very wrong.

There's nothing wrong with being a little confident on the road - in fact, being a decisive, capable driver is something that every road user should aim for. However, there are definitely times where this spills over into something much worse... outright aggressive drivers. These are the people who undoubtedly think that they are great drivers, and who are incredibly impatient with everyone else on the road. In reality, however, aggressive drivers are often some of the worst on the road - and these are their absolute worst (and most dangerous) habits.

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10 Overconfidence

As we've already said, there's nothing wrong with being a confident driver. The problem comes when a driver gets overconfident, and starts taking totally unnecessary risks. These are the drivers who happily go over the speed limit, even in bad conditions, who think they know the roads so well that they forget to pay attention, or who think that the rules don't apply to them. If nothing else, this habit is just annoying because it means that they are constantly boasting about how excellent a driver they are... when everyone knows that they aren't.

9 Honking Their Horn

There's a time and a place where honking a horn makes sense. When you need to warn another driver of danger or just generally get their attention, a quick beep on the horn is a great idea. However, aggressive drivers seem to use their horn because they aren't sure that everyone else on the road would be able to hear if they just shouted out the window - or when it is going to do absolutely no good, like in a traffic jam. If horns were magical car parts that could clear the road, we'd all be using them!

8 Speeding

Moving from the plain old annoying to the habits that are actually dangerous, let's talk about speeding. Most drivers have been guilty of going a few miles over the speed limit, and even great drivers can occasionally assess the conditions and traffic and make a choice to go a little faster, and that's why this entry isn't higher on the list. However, aggressive drivers are also the type to go as fast as they can, even when it's not going to get them anywhere faster. Stepping on the gas between traffic lights is risky, not to mention loud, annoying, and not that great for the car or the enviroment.

7 Refusing To Let Others In

Part of being a road user is recognizing that you have to share the road itself - and that means letting people in, letting people merge, and generally trying not to hog the road and hold everyone up. However, aggressive drivers are the type to avoid letting anyone in, even if they don't have the right of way. Refusing to zipper actually slows down high traffic areas, so this is one habit that isn't actually going to get them where they are going any faster.

6 Undertaking (& Overtaking For No Reason)

Much like the previous entry, this is the kind of behavior that aggressive drivers think is going to get them to their destination faster, but might actually slow them down... and will certainly annoy everyone around them.

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The desperate need to get ahead of anyone going even slightly slower just leads to unnecessary overtaking that will annoy other drivers, and often causes drivers to undertake, as well. This is more dangerous than annoying, as undertaking may end up causing accidents, especially on multi-lane roads if undertaking and overtaking happen to meet in the middle.

5 Braking Suddenly

This one goes hand in hand with speeding - and happens when aggressive drivers like to go as fast as possible for as far as possible, and then slam on the brakes. This can cause a chain reaction, as all the cars behind them are then also forced to slam on their brakes, and of course, that's just an accident waiting to happen.

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Not to mention that aggressive drivers who are driving in road conditions that they aren't used to (like ice, snow, and heavy rain), may find that a sudden sharp stop is going to turn into something much worse.

4 Refusing To Indicate

If they know where they are going, and that the road is clear, why even bother indicating? The refusal to use the indicator is definitely one of the most annoying habits that an aggressive driver can have, whether it means that someone is stuck behind them waiting for them to turn (when they would have chosen the other lane, if that indicator had been on), or just taken by surprise by a sudden change in direction. This is especially annoying because it takes so little to indicate, just a slight flick of the fingers!

3 Swerving Across Lanes

Waiting for an appropriate gap, and changing lanes one at a time? Aggressive drivers seem to think that that's for amateurs, and prefer to screech across multiple lanes of traffic without bothering to indicate or pause for a moment. This isn't just annoying, it's incredibly dangerous, because it means that they aren't taking the time to check their blind spot before each lane change. This isn't saving time, it's an accident waiting to happen.

2 Tailgating

No, not to hang out in the parking lot and have an awesome barbecue with friends. The other kind of tailgating, when an aggressive driver decides to leave as little space as physically possible between themselves and the car in front, usually in an attempt to convey that they would like that car to go a whole lot faster (or possibly just disappear altogether). Not only is this not likely to actually make the car go any faster, but it's going to upset them or make them angry, instead... which brings us onto the final point:

1 Road Rage & Pettiness

Just like with our list on annoying slow-driver habits, the worst of the worst has to be that aggressive drivers are front and center when it comes to instances of road rage - and aggressive drivers are more likely than slow drivers to be the instigators. In addition, they are more likely to pull all kinds of petty stunts on the road - the belief that they are a great driver may lead an aggressive driver to do things just to show another driver 'who's boss'... and of course, all that does is lead to problems.

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