20 Things That Make Us Totally Angry While Driving

We all know that cars—and driving, in general—is really important to the way that we all live. We all have places to go, and we all need to get there. Sometimes, if the day is right, if you're in a good mood and the weather is nice, driving can be a lot of fun. You can roll down the windows, crank up some music, and enjoy a really nice day driving on the way to wherever you're heading. That isn't the way things are all the time, though.

Sometimes, driving can be incredibly irritating. The thing is, as you know, it isn't just you who's out there on the road; there are all sorts of people who are driving on the road with you, and let's face it—a lot of them are pretty darn irritating.  What might've started out to be a day that was really fun can turn into a day that's totally awful, and it can happen really quickly.

There are so many different things that people do when they're driving that it's hard to narrow it down to just 20. In fact, even starting to think about all of this stuff is starting to get me kind of mad.

Here are 20 Things That Make Us Totally Angry While Driving:

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20 People Driving Slow in the Fast Lane

This one is at the top of pretty much anyone's list, and the most confusing thing about it is trying to figure out why people do it at all. Seriously, there are two lanes: one of them is for people who are going fast, while another is for people who like to go slow.

If you're one of those people who like to go slow, then get out of the fast lane!

Seriously, it's almost impossible to figure out what's up with these people. Are they evil geniuses who enjoy causing the rest of us misery, or are they people who are just so incredibly thick that they can't figure out that what they're doing is wrong? Who knows? But they sure are irritating.

19 People Who Won't Let You Merge

This one is also incredibly irritating. If you're stuck in a situation where you're trying to merge but there's no way for you to get over, a decent person would stop and let you in. At least that's what you would probably think, so why is it so hard to find any decent people in the world that are willing to let you in? So many people pretend they don't see you and just leave you out to dry, or they even act like they're intentionally trying to cut you off. What's the deal with this? It isn't your fault that you're trying to merge, so why are people acting like you're trying to steal their wallet? People that don't let you merge are awful.

18 Tailgaters

Of all the things that stupid drivers do, tailgating might actually be the worst. I had a girlfriend whom I went out with for years. She was incredibly sweet, except for one thing—she was an absolute maniac when it would come to tailgating. She would ride up right behind people, and if they tapped their breaks, she would get behind them even closer. I have to tell you, I'm not known as someone who's afraid of a lot of things, but this was pretty terrifying. I mean, what's the point of tailgating? You think someone in front of you is going really slow, so you try to cause an accident and kill everyone? It's just a bit of an overreaction, I would say.

17 Drivers Who Text

Back in the day, you didn't have to worry about drivers texting when they were cruising down the road—and with good reason. After all, it's pretty much the dumbest thing that anyone could possibly do. The worst part is, so many of us have done it at some point in the past. Remember when it used to be bad to take a call on your phone when you were driving?  Like that was supposed to be the worst thing that you could possibly do that might distract you? Although that's still pretty bad, these days, it doesn't seem like it's much of a big deal at all, at least compared to texting.

16 Two Slow Cars Side by Side on the Highway

This one's just incredibly irritating. Who are these guys? Who does this? Do you think it's two people who already know each other and just decided that they're going to go out and drive everyone out of their minds? You know these people. They drive next to each other on the highway for miles, but they never actually pass each other; they just keep driving and driving and driving next to each other the whole time and not letting anyone else pass them. This is another one of those things where you have to wonder if these people are evil. Or are they just so incredibly stupid that they can't tell how much they're ruining everyone's day?

15 Drivers Who Don't Signal

Now, I get this up to a certain extent. Yes, it's the law that people are supposed to signal when they're making a turn, but at the same point, there are certain times when it really doesn't make any sense for them to do so. But what I'm talking about is different; the people I'm referring to are the types that you're either behind or are waiting at a stop sign for to turn out in front of them, and they don't use their turn signal even though they have to know that it's bumming you out, at least a little bit. While this one isn't at the total top of the list of irritating behaviors, when it comes right down to it, there's no excuse for being this lame.

14 Cars That Slow Down For No Reason

If you're like me, it isn't that you mind driving behind a driver who's going a little too slow; what you really mind is the driver who constantly brakes or slows way down for no reason at all. It's like you have to pay the closest attention to this driver every single second, or you risk your life. And the worst part of it is, you can never tell why the person is actually doing it. This is another one of those types of drivers for whom it's literally impossible to tell what they're really up to. Is their goal just to drive you out of your skull, or are they seriously one of the worst drivers in the history of the entire world? Your guess is as good as mine.

13 People Who Speed Up When it Finally Gets to a Double Lane

This one is absolutely priceless. Just for example, let's say the guy in front of you is going 50 miles an hour on a one-lane road, and there's no safe place to pass. All of a sudden, you come to one of those areas where it breaks down into two lanes briefly and says, "Slower Traffic Keep Right," giving you a brief chance for you to pass this person that you've been stuck behind for a long time. So, does he pull over and let you go by as he keeps at the same speed? No way! Not only does he not pull over to the right; he also speeds up so you can't get past him, only to slow back down again once the two lanes go back into one. What a total jerk.

12 People Who Leave on Their Brights

This one shouldn't be hard, but yet a lot of people can't figure it out. Yes, I understand that at times, it gets dark out, and you can't see where you're going, and you might need to turn on your high beams, but at the same point, if you see someone coming in the other direction, then you have to turn them off because, you know, you could blind them. This is the kind of thing that we all should've learned pretty much the very first time that any of us got behind the wheel or maybe even learned before then. If you have your license and you either don't know to turn your high beams off or you keep forgetting to do so, then just get off the road.

11 People Who Can't Figure Out a Four-Way Stop

This is one that I totally can't figure out.

A four-way stop sign is really not that complicated.

If you get there before the other car, then you go before they do; if you don't, then they go before you. Is this really that hard for people? Apparently, it is. Almost every time you get to one of these, you either come across a guy who wants to beat you to the punch and cut you off or possibly someone who gets there way before you and simply can't figure out that it's his turn to go. A four-way stop is really a lot like an IQ test, and it really is pretty amazing how many people flunk it. Are so many people really this stupid?

10 Pedestrians Who Run Out in Front of You

Here's the thing—when you're in a car and a pedestrian runs right into you, your car is going to be fine. But the pedestrian? Not so much. So, with that said, why are so many pedestrians fixated on just running out in front of cars these days? I'm not talking about someone in a crosswalk or even someone who's paying attention and who times everything just right. What I'm talking about are people who are sort of the human equivalent of squirrels. They just run out in the street without even looking. Then, they often panic and make total fools out of themselves once they see a car coming their way. So irritating.

9 Bikers Who Won't Get Out of the Way

I understand that cars are supposed to share the road with bikers and that the rules of the road apply to bikers as well. I totally get all of that. Still, when you're cruising down some windy road on your bike and there are a lot of curves on it, for crying out loud, try and make sure that you get over to the right and get out of the way of cars! Just like the whole pedestrian thing—you can try and act like you have an equal right to the road, and that's fine, to be honest, but you know that all I'm trying to do as a driver is not accidentally run you over and hurt you while you're out there on your bike. Can you help me do that? Thank you very much in advance.

8 People Who Slow Down Way Too Much to Make a Turn

There's nothing like someone who's cruising around in some small car like a Prius and who, all of a sudden has to slow down way too much because they're trying to make a turn.

All of a sudden, when they're making a turn, their little compact car turns into a tractor-trailer or something.

Listen... I understand people who are trying to make sure that they don't have an accident and are trying to be safe—that isn't the issue. What I don't understand are people who literally don't have the ability to drive a car. The fact of the matter is that if you can't make a turn without slowing down to an absolute crawl, then you probably shouldn't be out on the road.

7 People Who Get Aggro For No Reason

A furious man driving, as seen from behind the wheel. Shot using a very wide fisheye lens.

I know, I know... this whole article is about getting irritated by what other people do when they're driving. But what I'm talking about here is people getting mad to the extent that they're outright lunatics. All of us have had it happen at one point or another—you see people out on the road who get so angry that it seems that they're going to try to murder you or, at the least, have a heart attack because they're so enraged.  Hey, I get it... obviously, I do. That's why I wrote this article. Driving can be a frustrating experience. But seriously, if you get incredibly angry while you're driving your car, you might want to reexamine your life.

6 People Who Stop While Merging on a Highway

This is the absolute worst. You're trying to merge on to a busy highway, and then, the guy in front of you slows way down and then actually does the unthinkable and stops, which of course, forces you to stop as well. This is just ridiculous. You simply can't do that, which is why the sign says "merge"—you just keep on going and figure out your way in. People who do this aren't only not very smart, but they're also cowards, which is really not a good combination. If you're going to be scared by things, then you really should try and figure out what's actually scary. Merging might not be easy, but there's no way it should ever be scary.

5 People Who Pass You, Then Slow Way Down

This one is just awful, and it happens literally all the time. You're cruising along, going maybe 75 or so, and some guy passes you. Cool... whatever, right? But then he gets over in front of you and just slows way down. What's this about? Did this guy actually want to pass you because he wants to go faster, or did he just pass you because he's a total idiot who just wants to feel superior to other people and pass them? Either way, this just sets you up to have to pull out and pass him again, which you wouldn't have had to do if he just minded his own business in the first place instead of trying to be a super cool alpha dog.

4 Rubberneckers

While I keep saying a lot of these are the worst, this one is really right up there. You know when everything gets delayed on the highway—or any road really—and the traffic is way backed up for the longest time, and finally, you get to what caused the whole delay, and it's really just a tiny accident or something like that. And then, you realize that the only reason you just got delayed an hour and spent the whole thing in total misery is that all of these people in their cars just sat there rubbernecking at the tiny accident and slowed everyone down when there was really nothing to see in the first place? Yeah, that really stinks.

3 People Who Can't Figure Out the Drive-Thru

When I go to the drive-thru, I usually already know what I'm going to get to eat, have my wallet out, and, you know, all of that stuff that adults do that have a normal degree of intelligence. But the thing is, I guess I'm kind of alone on this because, so often, the people in front of me in line really can't seem to figure out how to pay for their food, how to order their food, or even what they might want to eat. Who knows? Maybe it's just that a lot of really dumb people eat a lot of fast food, but no matter what the reason for it is, there are a lot of people who can't seem to figure out how to actually do the drive-thru, and that's just sad.

2 Lunatic Truck Drivers

Most long-distance tractor-trailer drivers are very responsible and obey all of the rules of the road, which is why the ones who are total lunatics are so alarming.  Have you ever seen these guys? They speed like crazy, tailgate people, and veer in and out of lanes in such a way that if you didn't know better, you'd think that they had a goal of terrifying absolutely everyone whom they come into contact with. I don't like these guys. In fact, I'm pretty sure no one likes these guys. If these guys have dogs, I bet their dogs don't like them. I mean, I bet even their moms don't like them. Well, you get the point. These guys totally stink.

1 Overly Vigilant Cops

Okay, I know that cops have a job to do, and if they weren't around, so many of the other things on this list would be even worse, as they keep all the bad drivers in line, but still, no list like this would be complete if it weren't for the overly vigilant cop. These are the types of guys who are literally looking for any little thing wrong and pull you over because you have a blinker light out while every other lunatic in the world is speeding past you while driving like a maniac. I get it—a police officer has to do his jobs, and it's a hard job at that. All I'm saying is when it comes to being out on roads, maybe get everyone else and leave me alone? Thanks much.

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