The 10 Most Disappointing Cars BMW Ever Made

There haven’t been many real failures in the history of BMW production, but today we’ll tell you about, and show you, the hardest ones

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, better known as BMW, is a multinational company founded in 1916 in Germany. They are best known for producing motorcycles and luxury cars. The popularity of these cars, in particular, is explained by a variety of body styles, a wide selection of engines (gasoline, diesel and now hybrid or electric) and numerous accessories.

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But as with all brands, not entirely successful surprises can happen. A number of BMW cars became famous for being the “most disastrous” models. With the release of a new car, each manufacturer hopes for its high popularity and getting into top sales, especially if it is such a solid brand as BMW. There haven’t been many real failures in the history of BMW production, but today we’ll tell you about, and show you, the hardest ones. Let’s go!

10 BMW 318D

When the soft BMW seat is under you, it's certainly nice. You are glad, you are proud and you think – here is the real quality and reliability, but count on us, it would not last long… This model of BMW has some faults that you definitely need to know about before you buy it. The fuel economy is not substantial compared to other models.

To replace the timing belt on a BMW 318D, due to the location, you have to remove the engine from the car. On the motor of this model, electric nozzles that, according to the manufacturers, are of high quality, fail quickly. But in fact, their resources are limited and the replacement is very expensive. So start saving money now for repairs.

9 BMW 320 SI

Despite the fact that this model is considered quite maneuverable and has a good degree of security, it has a lot of identified defects and troubles. For example, it was released in 2006 and limited to 2600 units.

In no case purchase a car that was released in this date range, otherwise, you will get complete garbage. During this period of time, there were problems with aluminum sleeves, and because of this defect, there is a huge risk of destruction of the liner. So, if you really have to have a BMW, buy a more reliable model and stay away from this one.

8 BMW 505

BMW 505 is a rear-wheel sedan, which was designed by Michelotti (Giovanni Michelotti was one of the greatest sports car designers in the 20th century). This post-war model had an unusual incident in its history. German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer was thinking of making BMW his official car after using Mercedes Benz for many years.

The limousine-based 505 was built for him with hopes for wider production. However, upon entering the car, it is reported that Adenauer knocked his hat off. Whether it was the hat that caused him to stay with Mercedes, we’ll never know, but the 505 died before it ever got to production.

7 BMW M1

The Bavarians had great hopes for BMW M1, everything was perfect on paper, and the car was designed to represent BMW on the race tracks as a low profile-type race car that had gained a great deal of popularity in the late 70s.

It was to personify automotive art in form and function in the new Manufactur­ers Championship races that favored specially designed prototype vehicles for racing; one or two of a kind. But somewhere between the introduction of the prototype and the ending of production, public opinion and the rules on the race tracks changed, leaving the new model in the dust. By 1980, with public opinion moving back toward racing in production style vehicles, the M1 no longer had an audience.

6 BMW Isetta

In the 1950s, the BMW manufacturing company decided to create something special and different and the Isetta was the result. It looks like a cabin scooter for two persons. At first sight, the Isetta is a very cute, tiny car.

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The microcar was designed by Italian designers (hopefully from the first sight you get the Italian vibe) at Iso SpA, an Italian maker of scooters and BMW manufactured it under license with Iso. But this little BMW “baby” was a cramped, noisy, unsafe and uncomfortable car which didn’t interest too many people. In spite of all these disadvantages, the BMW Isetta had a great plus in its price.

5 Series 5 – ALL OF THEM

If you plan to buy a new car and you chose BMW as one of the best car manufacturers, you have probably heard or already discovered one of the most popular models - the 5-Series. But we’re here to help you and unfortunately make you unhappy with them.

The BMW Series 5 released in 2006 - 2012, and 2015 are the most insecure and maintenance-intensive cars that BMW has ever produced. The general problem is connected with engines and performing repairs will require spending a fortune - more than $2,500. That is because BMW parts are super expensive. BMW did not seem to want to make any changes to solve these problems.


The Hommage was introduced as a concept car at Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este in 2015 and sportscar enthusiast’s mouths began to water. The vehicle was designed to pay tribute to the 3.0 CSL series that was specially built for racing at the European Touring Car Championships.

The odd yellow color choice did nothing to detract from the low-profile, mean-machine, muscle-car looking vehicle with the added attraction of a huge spoiler on the back. The big disappointment with this car is that it wasn’t going into production and would forever remain a concept car. Looking like a cool race car, E9 Hommage is considered by some to be a different version of the Batmobile.

3 BMW X5

BMW X5 has also many minuses. People are sure that the cars of BMW are ideally created. So here are some disadvantages that will make you hesitate in your future choice. For example, the engine and the capacity for speed are so big that they make the rest of the car minimal in size.

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The back seat has three sets of seat belts but the people who are sitting there had better be children if they want to fit. The choice of electronics is so overdone that most buyers never get around to reading the instructions for all of them. Nothing was really changed except that the design of the X5 looks different from all of the other models and the price, which is still very steep.

2 BMW i3

It looks like a box, is very ugly, not comfy... Yes, it’s all about BMW i3. It was BMW’s venture into the electric hybrid market and has not been too successful. The car is literally boxy looking and seems to have a huge bump on its face.

There is nothing except the BMW logo that makes this car stand out as a BMW should. The venture into hybrid territory added way too much gear. The car is so connected that it puts a strain on the 450-pound lithium battery. Weight was minimized by so much carbon nanotube replacing steel that safety should be a concern in any accident.

1 Series 1

A unique looking family car, which is not an exception, also has some disadvantages. The car tries to look sporty but it’s hard for the car like Series 1. The engine is very small and can’t deliver the power that the sporty model does.

Mileage per gallon is a minimal 18 and that was when gas was just $3 per gallon. The back seat is again uncomfortable; it is made for two short people. BMW spent less on the interior and the leather feels like plastic and just does not hold up for a long time. The car costs a lot and it is simply not worth its price.

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