The Most Expensive McLaren In The World Just Sold For $19.8 Million

McLaren must be proud of their F1 LM-Spec supercar after it sold for $19.8 million last weekend at Monterey Car Week.

F1 LM Spec

The most expensive McLaren in the world sold for $19.8 million at RM Sotheby’s Monterey Car Week auctions last weekend.

Only two examples of the F1 LM-Spec supercar exist. Based on the original F1, but then provided with the engine and extra-high downforce kit installed on the F1 LM, the F1 LM-Spec is considered by many to the ultimate expression of performance luxury from McLaren.

This particular model was enhanced to its LM-Spec-edness when the original owner sent it back to McLaren for a factory refit. While McLaren's Special Operations division (MSO) was busy installing the new engine and rear wing, they also gave the car a new radio, better headlights, an adjustable suspension, and had the entire F1 repainted and retrimmed.

F1 LM Spec
via RM Sothebys

The final product is quite possibly the best McLaren ever made. It is certainly the most expensive.

Last month, we expected this silver F1 LM-Spec car to fetch anywhere from $21 to $23 million. When the final gavel fell at RM Sotheby’s auction last weekend, the sale price totaled $19,805,000--still an astounding price and one that beats the previous car’s auction price. The other F1 LM-Spec, painted red and auctioned at RM Sotheby’s during Monterey Car Week 2015, sold for $13.75 million.

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We don’t know who purchased this silver F1, but we suspect they made a sound investment. With just 13,352 miles on the odometer, even if this car is driven (which we highly doubt) it’s only likely to appreciate in value over time. And who knows? Maybe McLaren will take the car back for a second refit and modernization.

F1 LM Spec
via RM Sothebys

In case you were wondering what’s under the hood, it’s a 6.1-L V12 that has been tweaked to produce 671 hp and 520 lb-ft of torque. Power is routed to the rear wheels through a 6-speed manual transmission. And just like the original F1, the driver sits in the middle with room for two fairly cramped passengers on either side.

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