The 10 Most Expensive Motorcycles You Can Buy, Ranked

We've found the 10 most expensive motorcycles which money can buy and ranked them. Check out these beautiful machines.

Every motorcycle enthusiast knows that the sense of freedom and speed provided by these two-wheeled companions makes them incomparable to cars. And since bikes have experienced an equal technological evolution throughout the last century, we thought it was time to catch up and see just how far they've come.

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Now, we've already covered the most expensive motorcycles ever made, which includes many priceless custom and historic vintage models. But for this list, we're focusing on new production models with the highest manufacturer price tags. There's a reason the motorcycles on this list cost so much, as they invariably display the very pinnacle of automotive technology. So, if you like fast bikes with beastly engines packed with heaps of advanced tech features, this is just the list for you!

Here you'll find the most exciting, advanced, and competent two-wheelers created only for the most ambitious motorcycle enthusiasts who are not afraid to reach deep into their pockets. For the 10 most expensive motorcycles you can buy, keep reading.

10 Ducati 1299 Superleggera: Cost $89,000

This bike is not a vintage model or a one-off custom. The reason you pay $89,000 for it is that what you're getting is essentially a street-legal motorsports bike. The engine was tuned to put out about 215 horsepower while the entire frame is made up of carbon fiber, resulting in a featherlight 344 lbs.

Even the wheels are completely made up of carbon fiber - a first-ever on a production motorcycle. Saddled on one of these, you can expect to reach 60 mph in about 3.3 seconds and maintain incredible stability at a top speed of over 190 mph. Interested? Hurry up, because only 500 of these are being made.

9 NCR Leggera 1200 Titanium Special: Cost $95,000

The Leggera is a custom motorcycle hand-built and engineered to perfection by the renowned NCR bike shop. Though it may look like a Ducati with just a few swapped out parts, there's very little of Ducati left in this beast. The entire main frame is built out of titanium, featuring the famous Öhlins suspension, while the very best Brembo breaks decorate the wheels. The NCR's standard package is good for 90 horsepower and will set you back just $72,000.

But, it's the optional package you really wanna go for. It will give you that 1200cc race engine that churns out 138 horsepower and sees the bike's weight reduce by as much as 44 lbs, to only 297 lbs. But, satisfying your ego will cost you an additional $19,000, which bumps the total price of the bike to $95,000. Expensive? Well, put some additional NCR goodies on to the Leggera and you'll see the price rise way above 95 grand. The best part is that NCR leaves how badass the bike will be all up to you.

8 MV Agusta F4CC: Cost $120,000

In 2006, the MV Agusta's Managing Director Claudio Castiglioni decided to create a truly special motorcycle and one that would carry his initials. Thus, two years later, the F4CC came to be, and it was a true street-legal race bike. By then, MV Agusta had already long been a household name among performance motorcycle enthusiasts.

The bike has everything a speed-nut could ask for. The engine has been bored out to its maximum potential of 1078cc, which enabled it to produce 200 horsepower. This was scary considering the bike's taken every measure to weigh only 411 lbs. Following that notion, the F4CC would top out at about 195 mph. It was so extreme, only 100 were produced. The only downside, it retails for $120,000.

7 Confederate P51 Combat Fighter: Cost $125,000

The P51 Combat Fighter looks like it came straight out of a retro sci-fi movie. Every design feature seems to revolve around fitting the ghastly 2163cc engine that has no business being inside a motorcycle. And although the seat might look nightmarishly uncomfortable, twist that throttle to unleash the bike's 200 horsepower and 170 lb-ft of torque and it will all seem worth it.

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Because the entire bike is cast in aerospace-grade billet aluminum, it still squares off at just 500 lbs. We've never seen such an engine-heavy and disproportionate motorcycle that looks so stylish. And in this case, the price of style is nothing short of $125,000.

6 Icon Sheene: Cost $160,000

This translates to a top speed of 200 mph. Owning one of these would be quite a privilege, given that only 52 units have ever been produced, each priced at $160,000. To make the bike even more special, Icon engraved each unit with one of the 52 cards in a deck.

5 Honda RC213VS: Cost $184,000

It utilizes a 6-speed sequential connected to either a standard 157-horsepower or 212-hp race-spec V4. But considering the dry weight of the bike is only 352 lbs, even 157 hp is plenty.

If you want a true MotoGP bike that you can legally take out on the road, the RC213 V-S is as good as it gets. Unfortunately, this also means you'll have to pay a pretty penny, $184,000, to be exact.

4 MTT Turbine Superbike: Cost $185,000

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The company came to light in 2001 when its Y2K model became the first street-legal turbine-powered motorcycle. Since then, Marine Turbine Technologies (MTT) has been renowned for producing turbine-powered motorcycles with top speeds that allegedly exceed 250 mph.

3 Midual Type 1: Cost $185,000

Beautifully incorporating retro design elements and alternating between shiny metal and lavish leather, the Midual Type 1 is a brand new motorcycle that exudes classic luxury and style.

The focus of this bike seems to be to provide the most enjoyable riding experience, but not necessarily the fastest. It hence uses a balanced 106-horsepower 1036cc engine elegantly nestled inside an expensive aluminum-monocoque chassis that incorporates the fuel tank into the body of the bike. Every single structure element of the Type 1 is carefully handpicked and integrated into the bike with French passion, and the price you pay is a steep $185,000.

2 Ecosse Founder’s Edition Ti XX: Cost $300,000

Aside from a beautiful and sleek design, there's nothing to indicate that the XX is one of the most expensive motorbikes in the world. Its supreme value comes from several factors, though. You see, Ecosse created this bike as part of an exclusive, 13-unit production run, putting their efforts into making it as badass and competent as possible. Hence, it features a 2.4L aluminum engine that produces a whopping 228 horsepower. Its body is largely made up of carbon fiber to save on weight and make the bake as quick and responsive as possible.

As icing on the cake, the company handed the seat design over to an Italian leather company Berluti, which delivered a beautiful and stylish saddle fit for a king. Combine top-notch engineering, design, and comfort features into one insanely powerful and exclusive bike, and it becomes clear why the Founder's Edition Ti XX goes for $300,000.

1 Tamburini T12 Massimo: Cost $1,000,000

Once dubbed the "Michelangelo of motorbike design," Massimo Tamburini was one of the most iconic motorcycle designers in the world. His work includes the likes of the Ducati 916 and the lauded MV Agusta F4. Before passing away in 2014, he worked on a project that would become most beastly and most expensive motorcycle he ever designed. It's called the Tamburini T12 Massimo, and today it's worth just about a million dollars.

Though incredibly steep, the price is well justified. Not only is the way it uses its design to achieve superb aerodynamics art in itself, but the bike a monster that's not allowed anywhere but the race track.

The body is all carbon fiber, and under it is a four-cylinder, 230-horsepower Godzilla of an engine borrowed from a BMW S1000RR. To minimize weight, it uses a titanium Arrow exhaust system, while the wheels, swing-arm, and the aesthetic headstock are all magnesium. As such, the bike tips the scale at a featherlight 340 lbs. Unfortunately, only 12 units have ever been made.

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