Most & Least Stolen Cars In The U.S.

One of the worst feelings in the world is coming out of the house or out of work and finding that your previously occupied parking spot is now curiously empty. Sometimes it’s the neighborhood that is to blame, but often it’s the type of car.

Believe it or not, some cars are just more prone to being stolen, while others seem to attract none of that negative attention. It can be a great benefit to know which ones are which, and that is why we compiled this list of the most and least stolen cars. Here’s hoping it makes a difference!

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10 Most: 1997 Honda Accord

What is it about this unassuming sedan that makes it so desirable to thieves? Actually, the 1997 Honda Accord just so happens to be the best selling car of all time. Surprising right?

These average-looking cars last a very long time and are therefore always relevant in the booming spare-parts market. Plus, old cars are way easier to steal than new cars. These days, newer cars are outfitted with more security than bank vaults, and one thing the movies don’t tell you about a car thief is that they are generally lazy and want a job to be as easy as possible.

9 Least: BMW 3-Series

The BMW 3-Series cars are undeniably beautiful and amazing machines, so one would think that car thieves would be chomping at the bit to get their hands on one. Think again!

For some reason that is hard to pin down, the 3-series is not attractive to car thieves. One speculation is that, since car theft is largely a crime of opportunity, BMW’s advanced security features make it an unlikely candidate for sticky fingers. It isn’t exactly unstealable—no car is if you’re really determined—but most thieves are looking for a quick and easy score, not a puzzle to solve.

8 Most: 1998 Honda Civic

Six thousand seven hundred and seven 1998 Honda Civics were stolen in 2016; if that doesn’t talk to its desirability, what does? Like the 1998 Accord, Honda Civics are valuable because so many people are still driving them. When their old cars wear out, they need affordable parts and what better way for carjackers to supply those parts?

Thieves are having a field day on the black market with these types of cars, and, unlike newer cars suped-up with anti-theft technology, there’s not much standing in their way. To anyone who owns one: be on guard. Good luck!

7 Least: Tesla Model S

Worried about that new Tesla? Don’t be. Stats say that it’s one of the least likely to be nabbed on the street, mostly because Tesla’s aren’t usually parked on the street. Because of being electric, Tesla’s need to be near a power source to be charged. That means they can be found in a garage or near a house, plugged in and charging up.

This significantly cuts down the risk of a car being stolen. The more inaccessible, the better. Car thieves aren't usually home invaders, so the chances of them breaking in just to get your car are slim to none.

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6 Most: 2006 Ford Pickup


Theft tends to be an issue with pick-up trucks, but no one knows why the F-250 model pick-up trucks are the most stolen trucks, it’s just a fact. It could be a flaw in the anti-theft technology, or perhaps more Ford truck owners are just too careless to use it properly.

Whatever the reason, by the end of 2017, three thousand one hundred and fifty-one of those pickups had been swiped. If a Ford pickup is of interest, it’s important to invest in and use the anti-theft technology provided. It’ll prevent a lot of grief and costs of a replacement.

5 Least: Tesla Model X

Like its cousin the Tesla Model S, the Tesla Model X is one of the safest cars to own nowadays. Once again, because of it being electric, it is normally stored away in a garage or near home so that it can charge. That keeps it off of the street and off a carjacker’s radar.

Plus, Teslas are not exactly flooding the streets, so there wouldn’t be much of a demand on the black market for parts. At the very least, the high tech anti-theft systems are a huge deterrent when it comes to this car being nabbed. Tesla owners, you’re safe!

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4 Most: 2004 Chevrolet Pickup

It’s a sad fact: older model cars are more likely to be stolen. They’re easier to steal and easier to sell. The 2004 Chevy Pick-up is no exception. In 2016 two thousand one hundred and seven ‘04 Chevy pick-ups were stolen, and thirty-one thousand two hundred and thirty-eight full-size Chevy pick-ups were stolen overall.

Those are some pretty big numbers and should be sobering for anyone who owns a Chevy pick-up truck. Word of advice: don’t neglect the basic safety measures. Invest in anti-theft technology. It’ll be worth the price tag at the end of the day!

3 Least: Chevrolet Equinox

The Chevrolet Equinox is the complete package. It’s stylish and equipped with the latest technology, which by all accounts should make it more appealing to a car thief.

Interestingly enough, that’s what makes it not so appealing. The Highway Loss Data Institute report ranked the Chevy Equinox as the 5th least stolen vehicle in the U.S. That’s probably because it’s not only good-looking but well-protected, as most modern vehicles are.

It might be going a bit far to say that carjackers are sort of lazy, but, at the very least, they’re not up to this much of a challenge.

2 Most: 2016 Toyota Camry

Toyota Camrys are very popular. A whopping sixteen thousand seven hundred and thirty-two were stolen in 2016. Some were probably stolen for parts, which is common, but there is a possibility that some were resold in the U.S. and overseas.

Toyota has produced many versions of the Camry, and this variety makes the car model low-hanging-fruit for ambitious car thieves. Although, being a modern car, it’s important to note that technology alone won't protect a car from theft; there are, after all, hackers who are thieves. However, it’s more likely a Camry will be stolen due to carelessness on the part of the driver.

1 Least: Buick Encore


A Buick Encore is very good, very reliable SUV. So, why isn’t it stolen more? Truth be told, no one knows. It could be the anti-theft system, it could be that Buick owners are more responsible than other car owners, or maybe—and we think this is the most likely—there aren’t enough on the road for a car thief to warrant selling its parts on the black market.

This doesn’t mean Buick owners should relax; there’s always one thief who’ll do what no other thief dares. Keep being cautious and do what’s necessary to ward off carjackers if possible.

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