10 Of The Most Overrated Muscle Cars, Ranked

In human nature, people tend to stick together in groups. These groups, usually, have something in common with one and other: Culture, appearance, and beliefs/hobbies. Car enthusiast are not exempt from this constant, as automotive lovers separate themselves into similar cliques.

Of these groups, a large portion is comprised of muscle car aficionados who fancy American made classics over anything else. However, love can sometimes cloud one's vision in terms of quality, as evidenced by the countless American muscle cars that are beloved much more than is deserved. To showcase these particular vehicles, here are ten of the most overrated muscle cars, ranked...

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10 AMC AMX/3

For those who are unaware, long ago an automotive manufacturer American Motors Corporation (AMC) had a pretty good lineup of vehicles. Particularly, the AMX series: A grand touring sports car.

One of the concepts to come out from AMC was the AMX/3. Unfortunately, the program was shut down before anything substantial could be created. However, five models were created after all. As a result, these five AMX/3's have been hailed as outstanding muscle cars worthy of their hefty price tag. This, in realty, is not the case. The best part of the AMX/3 is its rarity, rather than its performance; even that is sub-par as well.

9 Chevrolet Chevelle LS6

Beauty can exist in two places: In the outside and on the inside. Often, a rotten inner-beauty can make all the exterior beauties pale in comparison. This can be said for cars too, along with humans, as a stunning looking vehicle may be negated by its slow speed. For example, the Chevelle LS6.

Although the LS6 Chevelle is, arguably, one of the most beautiful muscle cars ever to come out of the States, it simply isn't quick. During its prime, the Chevelle could barely run a 1/4-mile in 13 seconds, let alone ten seconds. To add to this, they were also poorly built with several Chevelles having a reputation of breakdowns and cheap parts.

8 2008 Dodge Challenger

After decades in hibernation, Dodge decided to bring back the famous Challenger brand in the early 2000's to the delight of countless fans. What came after was more of a plastic copy, instead of a true successor to the great Dodge Challenger.

Even though sales skyrocketed and the Challenger is still in Dodge's lineup, the first re-iteration of the Challenger wasn't impressive. The body was incredibly wide, resembling more of a boat than a normal road car. Also, the immense HEMI V8 still was not enough to get the standard R/T up to competitive speeds.

Luckily, Dodge has fixed its issues with their newest versions like the Hellcat, Demon, and so on.

7 1965 Pontiac GTO

During the early '60s, companies like Ford had created the successful Mustang which paved the way towards consumer sports cars. Obviously, Pontiac would have to fight back, and did so this with the Pontiac GTO.

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Like many of the cars on this list, the GTO was actually a decent car for the time. Its quarter-mile times and overall top speed were impressive then, but are laughable now. Still, though, people flocked to the GTO for a comfortable ride and a taste of true muscle car culture.

6 Dodge Charger Daytona

During Dodge's NASCAR career in the 1960s, they were getting kind of destroyed. To remedy this problem, Dodge executives got together and came up with a new race car: The Charger Daytona.

The Daytona is one of the most iconic looking, and identifiable, NASCARs in history. Its huge rear-wing, Dodge Charger aesthetic, and crazy speed endeared the Daytona to multiple muscle car enthusiasts. However, like the AMX/3, there are few authentic Daytona's, especially since they were outlawed for competition and Dodge quickly lost interest. With this in mind, what makes the Daytona beloved isn't so much its performance, but its rarity.

5 AMC Javelin

Once again, AMC is back on the list. This time, though, it's not for a rare concept, but for a horribly built attempt at a sports car. Of course, this is a reference to the infamous AMC Javelin.

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The Javelin was marketed to be affordable and for the 'everyman' to drive around, as well as to take to the track. However, reality was much more disappointing, as the Javelin is notoriously low-quality; not to mention slow as a rock too.

4 1969 Camaro ZL1

Not every great thing happens on purpose, as seen with the creation of the ZL1 Camaro. The ZL1 was the result of a handful of Camaros getting a bit of a boost with more powerful V8's. As such, the ZL1 has become a legend among the automotive community.

In terms of speed, the ZL1 is no slacker. To this day, it's still surprisingly quick for its time and age, along with a classic Camaro look. What makes the ZL1 overrated, however, is its exuberant costs and uniqueness. Since so few were made at first, the ZL1 has become very sought after, causing many to believe the ZL1 is much more than an engine-swapped '69 Camaro.

3 Chevrolet El Camino SS

The El Camino is not like a normal muscle car. It's a bold design, combining the functionality of a truck with the heart of a muscle car. This choice peaked the interest of thousands of consumers, making the El Camino SS one of the rarest and strange-looking American sports cars.

Honestly, the El Camino is a very cool car. The idea of having a truck/sports car-hybrid is, indeed, an innovative one. Of course, the exterior is cool and the engine is the same as the Chevelles (In many instances), but that still means it suffers from the same problems as those cars. Notably, slow speed and sluggishness.

2 1970 Mustang Mach 1

To decimate the competition once again, Ford would do it with the Mustang. This time, though, it wouldn't be your normal GT, but the new and improved Mach 1: A car built for racing as much as it is daily driving.

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Similar to the Daytona and ZL1, the Mach 1 was very fast. In fact, when introduced into competition, held its own against worthy foes. What everyone really loves about the Mach 1, though, is its awesome name. Honestly, it wouldn't be hard to think that most flocked to the Mach 1 for its name. However, in actuality, the Mach 1 is loved for its speed and limited production, not its name, brand, or ludicrous costs.

1 2013 Mustang Shelby GT500

Following Carroll Shelby's death in 2012, car enthusiast speculated on the fate of Ford's Shelby brand since its creator had passed. Perhaps, that would have been the safe move, except Ford continued production of the Mustang Shelby afterwards with even more GT500's.

After Shelby's passing, the soul and framework behind the classic Shelby brand seemed to disappear. Many modern fans would debate this opinion, but cannot deny the drastic changes Ford and Shelby have taken since then. As such, the later GT500's are overrated for their connection to a once amazing tuning company. Even though few resemble the older product.

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