10 Most Recalled Cars Of The Last Decade

If your car manufacturer has been contacting you about a recall, it’s a wise idea to get your vehicle checked. Apparent junk mail could save your life

Recalls are every car manufacturer’s nightmare. They represent ridicule from your competitors, drops in sales, unplanned expenditures, and countless hours of research trying to re-strategize. Automobile manufacturers try their level best not to have a recall, but unfortunately, they happen all the time. While some are relatively minor, others spawn out of control like the Takata Airbag Crisis( nothing like Total Recall-2012 though).

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If your car manufacturer has been contacting you about a recall, it’s a wise idea to get your vehicle checked. What seems like junk mail could save your life. Now that you're thinking about it, here are 10 of the most recalled cars of the last decade.

10 2017-2018 Dodge Ram 180,000 Recalls

Dodge Ram has an impressive reputation when it comes to building authentic trucks. However, in 2017/2018, they were unable to dodge a recall. Dodge recalled more than 180,000 Ram 2500, 3500, 4500, and 5500 trucks and chassis cabs for the 2017/2018 models. One of the main problems was transmission failure.

Models that had their gear shifters mounted on the steering column experienced failure due to the BTSI (Brake Transmission Shift Interlock). Owners experienced issues with BTSI overheat when pressing the brake pedal for a specific period. The gear shifter was unable to move when the BTSI overheated, even when it was in park mode.

9 2015-2017 Mercedes C-Class, CLA, E-Class, GLA, GLA and GLC SUVs 1 Million Recalls

German engineering gets a lot of praise and respect due to precision builds and automotive ingeniousness. This separates them from the rest of the world when it comes to automotive engineering. Mercedes is on top of the list when you mention anything German.

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However, it 2015-2017, they dropped the ball on most of their lineups. Consumers complained of no-start situations, which was due to a limiter introduced to the starter that was prone to overheat and could potentially set the vehicle on fire. While there were no injuries, about 1 million vehicles were recalled. The affected models included the C-Class, E-Class, CLA, GLC, and GLA.

8 2013 Volkswagen Lineup 3 Million Recalls

In 2013, Volkswagen experienced a unique problem with most of their line-up. The 2013 models that specifically had the DQ200 gearbox were experiencing a malfunction. According to the German manufacturer, the malfunction was unique to vehicles sold in hot or humid climates.

Models with the 7-speed dual-clutch system experienced a stop and go malfunction, and much later, after the recall, it was discovered that swapping the factory provided synthetic gearbox oil for mineral oil solved the problem.

7 2016 GM Line-up 3.6 Million Recalls

In 2016, GM recalled more than 3.6 million vehicles voluntarily that included the Buick Lacrosse, Chevy SS, Corvette, Caprice Silverado, and GMC Sierra. According to GM, these models had a faulty Airbag sensor that was responsible for the frontal airbag deployment.

Due to the malfunction, GM suspected that during a collision, there was a high chance that the frontal airbag wouldn’t deploy as expected. Recalls aren’t new for General motors. Apart from the decreasing volume of quality vehicles over the years, they have also recalled other models due to a faulty engine mount issues.

6 2015 Toyota 6.5 Million Recalls

You wouldn’t expect a recall due to a power window, that would be petty. However, with the 2015 Toyota line-up, it was much more than a faulty window. The malfunction caused by a switch was a fire hazard with the potential to set the entire vehicle ablaze. The power window switch malfunction is not new to Toyota, and the 2015 line-up was not the first iteration of this problem.

In total, the Japanese manufacturer has recalled a total of 14 million units over this failure over the last decade. For a giant car manufacturer with a huge client base due to its reputation for reliability, it's ironic a tiny window switch could cause so much damage.

5 2014-2018 Ford Fusion, Lincoln MKZ 1.3 Million Recalls

For the 2014 to 2018 Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ models, Ford made more than 1 million recalls, with the first major recall for the company in 2016. Both the Lincoln Luxury division, the MKZ as well as the Ford Fusion sedan, were affected. These vehicles had a malfunction with a steering wheel bolt that loosened and detached.

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The models also had issues maintaining torque. There was an injury case reported in the same year triggering the recall. If you have stumbled upon a used Ford Fusion or Lincoln MKZ from these years, confirm if these issues before purchasing.

4 2012 Toyota Prius and Prius V 807,000 Recalls

Toyota Prius was a revolutionary introduction into the car world, and while muscle car enthusiasts trolled it for its not so appealing looks and green-friendly attributes, it made the environment happy. At 800,000 recalls, it feels modest compared to other vehicles on this list; however, the Prius was quite a popular introduction into the market, selling about 80,000 units in America in 2018 alone.

Part of the issue was it had a malfunction in its fail-safe driving mode feature that did not work as intended, leading to a stall situation. According to Toyota, the issue was a software bug that could be solved by a simple update.

3 2010-2013 Kia Forte, Optima and Sedona 507,600 Recalls

Kia makes it to this list due to simple malfunction; its airbag control unit had a short circuit malfunction that could prevent the airbag as well as its seat belt pre-tensioners from deploying in the event of a collision.

Kia got wind of the issue early enough and began contacting its clients for a recall early 2013. In case you own any of the mentioned Kia models, have your dealer check it out for the malfunction.

2 2012- 2017 Audi A4, A5, A6, Q5 240,000 Recalls

Early in the year, Audi recalled about 350,000 Audi sedans, coupes, and SUVs. The malfunction was due to an electric coolant pump that often failed after getting blocked with debris. This malfunction caused it to overheat and eventually short circuit due to the moisture caused. This fault was a potential fire hazard, and Audi dealers replaced the pumps for free.

The giant German manufacturer began informing its clients of the malfunction early June this year, and while the replacement parts were not available, a second notification was available when the remedy was available to clients.

1 2013-2019 Nissan and Infinity Line-ups

In 2013, Nissan recalled 3.1 million vehicles due to a passenger airbag sensor malfunction. The sensor was unable to figure out if the passenger was an adult of a child, and during collisions would fail to deploy if the passenger was an adult. Some of the affected models were the Maxima, Murano, Pathfinder, and Infiniti lineup.

In 2019, Nissan had to recall 215,000 units due to an anti-lock brake actuator pump malfunction. According to Nissan, the actuator pump leaked brake fluid into the internal circuit resulting in a short circuit that was a potential fire hazard. One of the symptoms was an ABS warning sign on the dashboard for more than 10 seconds after startup.

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