The 10 Most Reliable Coupes

Reliability is a must in any car. Here are the most reliable coups yo can get.

People love to drive coupes for their nimble accessibility, ease of handling, and sportier look. Although four-doored sedans are useful for families and comfortable to drive, they just can’t compete with coupes for classic comfort. While coupes are often imagined as priceless sports cars, you don’t have to break your bank to get your hands on one. What is definitely important to look out for, however, is the reliability of the vehicle you choose. After all, you don’t want to get a wickedly cool coupe just to have it break down after a few thousand miles! Today, we’re going to be taking a closer look at some of the most reliable coupes you can purchase.

10 Mercedes Benz E-class

The German manufacturer Mercedes Benz has always been at the top of the game when it comes to spoiling their drivers with unprecedented comfort and luxury. Whether it’s a Mercedes SUV or convertible, you can bet that the car will be dripping in technology. The Mercedes Benz E-class is no different, featuring a glamorous futuristic exterior look coupled with unimaginable safety and tech features on the inside. Depending on what version you get, this sleek car offers an engine that goes from 241 hp all the way up to 603 hp, providing you with unbelievable speed in addition to the comfort and style.

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9 BMW 2 Series

In addition to Mercedes Benz, BMW is also a German car brand notorious for providing luxury cars of the best quality. Specifically, BMW’s 2018 2 series coupe won first place for Predicted Reliability on Consumer Report’s list! The sporty two-doored beast combines the durability of a traditional sedan with the beloved lightweight ease that is characteristic of coupes. The 2 Series’ interior includes high-tech gadgets that aid with lane-keeping, parking, and mitigation of collisions for the safest driving experience possible. Additionally, the twin-turbo engine is capable of up to 248 hp, allowing drivers to perform with both speed and easy handling.

8 Audi TT

Although Audi seems to be less popular than other luxury brands mentioned above, it stands out for its grace, personality, and charm. Specifically, the Audi TT combines the more customary sedan roof shape with the lightweight style of a coupe for a balance between sport and comfort. What stands out, even more, is the virtual cockpit in the cabin, featuring full-color displays, analog gauges, and various instruments to make your driving experience safer and more comfortable. The innovative craftsmanship is complemented with a strong, turbocharged four-cylinder engine that has 220 hp and 0-60 times of under five seconds. With the Audi TT, you can experience all the fun parts of owning a coupe without worrying about safety.

7 Chevrolet Camaro

Not into the classic sedan shape or the low down sporty race car? The Chevrolet Camaro may be the best option for you. The Camaro is known to reflect the muscle car designs of Ford and Dodge, yet Chevrolet is unique in that it managed to surpass all the reliability ratings for its competitors. The powerful muscle car is known for its longevity and reliability on the road, with a plethora of safety features accompanying the driver through every part of their journey. Plus, you can race almost any sports car with this baby, as the engine ranges from 275 all the way up to a whopping 650 hp.

6 Lexus RC

Known as the more luxurious version of the Japanese manufacturer Toyota, Lexus came out with some pretty exciting options for cars of all sizes in recent years. Among the most popular is the Lexus RC, a sporty coupe that won a spot on the most reliable list created by Consumer Reports. Like the Audi mentioned above, the Lexus RC focuses on a rather classic sedan look. While buyers have plenty of options to customize the car to their needs, all RCs have the same standard safety features and sleek, aerodynamic design that makes the car so reliable and fun to drive. Depending on which engine you choose, your RC can go anywhere from 241 hp to 467 hp.

5 Honda Accord

Although the 2017 Accord is the most recent Honda coupe you’ll find, the car still remains very competitive in terms of comfort and reliability among newer models from other companies. The very common Japanese manufacturer incorporated a rather timeless sedan design into the 2017 Accord, and the car depicts plenty of high-tech features that make it just as relevant in 2019 as it was a few years ago, such as a 7-inch touchscreen dash, clear rearview cameras, smartphone integration, and Apple Carplay. In fact, its sturdy build and nice safety features make it more reliable than many of the other coupes out there. Plus, with 192 hp to 252 hp, you’ll have a very nice time driving fast!

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4 Audi A5

Next up, we have another car from the German manufacturer Audi. The A5 is the picture of elegance, with graceful sweeping linework and the signature sedan styling to provide luxurious space for the otherwise small coupe. The car is created from top-notch materials that are both long-lasting, reliable and features plenty of high-tech safety features as well. Furthermore, the turbocharged engine runs at 248 hp and features amazing fuel efficiency for day-to-day use. Although it’s small like you would expect a coupe to be, the Audi A5 provides plenty of passenger space, even in the foldable back seats. Overall, the Audi A5 exceeds our expectations for a $40 grand coupe in all areas of focus!

3 Toyota 86

The Toyota is another usually underrated car company when it comes to vehicles with a luxury stigma, such as coupes. However, the Toyota 86 is just as reliable and probably more comfortable than many of the high-end choices available in coupes for half the usual price. In collaboration with Subaru, the Toyota 86 got the best of both manufacturers, featuring reliable hardware coupled with a sporty design. The four-cylinder engine isn’t too shabby either, running at about 200 hp to suit all of your commuter and entertainment needs. With stable suspension and rear-wheel drive, the Toyota 86 is easy to handle and safe to drive.

2 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

With this next selection, we’re diving into true sporting luxury, featuring the famous Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, specifically the 2019 model. The Stingray features an extremely sporty, low-to-the-ground look with dashing edges and beautiful linework all around to increase its elegance and speed. However, the Stingray is far more than just eye candy. The coupe is all decked out with high-quality materials and technology, offering options for upgraded suspension systems, ceramic brakes, and other safety features to improve your experience. Lastly, the Stingray is infamous for its powerful engine, sporting a mighty 455 hp to 755 hp to allow fun high-speed driving.

1 Porsche 718 Cayman

Last but certainly not least, we have a very high-end vehicle from the infamous luxury and sports car manufacturer, Porsche. The 718 Cayman contradicts the stereotype that sports cars aren’t as safe or as reliable, receiving high ratings for its reliability according to Consumer Reports. Furthermore, the coupe features a very unique design with a sharply sloping hood and angled headlights for both aesthetics and the best possible aerodynamic settings. The Cayman offers multiple options for the engine, with each ranging from 300 hp to 365 hp. No matter which option you go for, you can rest assured that your ride will be long-lasting and very reliable.

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